Review: DZ09 Bluetooth SmartWatch with Camera

Time for another review of a very inexpensive smart watch!

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Halima Maranda says:

how much this

lal krishna says:

can we pair this watch with Bluetooth headphones and listen to music without connecting with the phone

bloxcraft gamer says:

can u tern down volume

Julie Prince says:

you can use wireless headphones

Tony Montana says:

how to connect to wireless headset

Shaw says:

does the alarm vibrate?

ManOf1ThousandHats says:

the “Quick response” turns your whole screen into a QR code that will take your Android device to the website where you can download the Android app.


which ebook this watch support

Akash Gupta says:

will it work on Micromax

Zanneth Mauricio says:

there is no wifi?

MMskillz Hd says:

can you send a mail about pricing about the watch

jayin k cherian says:


Sahil Agarwal says:


StickyLicky says:

A lot of reviewers leave out one of the most important part of a smart watch, how good is the battery life?

TheRetroGamest says:

Honestly, you get what you pay for. For such a cheap price it looks very good. If you want 3rd party support you’ll need to look elsewhere, but I might buy this just so I don’t gotta keep taking my stupid phone out.

Zanneth Mauricio says:

how to download facebook and browsee?

Danny Nuñez says:

how much

Ms V says:

Can this watch voice record and film?

Mike Porta says:

Record videos?

NPcharly says:

Telefon kontakte werden nicht richtig angezeigt

Anthony Johnson says:

can you tet on this watch

Carlos ruia anais says:

Hi friend I would like to buy this watch. Please can you give me the link to the web were I can buy it. Thank you

Heavily Sedated 3 says:

i just want a watch that i can tell time with without pulling my phone out of my pocket and risk dropping it. the other things are just perks

mrider says:

use Bluetooth earphones

iqra hussain says:

Do you need an android phone for this watch?????

Anthony Cardenas says:

FM radio is for Bluetooth earbuds or headset

Joshua Cain says:

it’s not just u I’ve got Bluetooth head phones too

RAVI RAI says:

sir is my WhatsApp Facebook Kaise chalega please sir bataiye

Sexy Bagel says:

what physical stores can you get this from?

Lacasse Jean-Philippe says:

11$ USD on Aliexpress free shipping. Not bad watch but you have to know that it it’s NOT a real Android based watch. That means that its Android Wear app compatible. It is still possible to install 3rd apps on it but there is only few of them and they are not as easy as a real Android Wear compatible device. But it worth the price for sure!

Note: I don’t know why but mine came with NO video record app. Only a pict cam was installed.
Can anybody confirm if they received the DZ09 watch with a default VideoCam app??

It also seem to often ‘auto’ disconnect. Will have to investigate.

have fun!

Ervin Shakirov says:

great video !! , does it shows notification (messenger, whatsupp…)

amar nath goswami says:

does it have WiFi

شيلات [FM] says:


Prashant Upare says:

I received Dz09 with password lock. I tried with 1122 but its not working. I also tried by remoing battery for sometime and tried later with same 1122 password but its not working. can some one help me?

Isabela fernandez says:

Thank you for the review. however, the fact that the watch displays ATT, means it will only work with an ATT network. having said that once you get and activate your sim card with ATT, the wrist watch will conect not to any mobile phone but to the ATT net wotk and use the data and phone functions. Now to be able to use the files stored on another mobile, the wrist watch has to be pair with an app along blue tooth, this way acces to music files etc.. can be acomplished and control from the wrist watch to the mobile can be done . remember, what we have here is just a mini mobile but lacked to ATT network …most of the feaures as browsing etc can be done once the sim card is installed and the net work is configured for sms text and data/ calling. also, if is unlacked will do any networ. moreover, this wrist gadget can be bought in ebay for less then $15.

kb be says:

call recorder?

Emilyzx - says:

Thanks for a honest review, I just purchased it! Can’t wait for it to come 🙂

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