How It’s Made: TAG Heuer Watches

Discover How It’s Made: TAG Heuer Watches.

From start to finish you’ll appreciate the distinctive process of these fine luxury watchmakers.


SkylineGTR06 says:

Quality is touching parts with your bare fingers? 2:02

Franki Souza says:

My Seiko Monster kills all Tag heuer watches …… Seiko are the better watches and less in the price !!!

villan says:

jesus christ put some finger cots on when youre touching the movement wtf

Simon Lesmana says:

It’s a seiko movement

joe slowwalker says:

Breitling can hook and cut the baby and it good in the cockpit when no one around. Tag Huer is good everywhere no sharp age or hook, the best design all around and never hurt your pocket.

John James McCartney says:

way overpriced tag crap.

Kcuf elgoog says:

who makes all these tiny components though? who makes the machines for the factories? it all seems so much. The world just baffles me.

Nassim says:

still happy with my 20$ watch

pavy415 says:

tag heuer only uses the finest made in china seiko movements not the seiko japan but the china seiko

gom gomm says:

its still an ETA movement.

Twisted Trails says:

Swiss Army!

iali00 says:

So an overpriced Seiko?? Think I’ll just buy an Apple Watch in this case.

Jake Maningding says:

G shock is better price and worn by US Navy seals

Danial Bass says:

proud to be a TAG owner!

Shuk Hernandezz says:


Brascofarian says:

How it’s made. TAG Heuer pick up the phone, call Seiko and ask them to supply some of their mid range movements. TAG Heuer then pull a marketing stunt, saying it’s an in house movement. Charge high-end prices and watch the profits flood in.


I’ve owned a tag before never again will I invest in these watches to me they’re worthless my Breitling keeps better time I will never invest in a tag piece ever again

tacfoley says:

Who writes this crap? I buy a watch because I like the look of it, not to change the world by my decision.

Youssef El-Shabasy says:

oh it is so easy i will go and make one
hahahahaaa xD xD xD xxD

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