15 Things You Didn’t Know About TAG HEUER

15 Things You Didn’t Know About TAG HEUER | Fashion Fridays
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
When was TAG Heuer founded?
Who founded TAG Heuer?
How much is TAG Heuer worth?
Who owns TAG Heuer?
Who is the CEO of TAG Heuer?
Why is TAG Heuer so expensive?
Are all TAG Heuer watches automatic?
What is the best Tag Heuer watch to buy?
Does Tag Heuer make their own movement?
Where are Tag Heuer watches made?
Are Tag Heuer watches quartz?
What is the most popular Tag Heuer mens watch?
How much does a Tag Heuer watch cost?
What’s the most expensive smartwatch?
Are Tag Heuer watches waterproof?
What is the most expensive Tag Heuer watch?

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Payhole Everdouche says:

You can shove it up your turd canal and it will make you shit diamonds…!!!

Recep Ilker Yiğit says:

Please now one for Bell & Ross

MAxx MAxx says:

Alux please create a video about philippe dufour.

Thank You

Bryan Ansong says:

when are we getting the alux app you promised us in january

Bry T says:

Hi. I hope you’ll do about Jaeger Le-Coultre

Gregory Rogers says:

Can you guys do Ayrton Senna?

Gentleman1147 says:

I never will understand why this is a Luxury Brand. The mechanical Movements of Tag Heuer really often have a 5-10 Seconds per day + or – accuracy. Look at their price. Even a normal Seiko for 200-300 Euros goes more precised as Tag Heuers. It’s sad something like this is called Sport Watches. The Real Sports Luxury Brand, is clearly Omega as the Time Keeper of Olympic Games and is known for the Pioneer Spirit and rich History in that.

Pixel Tech says:

Great, vid. Can you please do Mont Blanc next

Mateus Escobar says:

Tag Heuer is not a good brand. Mainly formula 1 collection that uses cheap movement and that charges a lot for poor quality

KL Cassidy says:

Love my Tag watch, watches of very good quality and looks even better.

The Unknown says:

Bought my first tag a carrera caliber 16, love it, cant wait to buy my next watch!!

brainfornothing says:

I like practical, minimalist, classic and cheap, so, quartz mechanics, hard crystal and beauty below 50€: my Casio MTP-1200A-7AVEF is perfect for me ! I have another watch, a very elegant Festina F16745-5. I don’t like “smart watches”. What about you, all ? Cheap ? Expensive ? A lot of “complications” ? Sport ? Big ? Thanks for sharing the last videos !

Hi There says:

At least there not like Rolex
Rolex just sells outdated watches
While Tag heuer has more advanced watches
Still to expensive tho

The Shopping Bag says:

Hey guys check out my thifting channel!! Have a great friday!

Freeway Highway says:

It paved the way for other watch brands wow

Mohammed says:

I am first

ghost ghost says:

Casio all day. Not jealous….):


I think everyone needs to buy one of these watches.

Chiru V says:

Awesome video.. I wish to have this luxury watch..

Devyn Miller says:

Alux, can you please do a video on Johnny Cash???

Nicholas J says:

What software was used to make this video?

jerry henrie says:

Must read

Savanth Alla says:

15 things we don’t know utorrent?please make a video on that.

Allan Kleidon says:

If Tag Heuer is so good, how come they “Tank” so much on the second hand market?

Max Nevins says:

I’m so glad my previous watch was stolen so I came across my tag. Never loved a watch so much

Vinod Kumar says:

My dream.

Alux.com says:

Hello Aluxers, how much would you spend on a watch?
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What do you want to see next on Fashion Fridays?
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Chirag Sen says:

Make a video on formula one

on12fire says:

Please make a video about Jaeger- LeCoultre, the watch that goes above and beyond the holy trinity, thanks Alux.com

Sam S says:

How about an episode on Beijing? Oh yeah ALUX paid for by the Chinese Government so why dox yourself

HolisticHealth and Fitness by MJ . says:

What , I don’t know anything about this brand ..
I can’t even pronounce it’s name …

Thakur Timmy says:

I like to buy a such a one

Savage Activities says:

15 things you don’t know about Rick and morty and Family Guy

Rudgat Entertainment says:

Please give introduction of your speaker, her voice so sweet , i want to know about her .


first comment for the win

Buhe Billion says:

Wow ….first time this early

Chirag Sen says:

Hey alux make a video on 15 things about steve jobs

The Vegan Foodie says:

Love love fashion Fridays….thanks for the consistent content …you’ve inspired me to be consistent with my content on my YouTube channel

mena seven says:

Tag Heuer is a great watch brand. I like the Tag Heuer Link, Kirium, Diver and Carrera.

Deorajsharma official says:

Happy diwali to everyone.

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