Rolex GMT Rootbeer talk!
You could win this watch for just 70p here and if you don’t fancy the watch there’s over £11,000 as a cash alternative!

BOTB have hundreds of designer watches on their website, including 11 other Rolex watches, Tudor watches, Cartier, Omega, Panerai and loads more. Tickets start at just 15p a ticket and cost no more than 70p! 👉


andy fagan says:

Need more watch talk!

P2me2 says:

Fantastic. Love those historic pieces. Great to hear that you will pass it on to your kids.

Marco Del Dotto says:

The watch you had on very nice LHD Tudor

My Calculated Randomness says:

I recently purchased the 2018 Rolex GMT Master ll Root-Beer as my engagement watch for our wedding to come and couldn’t be happier with this first time Rolex experience. We’re currently posting some reviews-videos while enjoying this amazing time piece and as you can tell I’m beyond exited! With that being said we really appreciate your shared watch knowledge and channel-content. Keep up the great work on the channel, we’re looking forward to some more watch reviews.

Harry Metcalfe says:

Patek talk? Yep yep

Jatthew Mackson says:

Love your videos…. Your watches would look great on an NDC strap

Lincoln Hau says:

Hi Tom my name is Lincoln and I’m from Hong Kong I recently bought a Rolex 126660 Deepsea D-Blue it’s my dream Rolex and I would like to get your thought on this I pay over £1000 on retail price do you think is worth it ? You know it’s so hard to get Rolex from AD around the world these day’s do you think I make a good move ? Please let down your thought’s Many’s Thx! P.S you and Archie is like Batman & Robin you guy’s are so funny and I also love your youtube channel looking forward to see your 812 Superfast come to the channel and I love you G63 AMG too! Keep up the good work and I look forward to see some more watch talk take care mate!Yep yep yep

David Siwy says: get the jacket that TGE wore

Mark latjes says:

Is that a Rolex Vincero?

Nathan Mountford says:

Love watch talk LAD. Keep it up TGE.

MachEight says:

I have steel 2001 Pepsi GMT Master II – Never selling it!

Radek Hrůza says:

Made the same year u were born, so its 1927 model?

Siddy Pie says:

Nice start to the video…Tge as always..

David Bourne says:

Would love to hear your opinion on a Steinhart. Cheap enough to buy for a review, for someone like you 🙂 (not meant in a rude way)

Sam Cooper says:

If you could have any one watch in the world what would be and why?

Matt J says:

Would you say you sound like James cordon?.. yep yep yep

Harsh Khanna says:

Great video! One question though, which sources do you uses to track the price the watches are going at?

Christie Paul says:

Now onto Philip or Richard talk?? Chaos

Tom Hester says:

Stop costing me money… another purchase coming. Never new of this Rolex!!!

Christopher Wong says:

State of the collection please!

Lloyd Davis says:

Is it necessary to shout like that some of us have children 😀

Ken S says:

More watch talk yep yep lad

Finlay Allen says:

Did anyone catch the name of the leather bracelet?

Declan You videos says:

More watch talk mate bla bla bla

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