Does Tag Heuer Suck ? – LIVE W/ The Time Teller

Does Tag Heuer Suck ? – LIVE W/ The Time Teller

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Carlos Reyes says:

Hi, how are u @federicotalkswatches first of all i love your channel and i’m big fan i’ve learned alot from it. I have a question and that would be. How do you guys actually rate (yourselves) when a brand it’s over priced, which are the points and/or standards you take into consideration to make your judgements, normally ?

Tony M says:

The Aquaracer Calibre 5 with the Ceramic Bezel is a nice looking watch!

Mohnnad Mercedes says:

We have to respect tag for higher end watches! At least at the dealer you will get 20-25% off at newest releases!! Especially in heritage line. After this video I respect the tag heuer more especially in heritage line. Yes they’re miss up sooo many things in the past like shitty entry level and concept watches!! Now make real stuff mostly at heritage line ! They have many many models to re issued from rich history! Am OK with tag and love Autavia. Jean claude biver doing well with the brand !

M. Stewart says:

Got a Tag Twin Time because of 12 MONKEYS. Nice watch. Also been thinking of scoring a 90s era SEL watch just for the nostalgia value. Their mistake was to be so widely available in dept stores. Damn shame as they are a historic brand.

Jeff says:

They are a hit or miss company, some really good watches with good movements and some watches that are way over in price as what they should be selling for. I do have an aquaracer and in a year i did have to send it to Nesbit’s in Seattle, WA and after that it is a great watch after a good service.

Moses Velazquez says:

I love tag heuer because leonardo di caprio tells me to!

Hendra Gouw says:

Tag Heuer over value many of their product.. but their classic Carrera (ETA 7750), and Monaco line actually not too big a rip off… And their new movement (start from caliber 02) actually showing their new direction towards horology.. and u know the new zenith 5hz calibre actually RnD from the tag Heuer team, but JCB decide to use in zenith, as zenith need to make new identity because cannot to depends on their old primero movements .

Paul Egan says:

Guy’s you are privileged and can be described as what we call “Manchester United Fans” – your team are easy to support because they always win: Rolex PP etc etc. SO when you talk about value does it have to be intrinsic to the cost to manufacture? Surely the concatination of everything that makes you feel great when you support “Your Team” (wear your hard saved up for watch) is what it is all about. Are hours spent in the engraving of a beautiful movement more important than say the incorporation of an indestructible anti-shock case? We all know how our emotions can make us predictable… it’s rare so i have to have, i can’t miss this opportunity… it’s why a $1500 (real Value) Daytona sold for $15M. Away from personal opinion please remember badly said comment can see your customer base walk away; what is the point in buying another watch i am being taken fro a ride… yep we probably are but life is all about enjoying the time (pun) you have; whatever floats your boat.

Dan says:

Boy this subject has been beat to death. YES, Tag made ugly watches in the 80’s and 90′ and you can see them on Ebay every day. But the new Tag watches, both Formula 1 and Aquaracer line all the way to the Heur reissues are very handsome watches. For the price I think they are a heck of a deal. Sure they aren’t a Rowlecks but WHO CARES. Not every shmoe with kids and a mortgage can buy a Rowlecks!

Jonathane Lewis says:

Fab collab!

Pete M says:

Jory is minimizing the COSC certification on the TAG simply out of spite. The Seikos he is always discussing on his channel have a wide range of accuracy, the 7s26 Seiko movement’s specification is -20 to +40 seconds per day! Great that Jory’s SKX is running within COSC specifications but it certainly isn’t designed to meet that spec consistently or even by design!

Donald Boyle says:

My first “luxury” watch was a Tag Kirium I bought in 2002 brand new for $350. Loved it for years and years. Easily one of the best bracelets I have had on a watch. nothing special as a quartz watch, but it was only $350, so I think I got my money’s worth on that one

Targa Florio says:

Interesting discussion. Love the Jack Heuer Carrera Re-issue Calibre 17 Blue dial. No sign of TAG on the dial and that timeless design. Only given is that you need to enter the transaction knowing you’ll do your ass if you want to re-sell later. The Autavia nice as well. Everything else not so much. Great chat guys!

Russell Goodsell says:

Seems a bit biased. Slams Tag Heuer for plastic in the movements then as soon as Frederico mentions plastic in Cartier watch movements he starts making excuses for them. Especially considering the Cartier Tank is at a much higher price point.

Kieren Moore says:

I dislike most TAGs (especially modern/current models), but they’ve had a few nice designs over the last few decades.

thievesarmy says:

17:09 – Certina. I would also say many Omegas aren’t overpriced, unfortunately the brand is just undervalued.

john175the2nd says:

My Skx is -30 secs a day. You are lucky if it happens to run in cosc specs. Not the norm.

