What Is A Field Watch? Top 5 Field Watches Of All Time! (Rolex, Seiko, Boldr, Hamilton, Orient)

Check out the watches in this episode:

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm: https://amzn.to/2TtLi9g

Seiko Sarb017 Alpinist: https://amzn.to/2u2m8PE

Boldr Expedition: https://amzn.to/2NX8Ddb

Rolex Explorer 2 16570: https://amzn.to/2NXJdw3

Orient Defender: https://amzn.to/2O37f9f

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Check out these watches:

Orient Sun & Moon version 3: https://amzn.to/2TZ4eZx

Tissot Open Heart: https://amzn.to/2GWQcEh

Seiko Sary055: https://amzn.to/2BHJK0e

Hamilton Khaki Aviation: https://amzn.to/2EjDde0

Certina DS-4 Small Seconds: https://amzn.to/2TXUy1z


rares silaghi says:

U forget the Seiko 5 field Military

Daniel Ribeiro says:

What do you think of the Borealis Adraga? Is it a good field watch .

Rich Reyes says:

Jory why exactly would I choose a field watch over a dive watch? Divers got more water resistance doesn’t that make them more rugged and durable?

Zeebra says:

rolex explorer 2 polar is my grail

dogez1 says:

You should have stepped on the watch in the intro to prove its toughness.

valjean3141 says:

Hello Jory, love your show! I am seriously thinking about getting the Casio Mudmaster this year, in part because I want an analog G-SHOCK, but also specifically for robust outdoor use. I don’t know if this counts as a “field watch,” given that it doesn’t match the style of classic watches like the Hamilton or the Alpinist. Regardless, the heart wants what it wants…

Andrew Hannam says:

Great video as always, the best field watches should include the insanely cheep SNK80* series or a Timex expedition scouts or field. Since to me field watches should be inexpensive since.. well things happen in the wilderness! Also they was have analog hands for a makeshift compass.

Don P says:

Choices of field watches are huge. Two relatively new companies making GREAT and well priced field watches are Bertucci and Vaer. Then there is Timex, Casios (G-shocks), citizen, Vostok, Marathon, …. so many others. Maybe even more choices than dive watches!

Jeffrey Franco says:

During WW2 the field watch was also used by pilots. There was no aviator’s watch per se. Hamilton was the prolific brand for these back then. In Germany, the flieger or flyer’s watch was issued to flyers as a purpose built instrument. At 55mm, it wad worn on the outer sleeve of the pilot’s jacket and removed after flight.

Greame Spens says:

Power line trail! On Finding Bigfoot , which I have watched three seasons and they have not found it, they claim Bigfoot uses such trails.

Paul Dobbs says:

I own the Boldr Venture, Orient Defender, and a Hamilton Khaki. All definitely deserve to be on this list. Only thing the Defender is lacking is hacking and sapphire, otherwise it’s a great watch!

Harper Wayne says:

The real Rolex field watch is the Explorer 1 shame on you also for not talking about the Tudor Ranger which is prob the best field watch.

Ced GT says:

Rolex explorer 1
Hamilton khaki
G shock square dw 5610

GITMO Holliday says:

to use a watch as a compass you need to know the “real” time
according to the sun position.. if the used time is a estimate like EST
you could get in trouble with your calculation / position.
so a GMT hand could help if you set the GMT hand to the exact “sun” time
for the area you are hiking.

Daniel Segel says:

Orient is too new to be a classic. Maybe include Timex Expedition instead.

Joe Ross says:

Good video! I have 2 defenders and love them! Screw down crown. 100m water resist. Very easy to read. Inexpensive. I’m a rancher and trucker (owner/operator), so my watches have to be able to sustain abnormal abuse on any given occasion. Love my 4 g-shocks, but grew weary of the non-classical look of them. What can I say: I’m a watch geek through and through. I really want the hammy, but I’m afraid I would break it. Looking at the Boldrs as well. Any thoughts??

Christian Enos says:

Luminox Atacama Field Day Date w/ Custom Bronze Cerakote. It’s Accurate, Durable, and has Tritium Lume

Hugh McKendrick says:

Have the Seiko and a Hamilton Khaki Mechanical, green face also. Fun watches.

Richard Dsmarais says:

Hi Jory, 2 more suggestions for field watches: lower budget: Citizen Chandler ecodrive BM8471-01E, good solid watch, precise movement, light for its size…2nd one would be more of an oddball since it is on a SS bracelet but does the job… Seiko SKA721P1 kinetic, again plain legible face, a lot more accurate than my Hamilton and rugged. And of course, when I operate a steam engine, Hamilton 992b RR pocket watch, but this is another ball game.. Cheers, Richard D

Tim Castellano says:

My khaki is my field slash dress watch, can’t go wrong.

