Unboxing A Rolex Sumbariner 16613 From 1997

A video unboxing a Rolex Submariner 16613 from 1997. Thought it would be a fun idea to just make an unboxing video just like people do now-a-days but with a watch that’s almost 25 years old.

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Logan Wicke says:

Misspelled the title

Tom Faranda says:

Well, that was fun!

SoCal Watch Reviews says:

Great review Chris!

Dr. Raymond says:

I have that year Bluesy bought new. The only thing missing from your set is the Rolex steel anchor that came with that era Submariner and Deep-Sea. Also my calendar card came in its own case.

hervé Chretien says:

We are not yet in 2022 !

Jeff Brister says:

A Rolex that old with all the extra bells and whistles is something to behold.

Crazywaffle5150 says:

This is actually the model sub I want. Idk why I like the blue two tone.

TinBin - Craig says:

nice classic cheers

chunlohk says:

Great video! Just got a 99 SD and I was researching my box and paper are period correct or not… your video just what I was looking for!

Rich L says:

Super video! Many years ago I sold a 14060M that had all the same goodies. Kick myself almost daily for letting thatone go!

Ayman Baja says:


John Giunta says:

The small green hang tag was not where the price was… That would have had a sticker on it with the serial number of the watch. Also you should check the booklets to make sure that they say 1997 or at least 1996. Also the outer box would have had a white sticker with a model number of the watch 16613 and more likely than not next to it would have been another white sticker with the price.

Willy K says:

Another great video!

Jonathan Land says:

Doesn’t get any better than the Bluesey. Great video.

Mick Mick says:

Geez you know how much cocaine and pubic hair that thing must’ve been covered with?

__gaijin_ says:

Just beautiful! Wow! That blue is deep and amazing. A very hypnotic blue! It steals your eyes and freezes your mind and you keep staring the dial, and the bezel, and then the bracelet and the dial……magic blue/gold on silver! Awesome review Sir. Thank you Chris!

Stephen Rudberg says:

Beautiful watch. I still have all those things that came with my Submariner from 2000, except the box . It’s definitely nice collectable stuff as you have mentioned, to go back once in awhile and revisit. The new Rolexs are nice, with more improvements, however, the older models still hold up and if properly serviced over the years, are gorgeous and I would say, a better value than having new, depending on the model desired. For the sports models, like Subs and GMT and Explorer II, the 40mm case size was , and still is perfect and very durable. And vintage has never been more popular than it is today.

Alexander Bender says:


Vince Goodrum says:

What’s a Sumbariter??? Lol

T Khalil says:

£2800…1996 Scotland.

Edd Luvwatchesme says:

Great to see all the books etc .really cool and such a beautiful watch.

BlackAnvil47 says:

@ it’s complicated. How much would this watch would’ve cost 25 years ago? It would be interesting to drop the price then and now.

damachine3 says:

That same watch and that same year was my first Rolex. Wish I never sold it.

king0cans says:

That blue is beautiful

g p says:

I’m not a Rolex guy but nice watch.

Michael Walton says:

Still the best looking blue dial out there. Pleased the new watches have moved on with the quality of bracelets but an amazing example for its age.

MrChickster12 says:

Lovely, how much?

The Gorn says:

That’s a beautiful piece, and the only Rolex two tone I’d consider wearing. Well chosen. Congrats and enjoy.

Ian Gault says:

Awesome. Love the stuff you got in those days

Robert Sullivan says:

Beautiful watch, the blue just explodes off the dial. How much were they asking for it?

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