The Rolex That Solved A Murder | CRAZY TRUE STORY

In 1926, famous swimmer Mercedes Gleitze made history in her attempt to swim across the English Channel unassisted, however, the history was not made by the swimmer as she failed her attempt, but by the small watch case around her neck, a Rolex oyster case. The watch was the first waterproof watch and this great discovery would not only help transform the future of Rolex but what if I told you that in the same iconic watch design would be responsible for solving a murder in the same Channel where Gleitze made her attempt 70 years later?

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james ford says:

talking about the big elephant in the room guys; this channel is underrated.
you deserve the best Teddy

oscar gustavo arcos ruiz says:

Teddy, are you looking for a role in the reboot of “Happy Days”?
Seriously, very nice video about another side of the horology: The criminal world, and the good quality of Rolex. They are not only pretty faces, are realy cool tool watches. More like this, please. 🙂

Walker Gann says:


Chris says:

You lost me at the intro.. Rolex did NOT make the first waterproof watch…. like. not even close.

KD410SE says:

I appreciate stories like this where a watch or clock is a big part of the story. I just finished reading Young Men and Fire about a forest fire that claimed the lives of several “smoke jumpers” and one of the deceased men’s watch helped pinpoint the time of death.

Kuok Liang Chin says:

Dude I loved this… watches are all about their stories and feelings they convey.. liked .. more watch stories pls

Syndicated Satellite says:

I have a video idea… Watches that have been passed down through family generations. There has to be a couple of interesting stories on that…

Tomasz0216 says:

The fear happens that if someone kills me, they might take my nice watch then! New Youtube topic, best watches to get murdered in so that they wont steal it but be able to track your time of death and ownership? Jokes aside, love the new layout, very unique.

Brian Mason says:

Wonder if the roly still worked when wound?

LockTest says:

Damn she thicc

Eye Heart Sushi says:

Wow. Thanks, Teddy. What an interesting story. I’m glad justice was served. Whatever happened to Walker’s daughter in England?

Audiojack says:

Great video, this is exactly the kind of stuff I was suggesting a few videos back 🙂

1bentley4ever says:

Forensic files did an episode on this case. Apparently the Rolex Platt wore was from the 1960s, but it was unclear if it was a Date if a Datejust. I guess that 100 meters water resistant Oyster case did its job.

twent10 says:

Loved this video. One of the best watch channels I follow & the only one which I see each & every video!

Haslett Hyaenidae says:

Just for the hell of it, review the Nomos Glashutte sundial. Lowkey actually want to save up for one if my broke self can manage.

Feng Huang says:

Loving the denim jacket and facial hair. Maybe Christian from T&H could learn a thing or two about style from you lol

Perry Ford says:

Watches, intrigue, embezzlement, murder – all that’s missing is, well, you know. S.. Like the new background also. Posters are cool. Well done!

Jaym 0 says:

Your presenting and like ability has gone through the roof well done

simpsonmaster7 says:

I love this I would love to see more of these types of videos!!!

VonViddy says:

Reminds me of The Talented Mr. Ripley

smr144 says:

Best watch story ever… And as always, Rolex is King.

B-Rad585 says:

Great story. You are on your way to becoming the top watch channel.

01nwalker says:

Your inventiveness for video ideas knows no bounds!

awkward. says:

Sherlock Baldassarre back at it again with facts

Angelo Picasso says:

Murdering fucker!!!!

A Jones says:

Really interesting story with a unique watch related twist!!!! Thanks for researching and sharing with us!!!

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