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Rules to match your watch with your outfit?

Sounds a little too much?

Imagine a man in a tuxedo at a black-tie event.

He has poise, style and a posture that grabs everyone’s attention.

He casually turns his wrist to check the time… a Casio calculator wristwatch with a rubber strap…


This is the power of a wristwatch, gentlemen – it can either break or build an outfit!

Since men wear limited jewelry, a watch is an expression of their personality. The best wristwatches are simple, versatile, sophisticated and classic.

Most men prefer to own more than one watch so they can wear the appropriate timepiece to complement their outfit.

To read the full article, click here http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/match-watch-to-outfit/


mellorarma says:

Ok, so whats youre opinion on metal bracelets with a suit?
Simple face with a metal bracelet with a suit? Yes or no?
Or should we always go with the leather strap?

Reman Shehap says:

that jackit locks AWSOME !!!!

Gusher Felter says:

This was quite interesting! I now know how to match my watches then.

MotoOutdoors says:

I always wear a G-Shock Rangeman…yes I get weird looks but I always know what altitude I’m at.

Fred Calabrese says:

Most to least formal:
Silver, White Faced, Black Leather That is the traditional dress watch.
Silver, White Faced, Brown Leather. Brown is less formal than black.
Blackout This is sporty, and it’s not a traditional color scheme for a watch.
Black with Gray Strap. This is really sporty looking

Jay - Mo says:

anyone else blinded by the glow of his sport coat in the intro?

Luke Rieman says:

I actually disagree with most people here. Obviously White on Black is the most formal, but I’d actually pin the black on grey next. The slimmer grey strap and thinner case would pair better with a suit than the chunkier case and strap of the brown on white one imo, although both would be acceptable. Can you imagine wearing the black on grey with just a tee/ henley though? It would look waaay too businessy. I’d actually pin the black on black as the least formal, because the darkness allows it to almost pass as a sports watch at a glance. I can imagine seeing a guy playing football after work with this: I can’t imagine the same of the white on brown.

dallatorretdu says:

I’ll soon have to choose between a silver, black or titanum metal watch, Since my style is casual I was leaning toward a NATO nylon band. The face is black and the bands are interchangable. Is it a better choice Silver or titanium?

Thomas Chatzopoulos says:

Hey Antonio, how about a video showing us how to remove scratches from a stainless steel strap? Keep up the great work! Thomas

Martin Kostov says:

Am I crazy or are his hands very small in contrast to his head?

Omaid Shokouri says:

It may sound little gay, but you look and sound really cool compared with most men on youtube that make such video’s

Filip Petrovic says:

You look great here, Antonio! Great video once again.

John Mohr says:

what about smartwatches?

J. L. says:

I could use some advice. I purchased an all black (it has some white and silver accents on the dial), metal bracelet watch. I adore the way it looks on its own and that it’s a quality timepiece (especially considering the price point), but I’m having trouble matching it with the rest of my outfit. Leather watch bands or silver bracelets just seem easier on the eye when I look into the mirror, but I love wearing my black watch and I’d hate for it to be a mis-purchase. Any advice?

Lulepe says:

How would you categorize watches like the fossil modern machine or similarly big watches in dark colors

Dan Rolando says:

1) Black leather, white face – Fits the tuxedo motif and is the simplest and classiest of the four. The thin strap and little bit of thickness to it also rings of class. It would look out of place on the wrist of anyone dressed to the eights or below…
2) Black strap, black face – Would fit business formal as it looks extremely professional, without embellishments, and to the point. It would also look out of place on someone casually wearing a lighter sport coat and khakis or chinos.
3) Grey Suede – I struggled whether to put this above watch number 4, but ultimately decided that the black face and grey band were too different to be subtle, as you would want in a more formal watch (obviously with the exception of an heirloom piece). The watch is very simple and elegant, but more eye-catching than the other three and would make a great conversation starter or at the very least leave a distinct impression.
4) Brown strap, white face – The thicker band alone lends itself to more casual wear. That and the lighter brown color put it out of place with a darker, more formal suit and not even in the ballpark of a tux. Easily the most naturally relaxed look of the four.
5) Brown strap, white face – This one could be formal enough to be wore up to business formal though, given the correct suit and tie pairings, and is appropriate all the way down through casual. I think this gives it a versatility the others lack by being too dressy. (The grey suede is a close second on this one, though I think the grey restricts dress pairings more than the brown strap.)

Diniy Salleh says:

hye, i was wondering, what does a gold coloured watch fit with? meaning the colour of the clothes.

ali hawater says:

nice video

Eddie Vasquez says:

@Antonio,which watch should I wear (kind of strap) while wearing a light blue v-neck sweater?Thank you, love your videos and long time subscriber.

Jaime Bula says:

I totally recommend The 5th. I got the Upper East, great discount with RMRS code. What Antonio said, I get more compliments from this watch, than from anything else. As the 5TH say, this item is exclusive by availability and not by price. Just got the Rose Gold and Peach for my girlfriend. It looks and feels far more expensive than it actually is. Great Recommendation Antonio.  I’ll be getting the Broadway Next.

Santiago A says:

Thanks for your vídeos. They are Great!!!

Wesley Lin says:

Is the5th watches a dress watch? MVMT chrono? Thanks for feedback in advance

Aapo arjensankari says:

so can I use something like rolex submariner with suit.

Roman Goat says:

What about digital watches? What can one wear with a digital watch?

Garvin Herman says:


big panda ladd says:

Great style Antonio you seem like such a nice person

basscoverage says:

Imagine a man in a tuxedo at a black-tie event.
He has poise, style and a posture that grabs everyone’s attention.
He casually turns his wrist to check the time… a Casio calculator wristwatch with a rubber strap…

Jonas Fransson says:

How about a diver with stainless steel and a blue dial? For me that says blue shoes and a blue belt?

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