Rusty Scab says:

You blink too much

George Pulliam says:

Really want a boldr expedition Everest!!!!!

raulm1961 says:

What about Seiko SNZG09K1??

CAElite says:

CWC G10. Can be picked up in army surplus for £60, has a fairly good, robust quartz movement designed to be easily serviceable. The watch of the British army.

thepassionofthegoose says:

I’ve used several watches in harsh conditions over the last twenty years, most recently in the north Arctic summer 2018, and my next field watch will be the Tudor BB36. It is unquestionably the most comfortable, legible watch I have ever worn and I’ve been an avid enthusiast since the late 80’s (so I’m not lacking data points). They are the true spiritual successor the the Rolex Explorer, which means when I’m done in the bush I can wear it to a nice dinner and not look like a tech millennial playing lumberjack dress up.

Jeffrey Klein says:

I’ve recommended the Tudor North Flag as a great field watch, and we know that the North Flag is the only current Tudor that Jory likes. (I listen carefully Jory). I agree with Jory. The Time Teller rules and I didn’t buy my North Flag until the Time Teller approved! (Mild laughter and major self deprecation). Let me suggest another great field watch which is inexpensive and a great “beater watch.” My recommendation for a classy inexpensive “beater” is the Christopher Ward C65 khaki dial. I bought it on discount for less than $700 and it’s a well made and beautiful watch for the money. It’s my first and only Christopher Ward watch to date and it may be my last, but it’s a great looking watch on the wrist and great value. Wish I could lend you my North Flag and CW 65 to review Jory but I live and work in Shanghai and customs is a bitch. But I love my Chinese wife and hope that some other dude will take a Chinese wife to love happily ever after. (Hint hint) Keep up the good work Jory!

Teromi says:

Time Teller! check out Marathon field watches!

Mark A. Stephens says:

I, in fact, do own an Orient Defender. When I first got, I was immediately drawn to the various sub-dials that tell the day of the week & 24hr. It doesn’t hack, unfortunately. Also the movement rattles around a little bit. I only now wear it occasionally, but I enjoy looking at when I do and the leather strap is good enough on it. Worth a try.

live2ride49 says:

Yet another great video. I like it when you venture out into the “wild.” May I suggest a “new” field watch that is assembled in your own backyard – the VAER field watch.


Before you said it I knew it was Hamilton khaki. You sure do love it.

Illuminati says:

you are Dora The horologist

Savvy Life Strategies says:

Excellent video, Jory. My field watch is the Casio g-shock 9400.

SoCal Watch Reviews says:

Another great video! Love your comedy my man. Keep it up, great video!
Miguel AKA SoCal Entourage

doubleu1023 says:

Field watches are the best and this video was excellent. Your selections are awesome, Good Sir. I love the Bertucci A-2TR Vintage GMT field watch with the Horween Leather band. Nope, don’t care that it’s a quartz. Excellent video again, Sir.

BradyCastellano10 says:

*Apocalypse happens*
*reaches for token g-shock in the collection*

Brad Snyder says:

I have the Orient Defender…. great watch…. I have the BOLDR Explorer GMT and also just picked up the BOLDR Venture….. you didnt list the Rolex Exlorer 1 ….shame on you

BulletBeats says:

You should write books about watches, get it published, then sell the books.

Sixkiller2121 says:

They are all beautiful field watches jory great video as always. If I had to pick one it would be the Hamilton, I would buy them all if I could… but one of time will work for me too.

Diego Martinez Arenas says:

So the Citizen BN0217-02E Promaster Tough is a field watch? Is it a good one?

Brian Farr says:

The Hamilton is iconic and the Alpinist bad ass with class!!!! I love the Boldr Expedition and I own the Globetrotter GMT special edition diver and all it does is make me want another Boldr. I have a Luminox Atacama Field Day Date…..and what about Marathon???

see63ess says:

I call BS on over 70 degrees in LA. We haven’t been over 70 degrees since January. Lol

C. W. says:

You forgot the SNK809. Ok, maybe it would be the 6th watch to mention. The 809 is perfect for someone’s 1st mechanical or 1st field watch if they did not want to spend a lot of money.

Michael Saia says:

I own a seiko 5 field watch. That thing has survived combat training, HST’s, countless brutal PT’s, and a lot of swimming. I remember I would get complements on it twice a day from other guys in my platoon. That watch and I have so many memories I think it would be very hard for any other watch in my collection to compete.

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