Teymur Phell says:

Tag Is garbage. Speaking from experience. Owned few pieces. Sold them. All had mechanical issues. GMT hands not aligning properly, sending to tag and back watch comes back with dust inside crystal. Waist of money. Lesson learned. Avoid this overpriced, mediocre at best brand. Never again.

David Modi says:

Tag Heuer…outside of watch is fine, but movements are extremely sub par given the price point.

Roman Iacobucci says:

my friend used an analysis for the look and apearance of expensive and inexpensive French and Italian Watches and bikes – he said over there both the cheap prostitutes and the expensive ones both wear expensive clothing. You can not just judge them by the fact that they look totally elegant and classy. I thought that was funny and quite an observation.

Robert Lynch says:

About 6ish years ago I got a TAG Formula 1 as a gracious & loving gift from an ex. Within a couple of years I had 1) a mechanical issue with the supposedly great movement & 2) the rubber strap deteriorated into a sand-like substance. Now, this was a watch purchased at Macy’s new and at full-price. So, not a fake. I took the watch to my local AD to assist with the issues. And then all the garbage happened. *Note: at this time in my life I was definitely not in know about watches. The AD couldn’t have been worse with their customer service in trying to help resolve the problems. I have since gotten rid of the watch (after spending way too much to resolve manufacture defects.) and will never be going back to this garbage brand again after such a disgusting experience with their local AD. But, I am glad platforms like this exist today to help inform newer watch buyers today. And let me clarify my issue is more with the brand not having any empathy or compassion for the issue at hand. Having a normal issue with their manufactured product. The watch was still visually appealing with a cool chronograph to get started in the ‘real’ watch world. But, the brand needs to back their products and their AD’s need to learn customer service.

James Duffy says:

On the topic of Tag Heuer buying the movement design from Seiko, it see little difference with calling that in-house versus using a the architecture from a Peseux 7001 or Unitas 649x, making modifications and labeling it in-house. Nomos did that with their Alpha movement and piggybacked later iterations and calibers upon it.

Vegan Dad says:

I have an early ’80’s Tag GMT, is it a quality piece or were they already making lower quality then? I love my watch, it was my first big purchase and have never had a problem with it. I guess that’s the point anyway.

Mark Smolenski says:

The Tag Autavia reissue is great, but someone only wanted to keep comparing an Aquaracer and Rolex for some reason…

Adnan Safar says:

Jory is a stubborn … ….

Will Harris says:

Loving the videos Fed. Respect from the UK!

Richard Pennell says:

My wife wears her Aquaracer everyday for 5 years with absolutely no issues and she wears it in ocean, pool, washing dogs at lake and still shines like new. She loves it and she also has two Rolex and a Cartier.

Domenick Doran says:

What is the functional issue with a plastic movement holder?

Gino Fornaro says:

Federico is the voice of reason in this video

Daniel Attar says:

Tag is great value for money! I have a 5 year old grand carrera that keeps time perfect. Looks and feels build quality wise amazing and works perfect, and whats the movement differnce of that ETA and for example a hublot that costs 3 times. Same ETA mod. Naa people who don’t like tag are probably thinking about the low end stuff or something. I recently got the 7750 aquaracer which also is an amazing piece! Tag my gateway to the watch world, but still pretty nice stuff if you go for the mid and better.

James Peters says:

Tag Heuer does not suck in my opinion. I  have had mixed feelings about them but I think they get a bad rap. I do think the Tag Heuer quartz watches are over priced. I own a tissot seastar that is awesome for 1/2 of what the Tag quartz aquaracer costs. Tag’s marketing in my opinion lacks class and is over the top.

TheRob says:

No, the time teller does not have this right.

Brian Ngo says:

Sup Federico, I don’t see that you did any review for the Rolex Yacht Master 2 steel version. I’m thinking of getting it for my first Rolex what do you think? Should I or should I go for something else? says:

Not to mention: Tag charge over £1000 for a quartz watch WHERE THE SECOND HAND DOES NOT NAIL THE INDICES ON EVERY SINGLE TICK. Seriously, what the actual ****? Not OK. Not even in the same universe as OK. And it shouldn’t even be necessary to have to point that out. Crappy QC on the basics does not inspire confidence elsewhere.

Neuro says:

Monacos will always be cool

Francisco Cribari says:

How would you compare Tag Heuer (as a company and their watches) to Baume & Mercier?

FromGoldToSilver says:

federico make a video about pocket watches, give some knowledge about them

rolando carballo says:

What about the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 automatic Way2012

JungleEddie says:

Fed, I love that Panerai

Алексей Мосесов says:

yes, it suck

Luigi Savoia says:

The simple answer to the question ” Does Tag Heuer suck” is NO. I have one i got as a gift. It looks great , built like a tank, needs zero maintenance. Why would anybody want that?
It’s just the in thing among the so called watch experts to bash Tag. I’m seeing it a lot with Rolex and even Breitling now, too.

Karl Watts says:


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