$1,500 Smartwatch! TAG Heuer’s “Connected”: First Look

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Ceziᴴᴰ says:

It looks good, but it’s not worth the price. Rolex could easily pull that off, but not tag.

vargaslc2 says:

That’s looks awesome. Not $1500 awesome but still.

78213oswaldo says:

ill just buy a rolex

lomotus says:

the processor will be obsolete within a year… no value like mechanical watches…

Sergey Levitski says:

You saw Pulp Fiction? Stick this watches down in your ass.!

Mean Whale says:

Wow, everyone comments here hate this, I am actually want to have one

iron2000 says:

Intel, Google and Tag.
3 companies so its about 3x more expensive 😛

Mahir Uddin says:

Omg its massive. Look how chunky it looks

Andre Haber says:

this made the apple watch look like a toy and cheap

Mahir Uddin says:

The Apple Watch Sport ain’t even heavy at all. It’s soooo light

James Ortiz says:

moto 360 looks a million times better

Pito VH says:

This company is crazy rubber bands for $1,500? The huawei watch have a sapphire screen same specs for $400

Josef Griveas says:

Smartwatches are retarded

Rommel Brusola says:

A $1500 TAG!? and after 2 years, i get a new one!? this is a no brainer!
I wonder if this connects to an iPhone…

Uncensored says:


BlueFrostedGlass says:

So a Moto In a titanium and rubber case for $1500.00?

Joshua Fletcher says:

I’m not sure how something that chunky could be lighter than the Apple Watch? If it’s made out of titanium, I’d want it to be slightly heavier, have that manly “heft” to it. For that price I would expect a leather or metal clasp. Good luck trying to beat out apple in sales. Also, I’m disappointed in this Engadget reporter, did Tag pay you? Or are you ambivalent?

Ondřej Řeháček says:

x86 watch. What a time to be alive.

Psyche Edgar says:


Brent Moore says:

Charges $1,500. Throws on a cheap rubber strap which is at least 75% of the watch and probably cost like $2 to make in China…. WUT?? Is this actually some sort of joke I’m not getting?

Wicky Libra says:

This is beautiful!

angelo palmer says:

a few months ago the ceo of tag erghh was saying they going to knock apple off their perch that the apple watch looks like a toy blah blah. your telling me this is what they came out with. not even going to sniff the pants of the apple watch sales.

kingdza says:

I thought they would improve battery life…i don’t want to take off my watch to charge every night…I thought Intel would create some excellent battery conserving chips that would make it last more than a day…I thought 2-3 days between charges which would be worth the price tag…also 1500 bucks for rubber straps?? No thanks bruh

leinaddf says:

titanium vs stell/alluminium. as the ceo said, “apple watch is plated in gold, it’s an expensive watch not a ‘luxury’ watch.” -bbc interview
lol true.

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