Graham Watches – Great Value and More Unique than a Tag Heuer!

These quirky and interesting pieces from a historic British brand are pretty cool. Join me for a quick review of some Graham watches with 7750 movements my friends at BernardWatch just picked up. These are way cooler than a generic Tag Heuer…

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Steven says:

I like the second one, going to the website now Thanks J.

Tomasina Covell says:


Mark Playford says:

Here in the U.K. they are regarded as luxury and as such have a price tag to match. Perhaps not as expensive as a Bremont but still not inexpensive. Loved them for a long time but was unaware that the ‘trigger’ actually did something, I thought it was there to just protect the crown. Lovely watches with a Motorsport connection which I love too, ah one day one day…

On Chrono24 they seem to be cheaper in the US but I could be wrong.

Mrs. Paneristi says:

Regardless, they look like fashion watches. No thanks

Preeyen Mistry says:

Hmm not a fan of the designs but nice to see them close up!

game boy says:

I am definitively going to buy one.

Neil C says:

Nice looking watches. An average case size of 44-48mm means they’re a little big for me though! I thought blancpain were the oldest watchmaker but according to Grahams website Graham started out in 1695 so even older, wow!

passtime79 says:

the graham racing chrono.s are excellent, along with chopard they are definately underrated in this category

hyperchord says:

So no running seconds?

James Duffy says:

The trigger on the first chrono makes me wonder if it was meant to be operated in the right hand, possibly with the middle finger on the trigger. I think it’s interesting though it does remind me of canteen- or grenade-style crown guards/locks found on certain fashion watches.

Ross Anderson says:

I appreciate it is something different.

Michael Orme says:

I’d never heard of them before. This one is interesting.–id4819700.htm


You are wrong about tag heuer…

Will Clevett says:

Graham are probably one of the few chronographs I like. The bombshell limited editions are really cool.

Fit OutPost says:

Interesting to look at just once, but non of these appeal to me. But that is just me and I do respect other people’s opinions even if I do not agree with them. Thanks for sharing.
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don’t mind, and those that mind, don’t matter.” ~ Theodore Seuss Geisel

kgbov says:

That case back is beautiful.

Tony Hill says:

I like the classic look of the Chronofighter which is the name I think of the first watch, but that over elaborate guard/trigger is not for me. I have seen a few in the flesh and they are well made.

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