The Rolex Link “Scam” – Federico Talks Watches

The Rolex Link “Scam” – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I want to talk about a common business practice in the pre owned watch market. The Rolex link “scam” or Rolex link “mafia”. Keeping the supply of Rolex bracelet links very tight to then drive up the price. Removing links from a Rolex bracelet, before selling the watch, so dealers can then sell the customer extra links. Is this a legitimate business practice or something shady? What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below


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lordkrome says:

that is just purely scam & stealing… it is illegal. my advise, please try to avoid dealer/seller like that. pfttt…

Richie P says:

I don’t think it should be illegal, but it is a shitty move. You can’t prove it, because the watch is second hand so it is always plausible that a previous owner lost the links. All you can do is be an informed buyer. Know what the watch is really worth when it has a complete bracelet. If you don’t need the missing links, make sure you are getting an appropriate discount. If you do need them, make sure the total price you pay is only as much as the whole watch should have cost in the first place.

Tiang Vincent says:

Great video! This is pure greed on the dealer’s part in my opinion .

Barry Erskine says:

It may not be illegal, but it’s pretty dishonest. I get it if they had to order replacement links from the watch house, but taking it off a full bracelet to sell later is a straight up scumbag move. Watch owners selling to dealers should start taking the two links out first, then selling them to the dealers piecemeal. Anyway, good to know! Thanks, Federico.

ashley michalec says:

My Rolex dealer wanted to charge me 5k for a new clasp. I found a identical clasp piece on Etsy for $60 and just replaced the small part of the clasp that was broken myself.

Messina says:

”kind of in the middle”….seriously? Then why not replace the entire bracelet or the crown? It’s their watch.
A used car salesman takes the new spare tire and sells it to get an extra $100.
Both cases are the same…SCAM. Thats why I only buy a used cars or watches from a private owner, too many scumbags.

João Tava says:

This practice is purely dishonest and disgusting. Just because most dealers try to maximize their profit by doing this does not make it smart or ok at all. I call that stealing and cheating your customers!

Satoshi Nakamoto says:

Hey if I’m paying market price plus tax I better get a full bracelet, if not I’ll buy online. The scummier practice is dealers who get a stretched out / worn out bracelet and swap the clasp and end links with an “aftermarket” bracelet leaving you with a franken bracelet and since most authenticate by the clasp and end links.. .

Al Urbanski says:

It’s discriminatory against bigger guys. Whereas guys with smaller wrists should say, “I’ll take the watch. You wanna buy those two gold links I don’t need? Great, take $500 off my price and you can take the links.

santiagohigh1 says:

Lol, Bob’s watches, “All watches are shipped to fit the average size wrist (7 1/4″ – 7 1/2″ for men and 6 1/4″ – 6 1/2″ for women). Additional links can be purchased if needed.”

Ethiopianraver says:

There isn’t nothing wrong with it technically, but I’d prefer an AD who tried to maximize profit through repeat customers and not through nickel and diming. It just reeks of desperation and sleazy ness.

Where I’d draw the line would be, fine take the links of and have them for sale separately. But if someone comes in to buy the watch and it’s slightly too small go ahead and throw in the links with the deal.

But then again it’s a cut throat world out there and people are struggling which I get, but again I’d prefer to have an AD with a good reputation and plenty of business that a few hundred bucks on the links is the cost of doing business and keeping a customer.

Victor Reynoso says:

Scam! If you sell a watch then I would rather them mark it up up front with all the links then to see if it fits and then sell them after the fact. I get it also but it’s dirty to be like that. I guess it’s a personal morals type of thing and how you want to be looked at as a salesman or company.

Nick Post says:

It’s on the seller to provide full links. If I’m shorting you 2 links, you give me less money… But I’m not a bad person.

TheKRVR says:

I think it’s shady, but it’s sort of clever on the part of the store. However, if someone did that to me, I’d certainly be upset.

Garrett Hu says:

Not a scam, it is their prerogative to sell it however they wish. It is the buyers responsibility to know what they are buying, if you don’t want to do any due diligence or homework then buy brand new from an AD and enjoy the service and peace of mind knowing you are fully covered. But if you want to save a chunk of change then you have to put some work into it, can’t have it both ways. The potential cost for buying extra links in this case is covered in your savings by buying preowned. If you’re not comfortable then you’re not forced to buy it, I also reckon if you are about to walk away from a deal because of missing links, they will probably throw it in to save the sale so negotiate and don’t act as if you’re head over heels with the watch. In this case it’s a Rolex, they make a million watches a year so nothing modern is rare and there are a bunch of retailers competing for your business. Retailers will act like it’s a hot commodity and demand is high, truth is I don’t see a line of people waiting eagerly to drop $5,6,7 grand on a watch so take your time. If the Rolex does sell, another is right around the corner.

gr33nshoes says:

I’m starting to love my tiny wrists. I almost always have to take out links even with pre-owned watches.

