Watch this before buying a New Rolex – Walk&Rant

Hey guys,

This video is a response to lots of messages I get from people ranting about their AD, or their experience of trying to buy a new watch. I use Rolex as the example, but this applies to all watch brands that waitlist watches.

In response to:
– why does Rolex limit supply of watches?
– why doesn’t my authorised dealer not have the Submariner in stock?



Camera (video) – Panasonic G80 –
Camera (stills) – Fujifilm X100F –
Lens – Panasonic 25mm f1.7 –
Microphone – Rode SmartLav+ –
Tripod – Manfrotto Compact –


Billeh says:

Huracan performanté in Grigio telesto my lord

steven uk1 says:

just don’t buy Rolex and they will stop pi**ing everyone off, and if you get the pink-Pepsi, you will be so disappointed.

Rashan Harris says:

Is this Kensington?? Beautiful area.

Relinquish says:

to get on a waitlist where i live you need to put a 20% non-refundable deposit first.

LLD says:

Cool intro Adrian I am taking away some Casey Neistat inspiration!! Well done!! Your videos are definitely getting more complex keep it up!!

Lucky for me , I am more interested in vintage watches that have a true exclusivity to them because of their age and rarity Rolex is playing the game and their playing it well. I do find it amusing to see all these fellas clambering to get in line to beg Rolex for a chance to throw money at them.

You wont catch me in line Patience is the key

dlite1972 says:

6:29 lol. Were they tidy ?


How I miss London !!! Used to love around Grosvenor St. RE: the Rolex situation: some authorised dealers here have got me watches within weeks. Even on the BLNR and the a sub. I have a good relationship with AD but I do think the UK is a completely different kettle of fish.

P TH says:

If u r getting bad customer service, then turn around and walk away. They dont deserve ur money. I do that all the time and I banned them forever! There r many great watches out there other than Rolex though Rolex is the few that hold value well. But if u pay a premium for it then u will hv to wait a loong time to break even. So if u really want a Rolex then go for preowned ones, not in production but not vintages. U shld make profit in 5 years time.

Speedmaster Unprofessional says:

Awful music

Len Powell says:

Best vid yet.If as I commented a couple of days I had the money no way would I allow myself to be cut down by any brand of anything.I am the customer and if I have the cash that is wrong.Rolex have track sponsored F1 this season but you can’t buy one.How silly but prooves they are so corporate.I have great timepieces that I have collected because I just bought the bloody things .No waiting lists just good timepieces.Love most of them and enjoy them.Yes ,good rant on your count.

agskennedy says:

it’s an AC Cobra

Stephen Ball says:

If it’s a real AC Cobra, you could buy a couple of those lambos and still have money left over for a Patek before you touch the price those go at auction!

Brian Sutherland says:

Agree with everything you said. My personal experience of buying earlier this year was exactly as you describe. Lot’s of unanswered purchase enquiry emails and a few flat out knock backs in person. I found success by targeting the large high street retailers with links to branches throughout the UK. Living in Scotland, I was prepared to travel as far as Newcastle to buy. An enquiry email and a single call to Goldsmiths in Newcastle and they sourced my Roles within a few days at one of their London branches. They even delivered it to one of their Watches of Switzerland branches in Glasgow for me to cut down on travel. So that’s my advice. Target the big UK wide AD’s with the largest network. Cast the net as wide as possible with just one enquiry.

Hitesh Patel says:

Good to meet you at Bonhams on Thursday, Adrian. Look forward to seeing your film of that auction preview. This is an interesting film. I was speaking to a friend yesterday who is on a waiting list for the Batman at a Bond St AD. He basically confirmed what I’ve read on a few forums – once your watch comes in, they will keep the papers for a year to prevent it being re-sold. I’ve not looked into it but, I’d be interested to see how this is (or isn’t) consistent with consumer/retail regulations.

The Marquis says:

Are people still bothered by this practice of supply management by Rolex? Have you all nothing better to concern yourselves with? Enjoy the hobby, don’t take it so seriously.

