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It is the quintessential watch—and by that I mean that it is exactly what you imagine when you think of the word, ‘watch’. It is objectively one of the simplest, most bland and unimaginative designs to ever to be strapped to a wrist—yet also perhaps the most popular and iconic in the world. Why is that?

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Özgür Gülcem says:

I would like to see a seiko astron

Rune Noël M.M. Bjørnson-Langen says:

A review of the Grand Seiko sbgv375 (heritage line, 44gs case based springdrive with midtnight blue sunburst dial) would be highly appreciated 🙂

Ruck Chorris says:

Face revealed at 4:47 !!! look at the reflection on the bezel

hiraiwan 911 says:


deniz can arıkan says:

Making Rolex – Datejust review without showing a jubilee bracelet and fluted bezel. Very disappointing.

The Owl Guy says:

You never fail to impress. You could review a SWATCH Sistem51 and it’d make me want to run out and buy it.

Fiat justitia ruat cælum says:

Because the jubilee bracelet ♥️

Alexandre Ung says:

When I imagine a watch the first one that comes to my mind is the no date submariner. Not the datejust

SleepEatDrive says:

One of my patients was wearing this exact watch today!

Howard Bamber says:

Mmm lowest common denominator

Santanu DasGupta says:

Awesome. The best watch ever. hope I can own one someday.

Ashank Gupta says:

What was the rolex worn by edmund hillary? And does the rolex explorer pay a fitting tribute to the first ascent?

Mike J says:

Second hand is jerking hard

Josh Stone says:

I await the day the Datejust isn’t the most popular watch on chrono24.

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

My favorite rolex is the Datejust 36mm, the most versatile watch on the planet; in my opinion.

Private Number says:

Sad part is, DateJust is an amazing watch but it has all these heavyweights around it. GMTs, Daytonas, ext. If the DateJust was a brand of its own without Rolex it would still be hugely recognisable, it almost gets “knocked” because of the field it plays in, it has no competition other then the other models in its own brand.

P R says:

As always, very educational

Howard Meyers says:

A 34 mm Datejust on a jubilee bracelet was my first serious watch acquisition made in 1978. This watch is still going strong in 2018 and still has a nice balance between ornamentalism and function. Other than a few routine services spread over long intervals during my 40 years of ownership, the performance of the Datejust has been flawless. For the first nine years of ownership, the Datejust was my only watch and was worn during all my waking hours. I then started a journey into higher horology which led me past Rolex to Piaget, Parmagiani and Habring2 among others. The Datejust gets very little wrist time because I have ten other watches but I still enjoy wearing it. Our son is a junior in college and I intend to gift it to him when he graduates as a start in the ownership of a finely conceived and crafted mechanical watch. I have never purchased another Rolex and am somewhat taken aback by the manic enthusiasm for Rolex stainless steel pieces which deprives many fine watches and watch brands from the attention they deserve. That said, my Rolex Datejust has been a constant in my life for 40 years and will soon be passed on to our son for yet another long period. I can think of no other physical object in my life which has accompanied me on the journey from youth to Medicare beneficiary and which remains fully capable of daily service and use. While I have not purchased another Rolex, I did purchase a post-2014 Tudor Fastrider chronograph in stainless steel which is both wonderfully crafted and very reasonably priced. I now look to the Tudor line as I once looked to the Rolex line: a resource to purchase well made watches of fine quality which represent good long term value. Despite my interest in other watch brands, I would state unequivocally that I would purchase a 39mm Oyster Perpetual on a steel bracelet with a blue dial and no date function new from an AD for $5700 if I had to live with just one watch for the rest of my life. The Datejust would be my second choice if I had to live with just one watch for the rest of my life only because I have come full circle on the subject of even basic complications and see that less is more from the stand point of watch and bracelet aesthetics. The Oyster Perpetual is a more outstanding expression of the essence of Rolex than even the Datejust. The Datejust is among the most copied of watches over the course of time, with or without gold accents. Nobody copies the Oyster Perpetual. This is not because the OP is homely but rather because it is because the OP is more refined than the Datejust aesthetically and much more difficult to copy because of fewer and simpler design elements. Best regards.

Lil' Suge says:

Because its cheap as fuck

Noah B says:

4:50 you can see the face of the man.

高天 says:

i think its probably like starting a smart phone company in 2010s,all the tech was too there,but u d have to move mountains to have all the suppliers and manufacturers to work together for a new company making a new product.

Rosh Yamamoto says:

My dad is wondering when would be the girard perregaux jackpot tourbillon be available and featured in this channel and website. all the watches posted lately are the cheaper ones.

JayeBird says:

While I appreciate Rolex’s popularity, I’ve never wanted to own one. They are boring to me, compared to everything else on the market. jmo. But I always love watching Watchfinder.

CK ROY says:

The most versatile most watch, it goes with suit, jeans or jogging for running. It goes with all occasions, my favourite everyday watch is the two tone DJ 36mm on a leather strap.



Yanny One says:

Soo we can see that someone’s face isn’t talking…
I like the videos, always have. What people need to keep in mind though, something most forget is that this is a big company, and the video’s produced are not one a person show.
The person in the chair is probably different to the voice you are hearing, or its just recorded seperately.
My guess is that there is a structure like this around the videos:
1 – Several videographers and video editors.
2 – Story writer.
3 – Narrator.

None the less, good videos, so I personally don’t care.
Just something to keep in mind for those who think this is a single person production with no agenda.

Raffael Schützenhofer says:

Glad to own one by myself

Mike W says:

The DateJust 2, blue face smooth bezel is the best Rolex you can have, it’s beautiful! Thank you for the vid as well, great knowledge

Chip Wong says:

Theres a lawyer in oklahoma who hates the datejust…guess his name?

Ernesto Kling says:

Best watch ever made

John Perry says:

Enjoy and appreciate? No enjoy and depreciate!

Sanghoon Lee says:

It’s not ugly. That’s the best thing I can say about Datejust.

M. P. says:

Reference number of the watch in the video?

suraj punjabi says:

Do we really need a 7 minute explaination why a datejust is so popular??? R u being serious??? Its a god damn Rolex date just. Just look at the damn thing. Its fucking beautiful! The end. U just need to open your eyes and look at it for a second. Smh.

SpliefDaGrief says:

If it’s so popular why can you walk into any boutique and be greeted by cases and cases of them?

4 bedder society says:

I would be interested in your opinion about the Nomos Tangente Update. The German watches have this mixture of perfection and tradition. In addition, it is also relatively cheap.

HugoCool says:

I saw your face

Seiko Tuna

Juan Ballester Molina says:

Bland?! I think the simplicity of its design along with the quality of its materials and its versatility its whats makes it beautiful…

Camill Cheung says:

Holy cow how do u have the money to buy all these watches?

Rob. brown says:

Loving the new intro style

WatchPronometer says:

Bland? It’s the most beautiful watch Rolex makes…maybe even the best looking all around watch on the planet. And why I own one. And will never be sold.

Ed Tedeschi says:

a welcome addition, the wrist shot!

corey peet says:

Love my date just !!!!

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