Top 20 Best Watches Under $2000 – The Coolest Rolex Ever – 5 Things I Love & Hate About The Sinn 104

In this episode I share the results of a recent poll to see what the UGWC voted as the top 20 best watches from under $2000 (excluding used watches). I then discuss 5 things I love and 5 things I hate about the Sinn 104. Lastly I share an incredible story behind one of the coolest Rolex watches ever.

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Joseph C. Cheng says:

Feel better soon.

Jacob Place says:

hi remember Lyle who talked about the Mickey mouse watch in his son and I love your vids I’m getting a casio marlin tomorrow and I’m super excited thanks for being my hero. bye

Bob J says:

Great video! What are your thoughts on the new WHITE DIAL SINN 104? I’m trying to decide whether to buy the 104 in black or the new white dial just announced at Baselworld 17.

Noel Visser says:

Hi Tristano, Great vid! And as you know i’m buying a 104 pretty soon… So i’ll send you a get well soon postcard accompanied with a TGV-Tax return form if the prices have gone up o.k? Haha! 😉  Just joking fratello! Wish you a speedy recovery, and i want to thank you for soldiering on and bringing us top quality content whatever the circumstance! Onwards and upwards! Best regards, NV.

Joe Capacchione says:

Get well soon mate…

Bradley Smith says:

How the Damasko DA-36 didn’t make this list I will never know

Michael Powell says:

Number one – hot tea (with lemon and honey). Number two – chicken soup (cures everything). Number three – Arnold lead me to the Urban Gentry.

Was reading an article on Schwartzenegger; it mentioned that he had a thing for extra large watches. Googled “extra large watches”, came up with a million hits; including one for something called a Seiko Monster. Looked up the Monster (it was hideous), read the article; which included a mention of the Seiko Tuna can. Looked up the Tuna – coolest watch I had ever seen. Googled everything I could find about it. Came across a mention of a Seiko 007. Being a Bond fanboy, I had to find out more about THAT watch. Youtubed several reviews of the 007, including yours.

So that is how we get to me giving you medical advice.

And I also bought a Flighty (which I am wearing right now).

plumbandsquare1 says:

I own the 104, and love it. The only complaint that I heard about it is the anti-reflective coating on the outside of the lens. Many people have reported that it will mar easily. I personally haven’t experienced this yet. Great review, and nice to see the 104 at the top of the list!

Keith Greenan says:

No seikos or tag heuers of course.

Alpay Bayraktar says:

The Sinn 104 is currently my grail watch. What a beauty! Put it on a Bond NATO and you’ll have an absolutely stunning timepiece on your wrist! Great video, yet again, Tristano; and get well soon!

oldfangs says:

More love for the Sinn 104! Your praises have convinced me to preorder the white version announced at this year’s Baselworld. I hope you get well soon!

Simon bleach says:

Rado Captain Cook look intresting fore a budget watch?

Gary Sleep says:

Buzzing that the Aquis in there at no2. The main thing i love has been carried over from my TT Diver, and that’s the drop lugs. They make 43mm wearable on my smaller wrist. Having a TT Diver, i doubt i’ll ever have an Aquis, though the version with orange markers had me gazing open mouthed at my AD’s window. Love that black/orange aesthetic. Get well soon guv 🙂

stephen rhodes says:

Plenty of ice lollies & boiled sweets will help to soothe & lubricate your throat. Get well soon.

Fauiqe Yousaf says:

I am 25 and from Pakistan! You are an inspiration! Get well soon TGV!

Orion says:

Get well indeed brother. Little suggestion Japanese green tea. I get mine from best fresh Japanese tea I have found.

David Salchert says:

True soldier. We salute you good sir and many thanks. Feel better soon.

A Scot's Watches says:

get well soon Tristano great selection

Jack Stanislow says:

Get better TGV! Love the remaining enthusiasm despite likely feeling terrible! Get better sir!

A nice little update on my Hamilton Khaki (2824-2). I love it and it has been +2 seconds PER WEEK! Incredible! Sorry about the brag but I am stoked!

A little side question, do you like your Wolf Cub? Im looking at it as well as the Heiden single.

Thanks and get better!

Panos Stylianou says:

Top 20 worst watches

Erik Warnes says:

TGV, I deeply respect your dedication to the craft and your determination to get a video out. But please, do take care of yourself. 🙂

Jim Alpin says:

being a pilot i have to step in for the sinn here.
it is essential to have the bezel in countdown configuration.
if you need any time reference it is almost always a countdown.
time to be over a certain point,
time until you need to be airborne before you miss the slot,
time until you cannot use full thrust anymore when an engine failed after takeoff,
time to reach a certain altitude,
time until you need to divert out of a holding pattern,
time to do next fuelcheck,
time to check on systems in general,
time to reasses a situation etc etc
and all that can be handled with a glance at this beautiful mechanically crafted piece.
i love it.

by the way, thanks for the effort and passion you put into your videos TGV
get well soon, cheers

Jack says:

Massive fan of the Longines Heritage range. I’m wearing the 35mm Heritage Conquest as I type this.
Get well soon, Tristano.

Cory Kessler says:

How does the Tudor Ranger qualify here? Their website has it listed at almost $3,000.

Tim F says:

never seen Commando!?!? i saw it over 20 times growing up (on betamax lol)

Edward Ho says:

haven’t seen Netflix on a DVD in years..

Tristan Tristan says:

get well soon, great video

KillumiT says:

Which watch was it you had on mate? Great video and get well soon

Tim Cousins says:

Hi TGV. Big fan of the channel, hope you fell better soon quick question what model Oris Aquis is the one pictured 11’50 in. Gorgeous watch with the blue second hand and black dial. Tying to track it down.

Random Rob says:

The 104 is so great. Will be hard to buy now cause so much exposure though. Haha

idk fgt whaddup says:

Get well soon Tristano!

sid M says:

Tristano u kinda freaked us out a little bit at the beginning when u said ur not well cuz I immediately thought of the lungs (thank god that wasn’t the case) !! But regardless I hope u get well very soon and thanks as always for the amazing content !! ;D

kristian lewis says:

hi buddy sorry to hear your feeling poorly. Bought a forgotten Japanese giant recently. ricoh. they used to be up there with the best and at one point they merged with Hamilton. Do you think this is a brand worth collecting?

Cleander Yu says:

The 104 could have traded a display back for a faraday cage for better anti-magnetic, but it is very nice nonetheless!

I’m considering buy this, a speedy reduced or a 40mm Rolex Polar Explorer II next and I simply cannot decide!

Get well soon Tristano

Steve Tackett says:

What an amazing story. The Great Escape is one of the best war movies ever. By far the best theme music. I am going to NEED a Tissot Janiero. Hope you fell better Tristano. Benn a lot of flu this year. The flu shot was not the right strain…so there you go. Feel better my friend.

taylor sage says:

Tgv I am very close to buying something but I don’t no between the sinn 104 the sea master and speed master reduced I don’t know what to go for!!! Your option would be much appreciated many thanks

Jedi9Master says:

Typical Tristano! Got sick and still drop a 32 minute video! Get well soon man!

Eric Escott says:

Even under the weather, you provide great content. Thank you for rallying for the channel.

Drew Gambill says:

I would like to see the 104 with a brushed case to make it more hardy. And yes drilled lugs too.

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