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It’s had its ups and downs, TAG Heuer—and perhaps more recently, the ups have been outnumbered by the downs. There’s a positive future on the horizon thanks to the efforts of brand fixer-upper Jean-Claude Biver, but a look to the future isn’t always enough to give us hope—we need to look to the past as well.

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Daniel Diaz says:

That bent secondhand on the Carrara bothers me

Jort De Cock says:

Hello, I have been enjoying your video’s for quite some time now. Would it be possible to review the Breitling Navitimer 1884 limited edition? It would be the first on youtube! thank you in advance! kind regards.

A dude who might know a thing or two, maybe. says:

Would it be perceived as incendiary to assert that Tag-Heuer is Invicta for people with deeper pockets? Asking for a friend.

James Young says:

They aren’t a bad looking watch. Good entry level price for swiss. But financially not a good investment

Venus Dee says:

I own a Carrera blue dial day date and I think is is so much value and looks amazing. It was an alternative for me for the Aqua Terra or a Grand Seiko. At a fraction of the cost you get amazing aesthetics and a decorated (be it basic movement) movement. The H-link bracelet is also very unique and cool. Tag is a good brand in my opinion.

Shakeel Nitro says:

I’m thinking of buying a good Swiss made watch under $2000
Any suggestions?

MALIBUMAN666 says:

Nice to see TAG on the channel. Again, please review the Monaco 24.

Manny Calavera says:

They have some models inspired by the old carrera that I love. But they ask 5k for essentially a Sellita with a piggyback module chronograph. Hell no. Not when I can get a superior movement for less than 2k from other respected brands. At those prices you should definitely stick with vintage Heuer’s.

philledwards77 says:

As always, a great video!

Chris says:

Famous? Perhaps.  Ugly as hell? Definitely.  Barf.

The Gorn says:

The Autavia is pretty cool – as iconic as any chrono out there

Cozy Rules says:

Square watch is stupid looking

Jarod Stevens says:

Man your videos are just great I have never watched a video about a watch and really felt it like that you guys just do a great job and your delivery is spot-on just thanks man

Justin Boudreau says:

Tag Heuer owners are the douchbags of the watch world though. McQueen was a woman beater so don’t brag about him too much.

MrJosev27 says:

The worst thing a man, especially a grown man can do is listen and be swayed by the opinions of others. Especially if those others talk with no knowledge, just because they read something on a blog. If you like Tag Heuer get it or Casio, Rolex, Omega. Whatever you like get it because you like it, not because some random guy sitting behind a computer tells you to. Be your own man.

Sanghoon Lee says:

I looked up some old Heuer (without TAG) watches, and they are lovely. But today’s offerings are gaudy, bulky, “modern” in all the wrong ways. I don’t see them becoming classics.

shonz88 says:

McQueen NEVER wore a Monaco. The Monaco was made just for the movie. McQueen wore Rolex 99% of the time. Mostly a standard Submariner with no date.

Mike Tindol says:

Thanks for the history. I have a Tag Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 5 and It’s one of my favorite watches. It’s been been a good durable watch for me. I tend to wear it most of the time.

hany fmh says:

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph Blue Dial Men’s Watch CAZ1014.BA0842

Adam says:

I love how you take opposit opinions of whats popular.

KurJan&Urbano says:

I’ve owned 3 Rolex’s and all were shit. My Tag Heuer is so far ahead in simple reliability and accuracy.

gmshadowtraders says:

First he was dissing the Rolex Milgauss. Now he is on the dick of Tag Heuer….. dude, this is some next thing WHOROLOGY lol

Harman Singh says:

Do one for HMT

stockegsix says:

Tag Heuer is not even on the same level as Heuer. However I will always have soft spot for brand, it was my first expensive Swiss watch(Aquaracer WAB2010) purchased preowned, and also my first watch flipped for a profit. This was in 2013, which then led to many more deals from different brands to eventually my current small collection of vintage Rolex sport watches and an Audemars Piguet Royal oak. If you play your cards right in this hobby, you can end up with some cool pieces.

danowat says:

So much misguided hate towards Tag, I own a Cal.11 Monaco, and it’s a beautiful watch.

lingo starr says:

Loved the Monaco. Steve McQueen. Le mans. Til I actually saw what the watch looked like. What an ugly piece of s

Tom C says:

Please review the new Breitling Premier Collection their new chronographs look absolutely stunning but I would like your take on them before buying. Thank you!

