MVMT Black/Silver Watch Unboxing and Review

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thischannelthough says:

is it still holding up okay??

Inlustris says:

I love the case!! NO BOXES PLS!

remusomega says:

Looks nice. The watch itself is a bit thick for my taste. And the battery replacement issue is the deal breaker for me. But it looks great on other people!

PA Stubbs says:

I like the case they use vs the boxes other brands use it actually has a function other then just being a box.

Soenglish44 says:

how is it powered ? movement (moving your wrist around to recharge the battery) like the brand implies or regular battery ?

WePlayFilms says:

3 atm is 3 atmospheres. 10 meters is 1 atm, so it can go 30 meters deep which is roughly 99 ft

Jeremy says:

I’m considering buying one. What crystal is used?

Dj Randell says:

how do you replace the battery on these watches? i heard the batteries only last a few months in some cases.

TheHeo93 says:

3ATM pressure is equivalent of being 30 metres underwater. You can easily take it to swimming…

Dean Brennan says:

Will you post a link to where i can buy this one please

LonelyBookaneer says:

Very helpful Review Thank you!

Daniel says:

How big is your wrist ?

Gurvinder Parmar says:

You’d be better off getting a branded Panerai style watch…they are just so much better without being a knockoff.

Toni G says:

+Joseph Choi Thanks for the video. I am hoping of buying this exact watch for myself soon but I’m wondering if it would be too big. I have 6.5 inch wrists which I think is okay. Would you mind sharing your wrist size as it looks okay on your wrist in this video. Thanks.

sunny jeong says:

Thanks for the review! It was so helpful and exactly the model I was hoping to see as well 🙂 I’ve been debating on getting this one or the black/white leather one as a gift. I’m not sure which would look better in person.

Macon Carlton says:

I love how it says genuine leather on the inside of the band. lol

Jeffrey Harrison says:

Thanks for the review. I might try one of these out, since I’m done with luxury watches. Every time I hit a financial crisis I have to sell.

Skibbity Bop says:

I actually like the case they use as opposed to the boxes that other more popular brands use. I mean c’mon, it has an oversized zipper to keep it safely closed. I hope that they remain to use this same exact way of packaging their products. Just my opinion tho.

BlackVodka says:

Thanks for watching…. puns of damage…

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