Top 5 People CAUGHT LYING! (Fake Millionaire Exposed, Speeding Ticket, Rolex/Gucci)

Top 5 People CAUGHT LYING! (Fake Millionaire Exposed, Speeding Ticket, Rolex/Gucci)
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7. lies to get out of ticket:
6. funniest excuses ever:
5. fake marine millionaire faking illness:
4. sued lied on report car:
3. scam:
2. rolex watches, gucci shoes, money:
1. false clown sighting:

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WolvesOfTheVoid says:

That 10 min line

Dimitri/ Random Gamer says:

I cheated at school my teacher said “how much writing have you done” and I only did like 3 words so he told me to show my writing book and then I did and pretended to write a whole page AND HE BELIEVED THAT DUMBASS MR SUMMREL OR DANIEL SUMMEREL

Abe Abe says:

This man still uses Skype.

Time says:


Cade Havill says:

i told my 2nd grade class i had ADHD

XxJAB105xX says:

Actually what happened was the officer pulled her over a week later and she gave the same story again for the first one

Billy Cadrette says:

Help me get 1,000 subs with no videos

Morgan williams /BilobedTie041 says:

All of my lies

traves dunley says:

Im pretty sure u used a sub bot cus u only avg under 100k views and have 2.1 mil subs

Modding maniac says:

The biggest lie I have ever told was that ninja was my dad and they believed me

YouTube I says:

We got so many liars that did’t like

Alloysius Tong says:

Everything i say is a lie…

Wait so is that a lie?

Kylor Cochran says:

I thought you said goofy shoes either Disneys goofy or goofy in general

Faze Twinkie says:

I lied about eating food that they eat our food was a bad thing

Avalon says:

Biggest lie I’ve ever said was when I said yes to people who asked if we are friends

Janeen Belderes says:

i was on top of my old elementary school and a cop showed up. we told the cop a friend threw our money on the roof and then told him the wrong school. xD

XxAtomicxanimexX KD says:

i Have graet grammra

I lied

3pok3 says:

8:32 damnn i’s gettin’ hot in there, real fast!

SheMoan UrDaddy says:

i told my girl my dick was small but when i put it in her she screamed so loud

Bosscake the meme god says:

I caught one of my peers lying that his stepdad was my hero and I knew that was bullshit because at first he said it was his dad but they didn’t have the same last name then it was his stepdad then back to being his dad

Hyper_NoahZ says:

I went on porn at age 9 and told my mom that it wasn’t me and it was my friend

Jeff Sam's says:

Follow Me On Instagram At @jeffsams.269 Because I Need More Followers.

eduardo felicilda says:

my classmate sed this glass broke in my school cause they were trying to broke it but it dint work well the truth is i broke it LOL

josselino lopesneves says:

I convinced my friend that he had to pick up viagra from the drugstore instead of eyedrops

SidTheJerk420 says:

Crazy lie huh….. “I enjoy Trend Crave’s videos”

joethecreeper423 says:

2,000,000 dollar homes or 2 homes for a million dollars?

themuatntmango 3456 says:

My crazy lie is being happy

Rob Wilks says:

My mum when she says “dinners ready”

V0ID_JOKERZ_ says:

I have 9 subscribers

чσung kαmé says:

The baddest thing I ever did was…

Eating my moms cookies

Niko Umicevic says:

Here is a lie i told my friend that your chanel is good

TONY_TH3_TONST3R addison says:

I lied about not using my mom’s credit card

beanbag Squid says:


Grepid says:

My biggest lie is my saying my Health is okay :ok_hand:

Spy Crab says:

As I clicked this video an ad of Tai Lopez came up lmao

bear king says:

I lied about watching trendcave when I was doing my home work

Tristan Gakin says:

You sound dead inside.

Mr. Musicman says:

Is it possible to click the like button multiple times on the same video?

Faggot says:

14 inch dong

Venom says:

I lied to my parents telling them I was watching gay child porn So I wouldnt have to tell them I was watching trendcrave

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