Casio A168W-1 Silver Watch Review and Comparison

Casio A168w-1 silver watch review and comparison to the silver A158W-1 model and gold A168WG-9 model. Both a168 models are exactly the same and bigger than the a158 models with a better backlight.

Casio a168wg-9 & a168w-1 are Electro Luminescence.



Ramza says:

Is the lug width 18mm? Anybody try putting on a leather strap?

卍N͟͞A͟͞Z͟͞I͟͞ P͟͞A͟͞R͟͞T͟͞Y͟͞卍 says:

why is it for $20 at walmart or is it a different one?

Nick G says:

How do u get it off Military time?

jayjay Haha says:

Its not an all stainless steel watch as it has a resin case. So the chrome plating will be peeled off and it looks become ugly.

M 6 says:

Great , choose over any of my other, kinda expesive watch

Zak says:

nice review. just ordered it on amazon

marsupapu says:

This watch is not made of stainless steel but steel colored resin. It is not waterproof to 100 meters either, it is just resistant against minor spashes.

Andrew M says:

Helpful review man!

Monkee Balls says:

I hate when modern Casio’s have chromed plastic cases, feels so cheapo. Buy vintage one instead.

JustAName says:

Hmmm still contemplating wether to get this or the A163?

SamJS says:

80s classic

Anatolian ✣ says:

Thank you bruh this video helped me a lot

Evan McKie says:

Solid review. Mine will be here tomorrow 🙂

lollipopdeebo says:

I LOVE your voice and how short and straight to the point your reviews are. I think I’m going to get the silver one ’cause you mentioned that the gold colour rubs off. Thanks!

Feryjhon says:

That comparison was very useful, thanks bro!

deeplive says:

Thanks a lot, I was looking for a comparison video.

nora paredes says:

In Amazon this watch is $16 does that mean is fake? 🙁

Travis Nelson says:

Do you find the bulb on your 158 illuminates the numbers well enough without having to look too hard at it? I’m really undecided between the 158 and the 168. I like the cleaner looking screen on the 158, but if its bulb isn’t adequate then I’d consider the 168.

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