Sterling Silver Jewelry | How It’s Made

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Alloy and pure silver are poured into stainless steel molds to create the sterling silver used in many jewelry products. Lasers then help etch designs onto the surface of the pieces.

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Professor X says:

A silver sword will do the trick!!!

Edwin Cristobal says:

San Judas & La Virgen De Guadalupe <3

Juan Lopez says:

anyone know where I can get .999 pure silver jewelry??? thanks

branners says:

Harambe liked silver. It was his favorite metal

Ricardo Junqueira says:

This is the very first time I’ve ever watched a How its Made Episode with such image quality. Thank you Science Channel! MORE!!! Keep’em coming!

Jesse Stebbins says:

i feel like that guy should have burnt himself several times when he making the hooker earrings

deadman spawn says:

wtf i didnt know that u got different Metal

BLAH says:

what’s the difference of corrode and tarnish?

StephenB says:

The laser was the coolest part of this video.

Made-again Joy says:

“from ten inches to four yards” HELL NO

TheGaming Turtle says:



The last step used laser marking machine marking logo or pattern

huican chen says:

Looks so cool~
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James Regino says:


Karel van Wayenburg says:

Isn’t an alloy a combination of metals?

AP12uZvfvag says:

The opening scene looks like the innocent beginning of a porno.

Dank says:

Satisfying af

WhosFaulty says:

I’m slightly confused by how the dies make the thickness of the silver tube thinner,can anyone help me out?

iwrite toyourbeats says:

how it’s made, your new baby brother

shai Arie says:
a great page with all new brands!

aya kreukk says:


Like it Love it says:

Hey, let me know if you ever want to collaborate. I can make some cool slideshows for you. My channel is mostly about jewelry and luxury items, let me know.

k c says:


sonic meerkat says:

It’s always copper mixed with other metals.

Because an alloy is literally a combination of metals.

V e r t i g o V i b e z says:


slhines7 says:

Jewellery making was a pain in the ass when I was an apprentice for 3 years, especially when working with silver and platinum. Talk about HARD!!

Rose Hepburn says:

Sawdering…seriously thought he’d lost the plot until the soldering iron came out XD

TheWorldIsSoWrong says:

I had a Stirling silver medal for my graduation. Ah, I feel so nostalgic

kowalityjesus says:

cool story bro

stereomike111 says:

that’s pretty manky workmanship

李骏威 says:

I bought an excellent jewelry for my ex girl friend in this store: Now she become my wife.

KM Pham says:

Dang you 2

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