Update to My Watch Collection – Vintage 1982 Rolex Submariner

This Rolex, the new addition to my luxury watch collection was born in 1982, the same year that I was born and that’s the reason I bought it!

It’s a 1982 vintage Rolex Submariner, reference 16800. Well, it is kind of like a vintage watch, but at the same time it isn’t. I’ll leave it at that!

Watch collecting is about feeling passionate about the pieces you acquire. That’s the reason I purchased this Sub. How cool is it that it was released on the same year I was born! Happy Birthday! LOL

I paid $6,500, which is a little lower than the seller was asking for, because it had been polished somewhat poorly. As a result, I went ahead and had the watch re-polished. Ideally, if the watch would have been in a more original, scratched up condition, I would have left it like that, so that it could retain its vintage watch look. Nevertheless, the hands, dial and glass were all original and in great shape.

I did had a few seals added to the watch to be on the safe side!

Despite the fact that I find this vintage Rolex Submariner super cool, it is not one of my heavy hitting pieces in my watch collection. I just bought it for personal use and will have no problem selling it again when I get tired of wearing it.

Let me know how you feel about the latest addition to my watch collection. Is it a keeper in your book?

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Ed Wri says:

Great video! This is just the beginning Eric… once you get into vintage there’s no turning back 😉

Salar Sadri says:

I’m 82 as well! Congrats on the beautiful timepiece!

Nicola Stucki says:

Very cool

Emad B. says:

I am looking for a 1983, enjoy it man.

Mr.BigBoss7 says:

Eric I’m looking for a 85’ sub! It’s my year. Congrats on finding yours my friend

Su Yang says:

Congrats eric

Dmitry Fishbeyn says:

It’s a nice vintage piece but I have to be honest. It’s not you, that AP in rose gold you’re wearing on the video is more fitting. Still nice vintage watch!

Alin Tudor says:

You need to keep it 100%

PrafitRealtyGroup says:

Beautiful pick up Eric I’m glad you got it.

F Poynton says:

Congratulations. Its really a sporty cool looking timepiece packed with personality – and a great place to start a horological conversation. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy it Eric.

Koji Takata says:

If it’s not vintage & it’s vintage is a modern classic.

Michael J. Malloy says:

I’m usually not into subs… but on that strap it’s got a vintage, I’m not like all the millions of sub owners look. Looks awesome!!!

Nick Huang says:

Where did you get those straps? They look really gorgeous!!

Rodney Thomas says:

Congrats, it’s a hella nice piece but, for some strange reason I feel like you’re not gonna keep it…Maybe it’s just me.

Pedro Hernandez says:

Cool watch, by far the biggest advantage of it is that I looks great with any strap or bracelet. It’s a strap monster.


Perfect Watch!

Miguel Padilla says:

Congrats my man, that’s a beautiful watch!

Hazmin Ahamed says:

Nice watch Eric. Quick Q, Repolishing the watch through Rolex, does it diminish the value of the watch? Got a Sub

Ra Wright says:

Excellent with that suede strap

Yondel Johan Pinar says:

Rate Ed Sheeran!

dick large says:

i want to buy it. let me know

Kc 85 says:

Love it!

chaosphizzle says:

I really love hearing about your own personal watches. Do more about how you obtained a piece and some memories with it!

Horacio AR says:

Amazing acquisition, wear it in good health!

What kind of strap is that?

SideshowCop says:

Love it. It has a history when it came, and now it have some personal history to you. I’d recon you will grow more and more fond of it as time passes. Don’t ever sell it.

frieswithmayo says:

Superwatch and superstrap…. this watch oozes watch history, never let it go and no diving with that one ! To make it even more stunning, fit a deployant/butterfly clasp.

2784 Ruhtra says:

Do a new watch collection plz

Tim McQueen says:

Dig this watch, and sounds like a good price for a birth year. Remember, as guys your age get older they will have more money, and you can sell it to your birthday buddies for a fortune!

Alexander MacKenzie says:

Awesome little watch, Eric. You should wear it to your birthday party.

Veltto123 says:

I love it, nice amount of yellow patina which people will notice, but still makes the impression that there is no reason why you should have a fresher model. It was perfect back then, it’s perfect right now.

DrivasTheGenius says:

definitely a good look for an older watch, love the lume and that band on it for sure, this guy knows his shit

Rich Buddy says:

good add to your box man. the patina is great on that rolex.

hubertJfry says:

Hey Eric, great Addition to your Collection and welcome to the Vintage World! A Birthyear Sub (1983 for me) and a Pre-Moon Speedmaster are also on my Wishlist – but its hard to authenticate them. I bet you will not sell the 82 Sub in the near future! 🙂

Alex Banuelos says:


Nigel Boon says:

Smart buy

Tony Leung says:

Good one, Eric

name changes says:

I like it on this leather strap

Amintas Neto says:

A very cool piece Eric.
Enjoy it in good health!

TheSpritz0 says:

It would look OFF THE HOOK on a two-tone bracelet!!!

Abdullah Sindi says:

Loved it, now am wondering what a 1990 watch would look like !?

Arliss Arlington says:

This vintage piece adds that something extra to your already impressive collection. Looking at your collection I can go through each of your pieces and admire them one by one but I’ll stop dead in my tracks at that Sub and will have a conversation with you about why and how you came to own it. Well done sir.

Володя Младший says:

which arm to wear a watch better?

mena seven says:

Nice vintage Rolex purchased at a good price.

Arthur James says:

What do you think about Hublot?

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