Silver LG G Watch R

Sanding off the black coating to make a silver LG G Watch R


NeonVisual says:

Did you find it was easy to keep a clean separation between the polished metal and the remaining black inside the bezel?

Don null says:

Think there is a way to make the LG G Watch Urbane black?

BuckstarrZ says:

Personally I’d prefer the kinda matte finish. If you want a shiny and sparkly G watch you could just get an Urbane.
It’s almost like a mirror, which ultimately kept me from buying it and chose the R instead.

Anyway, nice work, good to know there is something to be done if the watch ever gets too many scratches.

Blair Thomson says:

This is a great finish. Is there any plans to get behind the button to remove the paint there? And thoughts of removing the numbers ring?

Richard Warner says:

Just tried this myself after chipping the black paint when working… it’s pretty straight forward, though you need to get to grips with a Dremel (or equivalent) to get the good finish and spend 10-15 minutes playing with its attachments on something else before you take it to your watch,.

Started with the sanding block as suggested, most places sell the (180) fine sanding block (I suspect higher the better though it’ll take longer). Mine took forever on some bits as the block (sponge) broke up on the edges though to be fair I’d used it lightly on other stuff previously and a new one would have been better. As shown above, keeping the block flat against the watch face gives you a nice finishing line on the fascia so you can keep the black number dial which I quite like. 

Found some (320 Grit) sanding discs for my 3rd party Dremel and was impressed/worried at how quickly it can remove paint, metal, ANYTHING you put it on seems to disappear at high speeds so kept it on low and worked at it slowly, finishing off using the block again for a more consistent pattern to what the circular Dremel discs were doing.

Edges between the top fascia plate and the main body of the watch were tricky… the dremel discs got most of it and then I used a stanley knife really carefully to work the remaining paint out… its not perfect but generally people aren’t that close to my watch/wrist to see it.

Polishing with the dremel using the little wool pads and polish as seen above and worked surprisingly well… polished it (found if I pushed a bit harder, it had a better finish but that may vary from Dremel to Dremel based on speed/strength, etc)… sanded any rough bits, polished again, repeat until smooth and shiny.

I ignored the mic hole and just sanded and buffed over it as though it wasn’t there (I didn’t whack a wool piece with a load of fresh polish right over the top of it though or anything silly)… mic still works fine but you may want to be more careful if your precious about it.

Took me about 3 hours I guess (across two evenings) and very happy with the outcome!

Many thanks for the video that inspired me to give it a try!

Ohhh and one last thing, get a few cheap screen guards for the actual screen. If you sand the numbers/fascia or just slip with the dremel, it could be a “Game Over” moment if you don’t.

Jos van Baal says:

Awesome, going to do this too! 

NewtonDKC says:

Beautiful work dude, you. Actually have me considering doing this if I can find a low enough priced G Watch R as I’m tired of waiting for Motorola to get the update working on the 360 but can’t justify the price of an Urbane. How did you protect the screen so it did but scratch, a screen protector or something? Again, beautiful work esp after the polish and Drexel!

Claudio Rizzini says:

Great Job. I’m planning to do it, but I need to now specific name of what you used because I’m foreign. I’d need type of instrument (dremel? which one?), type and hardness of the sponge for the upper part and what kind of brusher you have used with the dremel, plus the “oil” you used. I hear in the video that the polish oil is a standard one which comes with the dremel. What if I’d like a more brushed style?

Owiren says:

It looks really nice! What type of sandpaper is that and how long did it take you to remove all the black coating?

Daniel Bertucci says:

this is very easy. i did this a few months ago when i first go my watch!

David says:

Almost gotcha a Watch Urbane eh? Looks pretty good.

snakeye2669 says:

awesome mod, is there a silver version that will be out?

Lorenzo Cecchini says:

Hi Anthony, you just amazing with this work, everybody talks bout that, in Italy too. What is this brown matter that you used on your Dremel? Where can i buy it?

The Official Xethyr says:

Hey Anthony, was wondering what type of dremel were you using to polish and what polish were you using?
Also what sandpaper/grit did you use on the watch, and did you apply masking tape over the screen before doing so/over the bezel?

Duncan F. says:

I did this to mine as well, however I also removed the black around the bezel. To do this is quite easy. Tape down a flat fine grit sandpaper and get a cheap phone screen cover. (Just in case of scratching, which it shouldn’t do but better safe than sorry.) Take the watch and rub the watch face down in a circular motion until the pain is removed. You WILL end up sanding some of the actual bezel off, but that’s OK as long as you stop as soon as the black paint is gone. Use a Dremel to carefully remove the marks on the bezel and then shine it with your preferred method.

Ken Cavanaugh says:

I was curious as to how the silver finish is holding up now that it’s been a little over a year since you did this.

Aries Beatty says:

Thanks for the video man….just did mine today….I fou d 2 separate sanding pads….one square and one that has curves in it….the curved one worked to get all the black around the button….Mine turned out great….I also used the dremel to polish it up after…love it…If anyone is scared to do it themselves, I would charge people $100 to do this….it took me about 3 hours… 🙂

jmathdoubler1 says:

Very impressive, but any ideas on where to get some of the original black paint that lg use on g watch r?

Carlos Cervantes says:

This has a really nice chrome look to it. Try some Pledge (yes, i mean the pledge for wood) to get that vibrant shine and to repel dust/dirt.

Once my 90day warranty us up, i will probably do this 🙂

matt jenkins says:

Excellent video. Many thanks for sharing it. Been torn between this and the LG Urbane/LTE which comes out in a couple of months but is quite expensive at £299.Really like the g watch r but sooo want a silver finish instead. Is this quite easy to do as a DIY novice. I’d hate to buy a LG G watch R and then muckup the sanding and polishing etc. What do you think?

Xochitl Sandoval says:

Which Dremel model did you use? I’m considering getting a beginner (one speed) 100 model maybe a Dremel 7300 model (variable speed). Also I was thinking of buying the EZ Lock Sanding/Polishing kit (EZ684-01) or the Dremel 709-02 110 piece kit. On top of the sanding block and a really fine sanding paper.

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