Top 5 Best Fake Watches – Rolex, Hublot, Panerai and MORE !

Top 5 Best Fake Watches – Rolex, Hublot, Panerai and MORE !

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about the 5 best fake watches I have come across. and how to help distinguish them. Watches like the Rolex Submariner, Panerai Luminor and Hublot Big Bang. Replica watches have really started to come a long way and sometimes it can be quite scary just how close they get.


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Ray Quintanilla says:

Great advice! Thanks Fed!

Syndicated Satellite says:

If luxury watch manufacturers were smart, they would build a complex microchip into their watches that can be scanned for authenticity…

amcluesent says:

So far I have a Sub, Milgaus, Explorer I and Datejust from Dhgate & have been happy with them, they’re 60% of my genuine Explorer II 16750 at 5% of the cost, which seems a fair trade.

Matt Wasilewicz says:

Solution: just buy a display back Lange if you are purchasing used. I’d love to see some sweatshop replicate that.

Stefan Lazar says:

Quick question everybody. Do you think Rolex Explorer II reference 16570 will be increasing in value in the next years? It seems to be relatively underpriced compared to it’s brothers like the Subby and GMT

ahgbdb asdg says:

hublots are already pretty much fake smh

trdi says:

That’s a problem with brands like Hublot, they put ETA/X movement into 15000 watch, what could possibly go wrong? You can buy original 7750 for 300-400 dollars, so even the movement check is not enough. And if it’s that hard to spot the difference – what’s the point? If you are not able to make a watch in such a way that a difference between 500 and 15000 dollars can be spotted, then the 15000 watch is way overpriced and nobody should be buying it.

There’s a 1500 replica of platinum Daytona and I’m even considering buying it. If it didn’t have Rolex written on it, I’d bought it already. These manufacturers of extremely good replicas should realize they have a niche, that might not be as small, available – making a replica of top watches without putting a brand on it. Lower the price a bit and the watches will be sold like… like DW!

bob neutron says:

If your watch looks like a SKX, it’s a fake.

oscar gustavo arcos ruiz says:

what about Cartier?
They are extremely replicated.

Targa Florio says:

Panerai fakes are the best out there. And it does make you question what a watch is really worth when you see how scary accurate the Chinese can copy Panerai models.


You left out Spinnaker…

Frank H. says:

What if LEROX is on the Rehaut?

Mark Playford says:

I once bought a Omega Planet Ocean on eBay with full box and papers. Thank god it is genuine and I would never do that again. I was very green and new to watches at the time and just got lucky! Be careful out there.

Garry Perkins says:

What about the Southern Italian Royal Oaks? Those are supposed to be terrifyingly good.

Seymour Butts says:

Couldn’t you go after them legally if the seller won’t back their product, because obviously I’m buying this watch from the info that you’re giving me, and I can prove that it’s fake.

Heru Hou says:

Has anyone here seen a fake Grand Seiko in person..? One main reason why I adore GS so much is that its fake is almost non-existent. It is so well-crafted that it is just so hard or even impossible to create a passable replica. Other persons (be it common folks or watch enthusiasts) will have not have to doubt whether a timepiece I’m wearing is genuine or not. 😉

pissywilly says:

Can you service my 16220? I’m in Florida.

kongmw says:

I’d just stick to ADs for anything in production. But different strokes for different folks.

Maurie Barnes says:

Cool overview Fed. Thank you!

Juan Ramos says:

If you want 100% authentic buy from an AD. You get peace of mind and there’s no need to go see and pay a watchmaker.

JustBlueFish Watch Reviews says:

Fed no disrespect intended, you make good content, but I really feel like you’re doing your viewers and the general public a disservice by telling people Rolex only puts out “Perfect” watches. Saying Rolex would never release a watch with anything slightly misaligned is patently false and misinformation. Every Rolex watch I’ve purchased in the last 2 years has had different minor imperfections. Spend any time on the Rolex forums and you will see no end to the accounts of small QC problems people run into with Rolex. It’s simply not true that you can count on Rolex to deliver a 100% flawless watch 100% of the time.

