The Watches Dreams Are Made Of – Top 5 Coolest & Rarest Rolex Watches Ever Made You Should Know

In today’s video I take a look at some of the rarest, most valuable, and coolest Rolex watches ever made.

From a one of a kind Daytona, to a triple Calendar belonging to an Emperor, to some of the most unique chronographs in existence, this video is sure to be a memorable one and essential viewing not only to die hard Rolex fans like myself, but also to horology fans in general.

With Rolex having quite a few obscure and highly prized watches, I’d love to hear about your favorites, so please share in the comments below.

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7rslender says:

Dear TGV, maybe not as rare as the mentioned but for me THE coolest and most tooltastic Rolex ever made.
The legendary 5517 Mil Sub.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a video on the history of the Rolex Sub 🙂 Great video as always.

Classic Jonny says:

Does anyone know where (if even available) to find a bracelet like the one on the “unicorn” Rolex? To me that bracelet is more interesting than the actual timepiece!

JP Davis says:

Always enjoy your historical perspective. It would be an interesting story on how the late Pres Diem’s gold masterpiece end up at auction. The dynasty was fascinating, including the chic Madame Nhu, the de-facto first lady. Well our Royalty, let rare pieces (Jackie’s Tank) slip out of their hands, granted only for a paltry 300K ish. Would doubt they needed the money as bad as the deposed Viet Mandarins? Best Regards, JP

Jason Simon Smith says:

Wow.. great show TGV !! Honestly have a weird aversion to Rolex watches.. but seeing unicorn versions like these highlighted is really something cool.. and refreshing for that matter.
Cheers !

James P says:

Any chance you do some kickstarter watch reviews

Spartan Buff says:

Wearing a Tudor on Seiko Saturday?! Ghastly!

Tim Yo says:

1. 6062 in steel
2. Paul Newman Paul Newman
3. The Unicorn

Raul Acuña Bejarano says:

Hi TGV. The White Gold Rolex Daytona you mention is featured in the Talking Watches With John Goldberger episode. Check it out. The guy casually has it on the wrist… hilarious.

brian connolly says:

Great video. Interesting thoughts. Jason singer owns a gold gmt with a brown bakealite bezel on a funky leather strap. Never seen another.

Wing Yip says:

Nice stuff, indeed! Your 5 favorites is also part of my favorites. I like the Zerographe, Cosmonaut and the Ratrapante in that order. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure a lot of us probably didn’t know about most of these except for the most scholary to Rolex’s history and vast collection.

Tony Hill says:

All interesting but a modern Explorer would scratch all the Rolex itch I have.

Gerald wood Ny says:

This was an awesome video

Bubba B says:

Not a real fan of Rolex, but I give them much respect for marketing and product management. I do admire the retropante, unique. A good and complete video TGV. Thank you.

Willie Dinker says:

Y’know, that Space Dweller would look sweet on a NATO strap.

Karura7 says:

Great video! My question is will you be doing another video on how to dress well and be culturally sensible? Love the crewneck style! Hope you can tell us how to dress well and get good basics like that.

stayZcaked says:

I’m just sitting here thinking, how weird is time. Why is it, and it is so relative to us, we would have thousands of answers. Yet we live in small glimps of it. Because we age? Because we measure it and the distance it would take for us to go a certain places? Are we the only intelligent beings that use the weird power and measure of the universe? Is time all there really is? Is time Life……Is time us?

Jacob M says:

Can’t forget about the 5517 Submariner “Milsub”!

Mrgunsngear Channel says:

#1 for sure

Jack Paris says:

To me, the greatest Rolex ever is Jack Nicholas’ 1967 Day-Date. Can you imagine being able to afford any watch in the world (and let’s be real, every watch in the world!), but finding one single watch so emotionally satisfying that you never needed another?

