1080p Silver Spear IR Spy Watch Night Vision BEST DEMO!

Buy One Here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/161877407438?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT


TheJamsterjaythejamm says:

Is this legal?

Andrea Bosio says:

hi, looks good sounds good too…I live in UK how can I buy the item ? u got a shop on eBay? u accept PayPal? please let me know.

Cloud9 says:

Hi can you pls tell me if I can take video higher up.
What I mean is if I am sitting down can I aim the video to take a video infront of me about 8ft up.
Hard to explain but I am travelling right now but might be interested in buying this watch when I return England next month.

Asif Goldmine says:

mate can you tell me which watch is the best to buy from you? maybe give me a link to the review or website

Adolf Hitler The 4th Democratic Liberal Feminist Queen Of Stalingrad says:

Does the watch itself (the clock) keep working if battery goes flat? Probably a stupid question, but I need to be sure.

Rhuddry says:

Hi is the link dead ? Because i can’t purchase the watch when i click on the link below.

Bob Builder says:

Great device. Bought one a few months back, definite quality watch.

I did misplace the directions. Any chance can have emailed or is there a video?

Sam G says:

The on off button broke after 3 months. I takes nice pics but cold be made a bit stronger

TheJamsterjaythejamm says:

I should have bought from this guy.. I bought one for £29.99 . It was sold without a charger or disk but I knew this at the time. It worked fine at first, it recorded and all that plus it charged through my iPhone charger but now :/ … I think when it charges it flashes blue then red repeatedly until it’s charged but mine only does this for about 30 seconds before it turns blue only ..and now when you press the button to record I get nothing! It basically just tells the time now. So I’m guessing that it’s only charging for 30seconds and the only way to make it flash alternately between blue and red is to either unplug it then plug it in again or turn the cable in the whole until it starts again just for it to stop 30 seconds later!!! And yes, the Manuel is only good for burning.

Complete Educational Courses says:

How can I get this in Pakistan?

Malik Pasha says:

when will more be in stock?

Emilian Tuns says:

the lady with the gel was really nice 🙂

Samson Adepoju says:

How does this one compare to the g shook black strap?

Joisssey Ort. says:

Hi, I purchased this watch from you. Its been awesome so far. I have a question. How do you increase recording times? I am only able to record 15 segments before watch “turns off.”

Preetpall singh says:

How do i order and pay for this? I am from Malaysia. Tq

TheBonelessBanana says:

I really need at least 4 hours constant recording or option to stop and start.

Kasena Candra says:

where is the usb port hole for transfering video to computer?

Chill Mind says:

Do you have this watch for ladies? or what are the spy watch you have ladies?

Aerial Boxill says:

do I really need a CD so the watch to work on my computer or DVD really need a CD with DVD this watch to work on the computer and if so how can I go by getting a CD or DVD this for the computer

Hubert Applebaum says:

How long does it take to recharge?

Benito Fernandez says:

is the software really necessary?

ᎢᎡᎪᏙᎬᏞᎬᎡ 3000 says:

Great watch! Does it record on low lighted areas without using night vision?

Richard Mugagga says:

Hello Watadeel,
I would like to know the purpose of the Cd ?
Looking forward to hearing from you .

JohanDewolf59 says:

Everybody can see the ‘IR-lights’ glowing in the dark! Its not a spywatch, you can clearly the led-lights shining! Worthless watch as spy in the dark!

Hyhx says:

u got one with a sidecam?

Tanjir Ahmad says:

is that number 1 spy watch for you?overall …

Sperden V says:

watadeel i got myself a metal waterproof IR Camera watch like yours but i lost my mic button do you know where i can buy a extra piece like the mic button piece because without that part is not water proof any more 🙁

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