Jack Heuer of TAG Heuer Watches “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” Documentary (Full Length)

Jack Heuer of TAG Heuer Watches “Don’t Crack Under Pressure” Documentary

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Official Jack Heuer documentary produced by TAG Heuer watches

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Ana Isidro says:

I love some Tag Heuer models Carrera, Monza, Monaco. It’s very sad to see on youtube such a legion trying to turn Tag down. Good brand. Just my opinion.

Ali Hejjo says:

Wow, makes me appreciate my 1887 a lot more now, just from watching this. Thanks for the great upload!

SOX says:

legendary man for a legendary brand!

mario rma says:

1887 seiko movement

golf raven says:

Excellent. Love my Heuer Monaco.

Blake Simmons says:

Love this piece!! Classic elegance!

Kian Kalan says:

more of these stories very interesting and great to see them

Simon Au says:

TAG Heuer Shoots Itself In the Foot on TAG Heuer Caliber 1887 

anttyk says:

I wonder… How do you lose control of a company when you are the majority shareholder?

amacro11 says:

Fascinating documentary

smibru says:

Can you do more of these documentaries.  I would like to see one Breitling, Omega, Rolex, Patek, and AD now that I’ve seen this great production!

Pulsonar says:

Great documentary, a fascinating insight into a rich legacy. Yet, it seems even more ironic that the limited edition Jack Heuer 80th Carrera wristwatch should be fitted with a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ ETA derivative movement, like crowning a king with a paper hat. Almost as bad as the Calibre 1887/Seiko scandal !

Rudy Quindipan says:

Thanks for sharing!

mariamik104 says:

@ mario rma: now with cad, one can design and develop any in house mouvement he can think of but before cad(compute aid) or autocad japanese movts just ruled over the swiss, just see the ”GS/KS COSC” incident. 

Joey Witt says:

Very cool story it’s crazy how big business can take family business away I owned a skateshop for 15 years in ca and I know how hard it is it’s like pushing a old Cadillac up hill never stoping or the car will roll back most likely over you

Charles Sutherland says:

Great vid, very interesting. Look forward to more!

jeanfokard says:

interesting challenges and opportunities. I am a lucky owner of an Tag Heuer Link Calibre 6. Love it after 4 years and works like a Swiss watch!

Punisher6710 says:

just a name now

scuba453 says:

When the Saudis/TAG bought Heuer did they just buy the brand name or was Heuer then still a going concern?  I remember in the early ’90s their marketing was just everywhere and all my colleagues were buying their crap quartz watches.

golf raven says:

You cannot deny Heuer made some legendary pieces like the Autavia, Monaco or Carrera but agree that Tag just transformed this brand to shit. Luckily some of those iconic models are sold again with Heuer logo which I greatly appreciate. Glad to see Jack returned to his company and got some joy out of it.

LLD says:


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