Jimmy says:

Cool vid. I did not even know some of these rare birds existed. Will be interesting to see what the Uni goes for at auction.

popebenadict rock says:

Hi TGV just got myself the Seiko limited edition green prospex SPB081J1.Its great, i just can’t take it off,you may have given me the Seiko sickness, i may never recover.
Great show by the way.

gmshadowtraders says:

Would it kill Rolex to print ‘Space Dweller’ on the updated Explorer, model and make millions more in the process? No I guess not. Insane idiots. I guess they are so embarrassed about the whole thing and how they truly fucked up on the space market thing. Another feather in the cap for OMEGA. lol

stephen rhodes says:

Okay you’ve convinced me. Point me in the direction of one of these Space Dwellers.

John Price says:

Cool video Tristano. I love seeing these ultra rare models. My favorite is your #4 the split second chronograph. As for Daytonas – I’m with you, I like the vintage models better than the new ones (at least in appearance). But my favorite is the “Paul Newman” model (regardless of the PN association, just love the style and design). Ciao, John

Duvid TV says:

Superb Video as always !

Katrina Lopez says:

I don’t even like diamonds but love that third piece! Great video, very cool stuff.

MagPiVolanti says:

Hi TGV and everyone! I have a Citizen Calibre 3100 with a dark dial and black leather gator fitted strap which was a present from my wife. I love that watch, the perpetual calendar, the solar power, the looks, however I can’t quite fit it into any obvious category. I think it’s quite derssy with Roman numerals on one hand, but on the other I it’s rather chunky and “busy” for a true dress watch so I just wear it as a weekend watch (as a field archaeologist I have a g-shock for work). As true enthusiasts, please tell me what you think about that watch (I have recently got an orange nato for it!). I don’t know much about watches however it is the only “jewlery” I wear!
Thank you! Also, great videos which made me look at watches in a different light. For what they are and how they’re made not for what they seem to be.

McManus Watches says:

Excellent video Tristano, one of your best. I really enjoyed the content, and your choices of pieces. My own personal favourite is the 5517 Milsub. Keep up the good work. Regards.

andyguy0610 says:

A ha the Funeral March from Gotterdammerung, one of the finest pieces of music ever written.  Another great video 🙂

tunokies says:

How about the George Daniels Rolex datejust as posted by his only apprentice, Roger Smith.

Some might say it’s a Franken Watch.
Some say, it’s a cool mod.
All I know is, it’s one of the greatest pieces of modern horological history that Rolex turned down.

The Bludragon says:

Man it’s the triple calendar Jean Claude Killy for me

Jason Simon Smith says:

Best intro ever.. <3

dariusdise says:

You favor the actor Burn Gorman

Chris Sullins says:

The coolest most priceless Rolex to me is the 1969 Oysterdate Precision bought by a Korea/Vietnam era US Army vet while in Europe who bequeathed it to my grandfather, who bequeathed it to my father who just last week gave it to me (an Iraq war vet). This has stayed in the Army family. At least two replacement crystals over the years due to cracks from impacts and now due for another replacement after last serviced 20 years ago.  The black dial w/ gold markers and hands still look flawless.  The stainless steel case and bracelet has slight scratches all over and one end link was smashed in, but the pin could still be removed. Wearing it on a gray Nato for now (thanks to TGV). Only real problem is I have to decide which of my kids will get this.

Tim Schubardt says:

Great video. My favorite Rolexes are actually the Day Dates with wooden dials.:)

Grapejuice38 says:

I agree, the modern Daytonas aren’t that great. The one in the video was “Pure Class”.

Mike Pellegrino says:

I’m looking for a watch for studying abroad! I’ve recently gotten into watches (thanks to TGV) and i’m looking for a gmt watch to take with my while abroad. I’m in love with the Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT but it’s a little out of my price range. Does anyone have any suggestions for something semi-casual preferably aronud $500?

Jean-Marc Brechbühler says:

My choise would bei Thema Rolex Cloud-Dweller….

Steve Bowden says:

Hi TGV! My favorite rolex would be the ‘Rolex Spider Dial’…which I think is a beautiful imperfection.

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