Top 10 Most Expensive Rolex Watches

Top 10 Most Expensive Rolex Watches Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand, producing about 2,000 watches per day,[1] with estimated 2012 revenues of US$7.4 billion.

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sLay Proxide says:

Decisions a… House,Nice car, or a fucking piece of metal that sits on my wrist…I decided option 1…. I can reach into my pocket for my iPhone

Thomas Shore says:

you can get a nicer looking watch that the first one for like £4

Lord Gargoyle says:

Well at least I never bought a Watch and I only use a IPhone 6 Gold or ask my friend what time it is.

Holy Shit says:

Rolex is just a thing to know time period.,why to much expensive rolex product is a watch just like a1dollor watch that you can buy

troll plus says:

most expensive rolex watch is coast : 7 million €

Denny says:

Holy SHIT!!! and I thought my Casio G-Shock was expensive.

amoralis123 says:

Emergence of Miniaturization of MicroElectronics licked Mechanical Timekeeping Devices. They cannot compete and win from Quartz. Now they are just nouvo riches status symbols.

Boom Boom Bear says:

Nothing on earth can justify any of these prices. Chintzy shit for dickheads with more money than real taste or sense

Michael Huff says:

You only live once. Rolexes are an investment. And if you’re really into watches and have the cash to spend, they’re highly collectible. Do what makes you happy. I’ve got a 1977 Oyster Perpetual and it didn’t set me back too much. Much but not too much. Haha. It’s just a nice thing to have and fun stuff. It’s not a solid gold toilet. It’s a watch, which is a sensible purchase.

Paul Manning says:

Look I know that Rolex watches are the real deal and exquisitely made time pieces. However when one really thinks of it, to pay £10.000 for one, just to be able to tell the time, is really just not necessary and is going over board. But why do people pay that exorbitant price for one? Is it because they have some sort of self inferior complex and therefore want to boost it by owning one? Letting everyone know that on their wrist is a lot of money, that he can now say to everyone… ‘Hey, look at me! I have spent a load of cash and I want you to know it’, yes, just to tell the time of day. To tell you the truth companies like Rolex have managed to extol the virtues of their products, by telling the world that you must have the best! But why? Advertising is an insidious thing, it gets you brainwashed into actually believing the lies. It is your right to spend £25,000 if you want to, just so that you can say something about yourself, but ask yourself why? It is a known fact that the true intrinsic value of Rolex watches is not reflected fairly in their cost, it costs Rolex just a fraction of the cost you are actually paying to buy one. At the end of the day it is like a person paying £1.000 for a ham sandwich, but a ham sandwich that was made by the Queen of England, just like any ham sandwich you could make and charge £3 for. Once you are conned into actually believing something, then you are open to becoming a victim of your own avarice. Ask yourself this: why do you want to spend £25,000 for a Rolex watch, when you could get a Seiko watch that is just as well manufactured, just as brilliantly looking, and does the same job, for a fraction of the price?

For the last 20 years I have owned a Seiko sports 200, SKJ series, I use it to dive, it is waterproof to 300 metres. It is made like no watch I have seen, sturdy, strong, seemingly impervious to denting, scratches and looks like a Rolex and made like one too. This Seiko cost me £75 twenty years ago, it is now worth much more and is collectable, but I don’t care about that, what matters to me is that it does the job I want it to, inform me of the accurate time and look well on my wrist, which it does. If you want a decent watch do not pay thousands for one, just for a name that appears on it, like Rolex, if you do then I assure you, you are being ripped off, and in your head you know it too. Its just you must have one, because you believe its better than all others, but it IS NOT! Why not buy one where you know you are getting value for money. I am not saying that you spend £20 for a cheap piece of crap, but you could if you want. Buy one that is going to last, one that is automatic or Kinetic, one that can be serviced by the company that manufactured it, like Seiko does. After all, why the hell do you want to spend thousands in just knowing the time of day. If you do spend thousands, then in my opinion you are a fool! But that is just my opinion.

Mr. Lol says:

Walk into supercar showroons without cash just with a powerful wrist

Joyce liu says:

Starking Brand is China top ten Watches brand

Neon. says:

1.16 MILLION for a watch?? No fucking thanks

sf otz says:

my parents siblings and i have all this rolex hahaha

X_BapeKy_Xx says:

I have a rolex lol.

Penn Wooding says:

I nearly fell on the floor laughing when it came to the James Bond 1973 Rolex which supposedly features a razor disc, buzz saw and a magnetic field generator.

Suggesting that this watch actually has these working features built-in is rather like saying that if Jaws’ metal teeth came up for sale and you bought them, you would really be able to bite through metal if you put them in.

What you neglected to also say is it doesn’t work. Yes it’s a Rolex, but it’s just a prop. But a bloody expensive prop 🙂

Jeff Liss says:

As expensive as all these Rolexes are, a Patek Philippe model 1518, in stainless steel, sold at auction in 2016 for $11,000,000.

troll plus says:

I have one my old is 13

Rage or Cool says:

My dads brother got him one for $ 10 .00 back in the old 19 something times

Ricardo Jr says:

prefiro ver a hora no celular.

Hamza Brown says:

I bought this watch then i saw my reflection and it cracked

Tbnrjosue says:

where can i buy these watches?

Kyng Crescent says:

I alwayz thought that the presidential Rolex watch was the most expensive. it wasn’t even mention in this list. #Bank!

HollywoodF1 says:

0:35 it’s not a TACHOMETER, it’s a TACHYMETER. Not the same thing at all.

Whatsitallabaaat says:

I’ve got a really big cock, seriously I have. The problem is it leaves me unmotivated, I don’t care about flash cars, expensive watches, big houses or anything else. I’m sure this is down to the meat monster I already carry. Men with small pathetic cocks will strive for money because they always need to prove something. Unfortunately, women prefer money to big cocks. This world sucks.

Debapriyo Sarkar says:

All of them look like another $100 watch sold on Amazon. No thanks!

Rodin says:

This is our rich idiot system

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