Why Rolex Watches Are So Expensive?

why rolex watches are so expensive
Why Rolex Is So Expensive
Rolex watches 2017
Rolex 2017
Rolex watches price


Edik Minasyan says:

Rolex is the best watch brand in whole world.

MattIsHereFor U says:

I love rolex but wtf are u going on about

Zurc says:

Shis very well

fordy massive says:

I Will choose to buy the old restored charger instead of rolex watches

Fadds says:

Answer: because there are plenty of gullible idiots who will buy them.

JohnCranberry23 says:

Only for the super rich

Gamer Cat says:

lol I bet you’re Greek 🙂 nice accent

KiΠg says:

can you do a video on budget g shock watches an where can you get them

sunscream says:

the rolex are the most ugly watches,they are overpriced

Eathan Straker says:

They are obviously worth every penny. Because of the many factors which make Rolex watches Worth the investment or money. For example the materials which range from all types. Which this particular watch would contain 904L Stainless steel, Platinum, gold and ceramic, tritium and a sapphire crystal and even jewels. They also go through the effort to have an etched Rolex and crown logo feature on the sapphire crystal and even the inside of the case edge. I’d like to mention off course Rolex uses machines to primarily create the cases and bracelets and many other important components. But this is really not the a problem to worry about when cost is a consideration to buying a Rolex or any other watch because the machines are precision and very expansive to run and to have operating and maintain. Just as important not everyone can afford to buy a Rolex that’s why these items are best earned through hard work to the average person. Plus if anyone was to buy a Rolex and inspect the watch. The only thing that should be ever wrong with a Rolex is the price tag In the eyes of the person who is going to purchase it, because when NEW the watches that leave the final quality control. Are always flawless if not they make them perfect nothing goes un-noticed whether it’s the finish on the watch, the performance of the watch and even the water resistance. Rolex never fail at this crucial factor of watch making hence one of the reasons why they are expensive. Which leads me to this little speech of mine. “Rolex watches are more than just timepieces. They are the BEST example of why Swiss made watches are the very best. because each one represents a high level of innovation, Beauty and the importance of heritage they are simply wearable pieces of Art”

WTF Dota Channel says:

Why your 30 is not at 6 o’clock ?

Edwin Murr says:

Why doesn’t Iphone use this material

Serg says:

those are man hands

John Mark Booc says:

damn those callus distracts the viewer, you have a shiny rolex in your hands but your callus are screaming.. well played..

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