Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive?

Why are Rolex watches so expensive? Why does the value of Rolex watches keep increasing?

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fuzzX says:

rolex and expensive? 7k$ is expensive?

F8 DK CgZ says:

Hi.can i just get six subs? that’s all. just want to reach 35 subs to beat my friend. ty!

Arlllo Annnderson says:

Who here owns a Rolex?

E B says:

People asked me “why do you have cheap stuff” and I’m just like “waste if money both tell time bother are shoes both are clothes.”

dronetalk 316 says:


BlueSmokeGamer says:

Seems like Rolex is the original red bull

ROGUE Prismatic says:

Bring the old narrator back !!!!!!!

Golden__Hackzz_ says:

I honestly said roblox… Lol but roblox is expensive

Salman Ehsan says:

When i got married i was wearing rolex watch

Ze _Jeff says:

Now do one on supreme.

Vindexproeliator says:

Interesting but obscene to think that they will pay million for a freaking watch while there are people who do not have roof over their had or food to eat. Humanity’s stupidity!

Caveman says:

Girl would suck you thru ya briefs if you had a rolex

MUNUS S says:

Phew…Patek Philippe

Rock Id says:

Jeden rołli i drugi rołli

Liar Yan says:

Honestly I find Rolex weird. There isn’t anything special about it other than it’s name and also branding strategy. So? It’s just a flipping watch that’s way too hella expensive for anyone to buy and what’s the point blowing cold hard cash for a timepiece when you could use the money for other priorities? I honestly don’t get it

Oiy! says:

If i wore a real Rolex and George soros wore a fake one, and we stood next to each other, people would think mine was fake and his was real. What’s my point? I HAVE NO IDEA!

London Gordon says:

Why does everyone smile in all your videos?

gotmilk127 says:

This the most biased thingnI have ever seem. sponcered by Rolex

Joe Star says:

They are so expensive because people are stupid and shallow enough to buy them.


I would prefer CASIO’s G-SHOCK because it has way too many features and insanely durable

Voice of Concern says:

Rolex is the Toyota Corolla of the luxury time pieces

Steven Hughes says:

Was this an infomercial…

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