Douglas Ladowski says:

Just a polite reminder. “Nutty” ideas brought us planes, medicine, and a trip to the moon.

Wilson says:

Nope. No Tag

Speed Zero says:

Its not that TAG is bad, its just that the competition has them licked (Tudor, Omega, Breitling, to name a few).

Alain Leon says:

My wife bought me my first “luxury” watch….tag aquaracer calibre 5… say what you will about tag, it works great, looks good, and was affordable for her , at the time. More importantly though, its a watch that has a story, and emotional attachment (my wedding day)…THAT is what watches are about. Not the brand… not the movement. The feeling you get when you wear it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Aneka Taiwan says:

Please review a CREDOR

Varun Satheesh says:

Thanks for the video, mate!

numberstation says:

Just an observation, but they seem about as popular as a Jim’ll Fix It badge.

VadersDarkside says:

I personally love my Carrera 01 ceramic, yes I got a fair bit of stick from my fellow watch snobs but that made me like wearing it even more. It was the first Biver shake up piece with the “controversial” seiko derived movement and I took it over a used Sub, there hasn’t been a day gone by that I’ve regretted it.

David Spalding says:

Yes, YES, Y E S ! ! ! THIS is the kind of “legacy” videos you should make. Not those where you talk about a historical model while showing us the modern derivativation (cough, GMT-Master, cough), but while actually showing the historical model. I realize this requires putting one in hand under the camera, but talking about a fine collectible while not looking at it is like dancing about architecture.

More like this video, p-p-please!

Craig Johnson says:

Jean-Claude Biver tried so hard to turn Tag Heuer into Hublot, he succeeded. I’ll happily stay away from any Tag Heuer watches, the vintage ones are nice as always, but the contemporary ones are very ugly. And, the vintage ones are now stained by the touch of Biver.

Francisco Melo says:

Just get rid of the Tag name and the company will be much better

mark dance says:

Best new Tag Is the Bamford Monaco

Reece Burnett says:

I’d love to hear about universal geneve

southpark 67 says:

Not all of us are watch snobs, some of us buy because of the looks and TAG does a great job. I own a Flyback, Calibre 36, Calibre 16 day/ date, Calibre 8 GMT and a Calibre 01 – all these watches get me compliments, my Rolex submariner gets me ” is it real?”.
I like watches, if it looks good – I buy it and not because its a Pani or a Rolex, I’m NOT in it for investment which is what these so called snobs seem concerned about depreciation (like Tags do). Who cares!!……..just don’t pay retail, lots of used like new on eBay among other places.

axr1766 says:

Mmm, ya no, hard pass

Maurice Welter says:

your voice is crazy annoying to listen to

Todd Smith says:

I love all of your videos except this one. Its seems like you’re trying to insinuate that Steve McQueen wasn’t a serious or talented race car driver and motorcycle racer and that he was wearing things for show. You are completely wrong and should do a little more research on Steve. To list a few he placed in the British Touring Car Championship in 1961, driving a BMC Mini at Brands Hatch, finishing third.[45] In the 1970 12 Hours of Sebring race, Peter Revson and McQueen (driving with a cast on his left foot from a motorcycle accident two weeks earlier) won with a Porsche 908/02 in the three-litre class and missed winning overall by 23 seconds to Mario Andretti/Ignazio Giunti/Nino Vaccarella in a five-litre Ferrari 512S. He has a long long list of accomplishments in the sport(s) of racing. He was inducted into the off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1978. He basically did acting to pay for his love of Motorsports and didn’t do anything just for show.

Andreas-Joachim Lins says:

I still love my Tag Heuer Carrera Cal. 1887 – even with the controversy about the so called “in-house” movement in mind. Just to say: they still produce beautiful high quality watches like the 1887, the Autavia and more. And by the way: Bell & Ross, Breitling and lots of other brands use some ETA calibers as well – as long as you’re aware of this and you’re willing to pay – just go for it.

giles lamb says:

Thanks for an interesting video. Lots of stuff there I didn’t know about. Great channel – great mix of history and pure watch porn.

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