UGLIEST Rolex Watches? | #ASKTNH 133

The Skinny: I love gold watches. I think that there’s something so culturally important about a Day-Date, for example. It’s a symbol of capitalism, and a badass one at that. Rolex MADE the gold watch cool, there’s no question. There’s no other brand in the watch world that so famously manufactured time telling hunks of solid yellow gold and, although they might be the king of the aesthetic, they’ve also produced some gross sh*t. From the green dial yellow gold Rolex Daytona to the entire PearlMaster line, Rolex has a knack for missing the mark, apparently.

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Why Rolex Is King:

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valebliz says:

Honestly you seem to live in the illusion that rolex market is constituted by watch enthusiasts. Most of rolex’s market is represented by people who would love to wear those green pavee diamond dials. We’re talking Lange here uh, wake up.

Nykem says:

tudor just released a black & gold 2tone blackbay xD

bigairboarder121 says:

Any watch over $1,000 is a symbol of capitalism

Simon Fan says:

@12:49 Thanks Christian. I had to bleach my eyes after seeing the pearl master.

Glen Daly says:

I wonder if it’s that European taste differs and that’s why they design gold with emerald dials, because that was supremely ugly.

James Heath says:

Completely agree about rolex, but I wish they did sapphire/skeleton case backs on the datejust/dress watches

Jedidiah Smith says:

Loved the intro music. Clicked on the SoundCloud link. Life has been changed by jimmysquare.

Batons and Bezels says:

Great vid. The new yachtmaster must be up there

mt89 says:

Green dial 18k GMT is awful? God you have no taste at all, unsubscribed

Cedar Canoe says:

you ‘re 100% right, hope Rolex is listening

Jeffrey De Jesus says:

I think that Rolex back in the day, when they were simple dress watches, and tool watches were amazing! Unfortunately Rolex in the present is a company of poor design, lack of creativity, fucking trendy, and douchy! Would I own one?? Yes but a vintage! The modern pieces have no soul. They deserve to be knocked off! Ok maybe that’s too harsh..but the company doesn’t have personality anymore.


Haute Horologerie encompasses the art of diamond encrusted timepieces and Rolex has a rich history creating diamond dials and bezels. More recently, diamond encrusted bracelets and cases have appeared into Rolex production. Its ok if you can’t appreciate the art, however there are many astute collectors who value these unique creations.

Pato B says:

15:55 my exact thoughts on Tudor on the last couple of Baselworld.

Daniel Katz says:

No offence to the blind intended, please

Ryan Jones says:

I think the green and gold looks great. It’s still flashy as fuck though.

Juan Velez says:

Your mic is finda funky

siciliangamer says:

Great video.  Love to know your thoughts on the various styles of different models. Good call on the blue dial Daytona and the iceburg president.  What do you think about the new skydweller?  Hopefully you plan on a baselworld review.

Mile High V says:

I just want to know which model your cocaine dealer wears.

Daniel Katz says:

Designed by blind product managers just before forced resignation

divas masas says:

may i ask how much a watch you had on in this video would fetch for? 36mm?

George in USA says:

Clearly you do not have a watch shop in Abu Dabi!!
Another segment to satisfy…

Steve Bowden says:

@09:16 The Gold Daytona with emerald dial is the crassest pimpware.

Andrew Steel says:

rolex in steel platinum white gold is cool. yellow and everything else is just gross. just my opinion.

Goaltimer says:

Gold with a green dail doesn’t look as bad for me. Anyhow I wouldnt buy it for me as well.

John Bradley of Rutledge says:

Some of the references you showed are so ugly they look like fake Chinese watches. I have to imagine the only people that would wear those are “artists” looking to throw money around simply to show that they can. That’s such a small demographic it makes nearly no business sense. I wonder how many of that rainbow pos they produced. I can almost see, if you have a nearly endless amount of resources, producing something somewhat undesirable and ridiculously priced in your range (if youre sleazy) in small quantities to funnel consumers to your bread and butter… but not to the detriment of the good reputation you hold with with the majority of your consumer (or potential consumer) base. And Rolex isn’t sleazy… right? Absolute waste of man hours they could have used realizing thier potential if that took more than a conversation in passing at the coffee machine. It’s like watching your priest pick up a hooker.

maogao97 says:

those newer daytonas in rose gold and black bezel are so beautiful ! also i am really liking the new Baselworld daytona in yellow gold

joe says:

are there diamond Rolex you like? like yellow gold inside on the dial?

thatgiant says:

Surprised to see the new yachtmaster not in the video

Tree Corleone says:

I generally agree and I wouldn’t wear any of the examples you mention- but it doesn’t bother me that they’re in the lineup. Regardless of whether I think they’re ugly I can definitely see certain people loving them; people who would perhaps never consider the more traditional models.

My guess is the production numbers of most of them are low. It doesn’t lessen my opinion of their Design that they put out a yellow gold green Daytona. I certainly wouldn’t buy one, but honestly if I saw someone wearing one I’d at least appreciate looking at it for a second. I think it somehow [oddly] fits the lineup.

jmcrofts says:

Would love to hear your thoughts on the new Omega reissue trio, as well as maybe the “faux vintage” trend in general? Seems like other watch nerds HATE the brown/”fake patina” lume but I don’t mind it at all.

dduplis says:

oh Christian you cracked me up! 🙂 i love you for that….real shit!

dduplis says:

and that was rant&h not askt&

Salvador Garcia says:

the green dial daytona is the best

Stephen M says:

Ugly rolexes? You should see the new Yachtmaster 1 from Basel today. Looks like a 5 year old was given gems to make a bezel

hervé Chretien says:

Christian, I could not agree more with every word you say here. I have never understood how Rolex could manufacture a classy and understated 214270 Explorer along with such king of bling gansta gaudy watches. Basel 2017, with this colored diamond monstruosity’release, is another weird moment for Rolex fans.

Louis Yammine says:

love the analogies. please keep the humor coming!

Daryll Agustin says:

When I was watching this vid I thought I cracked the bottom right of my screen at some point. You got me Christian.

ryvr madduck says:

Even the ugliest watch will appeal to someone. My daughter brought home an ugly little dog two years ago, I am so in love with the little guy. No one else likes him, he is very attached to me. Same with a watch. Ugly to one, is beauty/love to another. What opinions of the Patriot?

Jeffrey De Jesus says:

The green, gold red Daytona is perfect for Mr. Grinch!!!

sirkid says:

what do you think about the day-date 40 with olive green dial?

g ride says:

Whilst many of the watches aren’t to our western taste, the western buyer is not Rolex’s biggest market.
Let me put this into perspective. How many Rolex AD’s would be in New York City? 10 to 20 tops.
Hong Kong alone has 86
It is important for Rolex to cater for ALL their clients. Gold, Green, Red and diamond bling are what Chinese go nuts for. When they go shopping, they don’t ask how much? they ask how many do you have?
If you are a true watch lover – you need to visit Hong Kong – it’s a remarkable city.

maaz.ahmed.33 says:

i came across two vintage brands yesterday and i wanted to know your opinion about them
1. enican
2. west end watch co.
Looking forward to your reply.

Glen Daly says:

I never admired day-date, I prefer datejust.

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