Top 5 Rolex Watches Under $5000! – Episode 4

Rolex is one of the most iconic horology brands that has stood the tests of time and fashion over decades. Luckily for us watch nuts, this has created a large second-hand market that has plenty of opportunities to scoop up bargains at all prices points and budgets.

This video focuses on my top 5 bargains for Rolex under $5000, while their are many models from different era’s, these five watches each represent a potential bargain to own a slice of Rolex history.

In the future i will make a video on where and how to hunt for the best second hand deals, but to get a general idea of prices on these watches i recommend quickly checking eBay, timezone, or chrono24.

Happy watch hunting.

Datejust 1601
Oyster Precision 6422
Submariner 14060
Explorer II 16570
Milgauss 116400


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eco8gator says:

Good videos…the other Big Boy has lost his way so its good to have a channel like this. Please avoid spooking dog shit watches if possible….

Todd Strong says:

Thanks to TGV for sending me over! Liked the info and the list! I’m new to horology but I’ve always really like the Milgauss even though they never seem to score high on the polls. And who knows… it might be my affordable Rolex one day! 😀

Tom Li says:

Sorry to post a question here but just wanted to ask a question regarding explorer 2. I saw a pre owned explorer 2 and its 2015 and with original paper and box. But it was 3186 caliber, not 3187. I thought Rolex used 3187 on explorer 2 like 5 years ago. The dealer told me they just started on 2016 models not before that. Could you please give me more info on this? One more thing, when did the bracelet for explorer 2 remove the adjustment holds on buckle? Some models have those holds to adjust and some do not. Any thoughts on that???? Thanks a lot!!!

Glen Daly says:

I’m not crazy about the Milgauss either.  I just don’t know what category it should be in, dress, casual? I think the reason they aren’t that popular is because it doesn’t jump out as a Rolex like a typical Rolex. You kind of have to look at it closer to see it’s a Rolex, just my opinion.

Alexander Grant says:

Please do a part 2!

King Bee says:

A good vid with some helpful tips for people looking for an affordable Rolex

Prateek says:

awesome vid!!!

North1867 says:

Good Video. On the Milgauss, I love the green, but not the white. The Explorer 2 is a great deal for a GMT Rolex.

CG AWC Channel says:

Great video and it will be a great help to several people. Thank you for sharing!

divas masas says:

thanks for the review

Peter Gahan says:

Admit the Milgauss is the grail Rolex for me.

Bryan Li says:

Will you be doing viewer watch reviews?

zatara wood says:

sub 14060 has holes in the case? what? wouldn’t water get in?

13Hangfire says:

recording level recording level recording level, etc…

Max Avila says:

i will say i agree with everything minus the rolex 6422 too small women are wearing the 36 mm now.

mark says:

I love the Milgauss too, seems to have been overlooked by most people.

Arlind Sadikaj says:

Your channel is just like Archie’s, minus the down syndrome! Jokes aside, I remember you from a few months back on Archieluxury. I’m glad you have your own channel now.

McKinley Stephens says:

Best place online to get Legitimate used luxury watches, specifically rolex and omega? Thanks

Bob FromBrisbane says:

Great video, cheers.

JJ0three11 says:

Great video. A little trouble getting volume. All the way up, it is still hard to hear.

Clues says:

Great great video, loved it!

John Viano says:

Hi Fed – Helpful video for someone considering buying a Rolex. Appreciate your review!

Hendrik Mintarno says:

Love your recommendation on white Milgaus!

Mr. Gong先生 says:

Your talk show is good, wish next time u can have a vlog introduce u go to the store , introducing watches

Daniel T. Müller says:

Very sympathetic and thoughtful vid! Yeah, the Explorer I would be on my list but I like yours too.

Jonathan says:

Great content Federico!

H Papa says:

Ahhhh that 6422. Looking for one for a while.

philj212 says:

if you could choose one as your only watch, sub no date, 36 datejust or explorer? not vintage.

tant mieux says:

Very informative video. For a beginner like me, buying preowned is a bit scaring and thats the kind of advice I need. And nice way of presenting, subscribed (sorry for my bad english)

Johnston Pettigrew says:

I’m subscribed……I knew you would be good at this.

Laoshun78 says:

slightly bigger watch photos sir!

Hector Soris says:

Federico,why some luxury watches have the Turbillon system and not others? Thanx

John Lozano says:

Hi. I like your videos. I just want to ask about rolex explorer 2. I want to buy one of those. Do u know any store en ny that i can buy it? Im supposted to buy it in any rolex store o any watch store. Thanks

K.D.P. Ross says:

Cheers to TGV for pointing me this direction … Great choices … and given my love for white-dial watches, getting one of those Milgausses is *very* tempting!

Cedar Canoe says:

I really appreciate your original approach and unique topics. Well done !

Claus-L. Müller says:

TGV is right, your channel is worth a subscription! 🙂
My favourite Rolex watches under $5,000 is the Explorer I model for about $3,000. And I started to like the old Air King models, especially with the blue dial. But I’m not sure about the 34 mm diameter.
Best regards,

thewaitingape says:

How do you feel about the Airking? I love the look especially pre 70’s.

MrDannyg321 says:

Great vid 😉

Ricardo Moraes-Pinto says:

Federico: smart choices. I agree with your review 100%. I would like to add: I loathe trends and fads and this fad towards absurdely large dial watches (42mm and more) is, to me, clownish. The first vintage rectangular watches that I purchased were quite small and I continue to relish them. So… I feel that the 36mms (and even 34s) Rolexes are great to wear and I am sad that Rolex has dropped once perfectly sized watch lines (as the Explorer I) in favor of dials of bigger diameter… Thanks!

Falseflagz 67 says:

great video // list and commentary

Nathan K says:


mikevac1978 says:

How much Rolex Datejust if I was to buy it new

Stewart Murray says:

Nice video. TGV sent me over here. Agree on the Milgauss very under rated. A personal favourite of mine is the 70’s Airking (sorry don’t know the ref no.) a great looking watch.

The Style Khan says:

I like that you are talking about more than the usual horological fluff

Brucie Bruce says:

I found the Milgauss ridiculously heavy on my wrist. But I bet the uniqueness will make it valuable. I think I will look at Explorer II a little more.

Dean Human says:

How come Rolex Submariners in the US are under $5000, whilst in the UK they are like £5800 GBP??

Karson Barnes says:

LOVE the milgauss…one of my favorite modern Rolexes

67Bigsby says:

Good work Federico!!

hewhohasissues says:

Brilliant video

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