Franco Cardelli says:

Complete wir Box and Paper means COMPLFTE. Original means not only that it is no Fake watch, it includes that nothing is changed… Dial, hands, links… Unworn includes complete watch and original condition as new, maybe Box and Papers missing… only declared as used missing the words Complete, Original or Unworn can mean that links are missing. Cutomers: ask them. Dealers: watch out what you Promise..

Andrew Holt says:

It must be illegal. A 116618LB 18ct yellow gold Rolex OP Submariner Date blue dial as featured, isn’t as stated unless sold as it came from Rolex. Buying it with links missing should necessitate a discount and notification. Trades Description Act. My GMT-Master II came with 7 links on the 12 O’Clock side and 5 links on the 6 O’Clock side with the watch case and Oysterlock case in between. It’s simply a matter of always buying from an Authorized Dealer so you aren’t sold a counterfeit watch and they wouldn’t do this as they sell you what Rolex’s National Service Centre ships you as sent from Rolex Switzerland when you order a new watch in the AD. Don’t buy used or from one of these grey dealers unless the watch has the original number of links, otherwise it isn’t as advertised, a Rolex Submariner.

jeppep95 says:

This is why its better to have bitch-wrists

Vu Truong says:

This should be illegal.

Brandon Crow says:

AD’s should use this information as a selling point.

Bruce Duncan says:

I think people misuse “scam” in this case, but this behaviour is definitely UNETHICAL and should be frowned upon

Cliff Wheeler says:

A certain Australian gentleman who has a watch forum on YouTube recently purchased a Breguet on line. On camera, he began to excitedly unbox it, and guess what? It wouldn’t fit his fat wrist, because the bracelet had missing links, all embarrassingly caught on camera. And this was a guy who should have known better. Turned out Breguet wanted $200 per link. He ended up putting a ghastly nato on it.

luis _ says:

“What choice do you have, as a consumer, what choice do you have”

Thank the young man/lady for their time and politely leave, the consumer always has the final say until money moves hands. Now is that going to help if you need the links now, not really. Great buyer beware video though.

Boris Terekidi says:

Even though it’s a pretty unfair, greedy and shitty way to make extra money, it’s not illegal or shouldn’t be considered a scam. When the watch is sold to the dealer, he pays the price for the watch in that state (with missing links or now). The dealer can do whatever he wants with the watch and sell it for whatever the price the customer wants to pay for the watch in that specific state.

The best way to punish the dealer though is by not buying the watch or basically stating that you’d buy the watch only if all the links are there. Not there? Ok. See ya! Dealer just lost $18k selling that gold sub by being greedy.

Joe Joe says:

This is just like removing the wheels off a car just to sell them back…

Robert Sanchez says:

Well on that note , I sold a Rolex Bluesy on Ebay fitted to my wrist and
Later I remembered an extra link I had and sold it for $275 (going back
10 yrs btw) was that wrong?! Lol

glen wooten says:

True scam, Bought a “Bond” Seamaster on Flea-bay Nice Watch but missing two links (and I have a small wrist) ,Said nothing to seller, just hunted down two links… Again on Flea-bay for $80.00 , My Watchmaker A great guy put them on for free,

jpim75 says:

It’s a scam.

The Wrist Fund says:

this is where being an informed consumer makes the difference, you pay for ignorance

Richard T says:

The practice is not nice and I don’t like it, but it’s not illegal. The detail is in the advertisement and representations. If the seller doesn’t pitch it as a BNIB or in a way that creates a reasonable expectation from the consumer that it was relatively untouched from Rolex to the end user, then it’s lawful. If misrepresentations are made…

Mark Kortum says:

Rolex participates in a link scam too. I have medium-small wrists but only need to remove one link from a typical Rolex bracelet. Anyone with above average wrists needs to buy extra links from Rolex if shopping for new at an AD.

Aria Kowsarian says:

I’m going to buy a used Explorer 1 next week, how many links should it have guys? (Not including the end links)

Eli Milch says:

PURE SLEEZE tell them you have a 9 1/2 inch wrist and you’ll pass if there aren’t enough lnks

JF schnell says:

I am not looking for a Speedmaster, at this moment, but still would prefer to pay that money for a speedy than for any whatever Rolex out there.

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