Bugster987 says:

I’m not sure I can be arsed to battle for the opportunity to spend thousands of pounds on the watch I want. I’m certainly not going to spend half as much again to buy it used so I guess I have to resign myself to the fact that a Rolex sub isn’t for me. I always thought the price made it exclusive but it seems they protect the brand by keeping it for the regular big spenders and not the guy buying that special milestone item. Obviously works for Rolex.

Piranha and the dirt planted tank says:

It’s an annoying experience to not be able to get the watch of your dreams. You have to build special relationship with ADs and that means you have to spend money on other models before reaching high demand watch.

Tito R says:

My fav video thus far

Phil 'CM GOAT PUNK' Brooks says:

116500s still go for $20k used. Crazy.

Tim Yo says:

That “very cute” made my day haha

James Shafiei says:

AC Cobra, mate

Yakena1 says:

I was surprised to find a Submariner in stock at the AD in the Hong Kong airport. Bought it on the spot after thinking about it for a half a second. Still on the waitlist in New York looking at 2 years.

Michael Luce says:

Love this format – great vid

M Riley says:

What part of London is this? It’s very rare to see a Lamborghini parked in a public street.

Andy Slinn says:

Nailed it. I remember buying my first ever Sub in the early 00’s and walking into the shop where there happened to be a lot of SS sports Rolex’s. Nowadays unless you’ve bought the crappy Tag, Breitling’s and Tudor’s then you just will not get on a list for a Batman/Hulk/Sub etc.
Rolex withholds and limits supplies to AD’s, as do Patek. The watch game now is as crooked as ever. New and vintage. New collectors have no chance of getting anything at RRP.

Mark Playford says:

Yes it’s an AC Cobra or a Shelby Cobra, however most are kit cars called DAX Cobras. Might get behind the wheel one day when you wave goodbye to Kermit!

longome says:

Whats the Song at the beginning called?

SgtHail says:

It sucks that some models are so hard to get. Somewhat interestingly this practise from Rolex forced me into buying a watch I really really wanted, if you have to wait for it, you have a lot of time to think about it.

I guess that’s a positive.

Redha Harfouch says:

Casey naistat entrance
Which is a good thing

Martin Richardson says:

They also know a loyal customer won’t buy a rolex just to flip it on the grey market to make a few grand

Ram Skirata says:

the car is a cobra and the likelyhood of it being a real one is extremely small.
Yes, as you mentioned beforehands, there is crazy mones there, but there were only very few ever made. So there are much more replica, or kit cars, around then real ones.
And that also doesnt even have to do with money.
Theres just none around to buy, lol

However, of course there is still the possibility that it was real.
Hard to tell without having a closer look.

Mr Squanchy says:

If we all stop buying Rolex they will change policy

Kweenz Landa says:


ajt222 says:

A good way around this is to grow up , get some self respect and stop playing silly buggering games with these people/companies.

ryvr madduck says:

I live in a mid size American city, we have several jewelry/used watch shops, and they all have many, many Rolex sport models. They do not have the current models such as the ceramic Daytona, the new Sea-Dweller and some of the gold models, but I traded two of my watches last year for a black dial, steel 2010 G series Daytona, box, booklets, hang tags, card and box, full set. The dealer was asking nine thousand. If I walked in now he would easily want thirteen, if I was lucky.


I have had this same problem.. most Ad’s I have contacted mugged me off straight away, I’m not a returning customer so they don’t care. One dealer did however asked me to come down to talk about the watch and potentially put me in line but again tried getting me to buy a watch I wasn’t interested in. In the end I gave up on Rolex. And went to Tudor instead.. albeit I know Tudor are sister company to Rolex.. damn them..

8rick1ane says:

AP is also the same they never have any 15400 in store.

ams914 says:

Skip the AD, develop a good relationship with a watch dealer and get something used or vintage. With enough patience and money, you can get pretty much any Rolex unless it’s some super rare holy grail piece.

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