Episode 29 – The History and Watches of (Tag) Heuer

In this episode, joined by Nick Farrell of DC Vintage Watches, we discuss the complete corporate and manufacturing history of Tag Heuer, known simply as Heuer before 1985. From its conception, the brand has focused on innovation in precise time keeping, eschewing pushing the boundaries of complication in favor of the boundaries of precision; at one point producing mechanical stopwatches capable of measuring in 1/1000 second increments. We take a look at some of Heuer’s most iconic models, and their relationship with motor and yacht racing, and examine a bunch of watches from their current offerings.

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Gerald wood Ny says:

I hit like immediately after whatup fools

Kevin King says:

Matt, you mentioned that the Omega Speedmaster isn’t water resistant. Were you talking about a specific Speedmaster? I was just on their website and it says it is resistant up to 5 bar. I know that’s not deep but I feel like that would survive a pool. What am I missing..?

Ben W says:

Matt or Cameron, the cam150 code isn’t working on crown and caliber’s site. Any idea why that is? I need that monza in my life..

dieseljett1 says:

Regarding the Pendulum, look into the Citizen Cosmotron.

jimf42 says:

Hey, I had an Omni GLH …fun to drive

lol atu says:

“STEVE MCQUEEN’S NOT CULTURALLY RELEVANT” – Matt Farrah on Bullit Mustang … Proceeds to talk about how culturally relevant Steve McQueen is. Lol

Alex Ng says:


jimf42 says:

Redman has related that when Ickx was on their team as a young man, they referred to him as the Brussels Sprout…

Ian Hutchison says:

1:11:20 You guys skipped right over the Mikrogirder in 2012 which measures in 5/10000 of a second increments. That’s just showing off, but it’s incredible to watch!

Henry Kincaid says:

Does Cameron have a cold? Sounds different, but I can’t quite tell why


Why so much dislike for the Tag and Breitling brands?!

Salad says:

Thanks for the video guys! Very neat to see some of those old watches. I didn’t know about the TAG side of the company. Matt – you keep interrupting your guests and Cameron when they start talking about something more technical or niche. Those are the nuggets of information you have them on the show for and you should learn to recognize when to stop talking so they can tell the story.

toastedtiresify says:

This was a really good episode. Nick has a fucking terrific collection of watches. Seiko’s and Heuer’s galore. Also does Cameron have a cold or did you guys throw some gain on his voice or something? He just sounds deeper and clearer than usual. I really look forward to my shift ending on Wednesday mornings so I can change out the work Casio Pathfinder for a nice Seiko Pogue, crack a beer, pack a bowl and kick back with you guys. Thanks for another successful informative show fellas.

Dakota Shepard says:

Nick is a great addition, he is well spoken and tries not to speak on something he’s not certain of. I genuinely loved this episode. Thanks for this one!

jimf42 says:

Those Senna bands were considered very cool in the 90s…they did not age well.

Jeremy Elliott says:

Um… No Carrera 64′ re-editions? Maybe I missed it as I skipped along. Thanks for producing the content, but… these are starting to feel like I’m just watching someone else read me the Wikipedia page. Not hating, just some honest feedback. Cheers!

Hunt Valley Horsepower says:

My first Watch and Listen to be paired with a full elliptical workout…and recovery… Bravo!

Geardos says:

did you give Cameron a different mic? He sounds different

The Watch Lounge says:

Cool video I love Tags Huer history !

OmR Samdani says:

I have been checking out your videos randomly… The conversations are interesting, but the camera game is really weak! Really!

Harrison Gregg says:

I always love Cameron’s face in these podcasts, it’s somewhere in between wtf is going on and damn my watches are better quality than these

Zzbranak says:

Journe. Just talk about Journe for 3 hours please.

Denis Kudlik says:

58:40 It’s Rolex

Miguel Garcia says:

Hey matt have you considered showing Tim the oris aquis with the blue dial and black bezel. Its under $2k and they now make a 39.5mm size.

Sean Cirillo says:

Beautiful Bell-matic. Next watch I’m picking up after I can find a Seiko Navigator.

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