Jonathan B says:

The Chinese will copy anything and they seem to do it with impunity.
Surely the big brands can get together and lobby governments to put pressure on illegal Chinese imports.

vem4o says:

600 for repllica is cool but if it last why pay 6000 for rolex but it is wrong if if says rolex on it

Kevin C says:

I’m gonna get a lot of heat for this, but being someone who had a few (cough-cough) fake Rolex’s in the past its something I don’t feel proud about and I’m a little ashamed to admit it. My current favorite watch is my Invicta Russian Diver model 2625 with a decorated Unitas 6497 a watch I’ve been after for 12+ yrs. And I don’t care what anyone says. Watch collecting shouldn’t be just based on brands but what one likes.

rocky mavia says:

Can you post where the site they sell the high quality replicas of panerai and Rolex plz. The absolute highest quality.

CrimFerret says:

I think the old saw about fakes falling apart in months is a load of crap for the better done ones. They are cloning those movments and cases almost exactly. I don’t think dealers in legit watches want to admit that some of them are likely to last almost as well as the original. Seriously? What’s going to break on a Submariner clone if you’re just wearing it as a casual watch like 99% of owners of the real thing do? If Casio can make a fairly decent 200m dive watch that sells for under $40, what’s to say somebody can’t slap a clone movement into a clone case and have it be at least that good for 10X the price? I’m not saying fake watches are the way to go, I’m just calling into question just how bad the fakes actually are. I’d rather own the real Casio than a fake version of 4 of those 5 and the real version of one of them.

thebikerkid6 says:

The Black Bay’s bezel have a smout stop function at 12 o’clock, don’t think the copy’s have that

Eternal Flame says:

Don’t say Asians but Chinese because they are the ones doing the fakes. I wonder what’s the problem, isn’t allowed to name them?.

Andre 89 says:

Hi Fed, most replicas are of the higher end manufacturers like Rolex etc like you mentioned. Do you think replicas exist of slightly lower end manufacturers like Ball, Oris and should you take this in account when buying a used example of these? Anyway, love the videos… Keep up the good work.

Max Gregory says:

Unsubscribed after viewing the title

Donjon Armory says:

I personally will not buy any of the watches mentioned in this video, unless it is from a dealer. Realistically the only one I could really manage to buy would be the Tudor or Breitling.

Neuro says:

Been watching you for 2 years fed…this is the only time i did not like the topic of your video. Nor do i like the title…yea my opinion is mine, and wont affect you or your business, but thought id share it as input to go along with the rest of your audience

kim wilms says:

Scary fake hublot? Because hublot is fake…


Thanks for content !

Piers C says:

Unfortunately your favorite IWC Laureus Sport has been well repped. Also Cartier.

frosafrost says:

This is why I’ll never buy used. I don’t trust anyone

Michael L says:

So Federico you are talking about a ‘good’ fake is like saying ‘I got the best of genetal deseases’. .. 🙂 Fake is fake. I don’t want it. And most of all it should not exist at all

anoosh mokhtarian says:

Both Rolex and Panerai are highly overpriced and over rated! Rolex is like I phone or Mercedes! people are willing to pay high prices for brands because they once were innovative and ahead of the competition! remember the first I phone was reveloutionary in both design and performance, it was build in the US too! or think of classic Mercedes were manufactured in West Germany and were light years ahead of other car manufactures, now a Korean Geneis offers a better value, a more reliable car with the same craftsmanship and features but less than half a price of a Mercedes! New I phones have nothing new to offer these days! they have fallen behind Samsung and LG fro years now!! So why people still buy those over price products! because they don’t think, they’re lazy and don’t wanna spend some time researching to get the best deal! Rolex, I phone and Mercedes are status symbols, I phone is built in China, Mercedes build C class in South Africa and who knows Rolex might soon open a factory in china and charge a premium for their over rated products!!!

El Chupacabra says:

What do you do when you’ve been handed a replica? Do you call the police, confiscate it, or just return it?

Charles Hodgson says:

I bought an $800 replica 114060 and replaced the bezel with a gen about 7 years ago and it works perfectly and keeps great time. I’ve worn it daily and treated it like hell and its held up like a gen

Osmy Straps says:

Great video as always!
I will like to see more videos with Hans.
Best Regards.

dmntuba says:

I appreciate your passion and thanks for educating us.
Keep up the great work!

Blackbrook says:

Why will a fake fall apart if they have almost mastered the original? Do they cut corners on glue or screws? Because to me that seems to be the easiest parts to get right….
Btw, I think it’s actually a good thing they fall apart. Why buy a fake when there are so many original alternatives?

flyinb45 says:

Thank you for the video. Have you found a good source to spot a fake P.9000 series Panerai movement?

Anthony Amato says:

Don’t newer Rolexes have tiny upc or a code or something that can be scanned to see if it’s real?

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