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The ROLEX I will NEVER Sell!

There are over 50 watches to be won in BOTB’s all-new Lifestyle Competition. Fancy a Submariner? Tickets are just £0.30p. Plus there’s loads of other watches (including my fave Tudor for just 15p), over 90 motorbikes, cash prizes and loads of cool gadgets. It’s all here:

And of course, there are loads of cars to be won too! Just make sure you’re over 16!


biocybernaut says:

Rolex built their new factory in Geneva in 2004 for CHF 500 million, not quite as expensive as Apple’s $ 5 billion Campus II.

someone hackme says:


stratos charisis says:

we want burnouts,biceps and burgers again Tom !!!!!

Hunter Kelley says:

a maxi dial in the smaller case is a nice look.

jason mcleod says:


skeletonfunfair says:

15 minutes later… Sells it

Jonathan B says:

Nice watch! – The GMT-Master II BLNR is also gorgeous (especially on the Everest blue rubber strap) and quite hard to find.

ajt222 says:

A yellow porche and a hulk , let me guess you are a ladies hairdresser ?

Delta BoXeR says:

Sell me that fucking 911 you soppy tart

Wail Faridi says:

In my opinion, an engraved Hulk is the best looking submariner, and maybe with an emerald bezel

Car Obsessed says:

That’s the nicest Rolex I’ve ever seen

Hamza Mir says:

Kermit for the win

SolidWatcher says:

Loving the watch content

PixersKev Production says:

It’s the Kermit

thymen groen says:

ap mate

888MF says:

I sold mine 🙁

100 subs without a video? says:

What does he do for a living

w rong name says:

you look like a circumcised dick .bring that beard back .

Nathan Mountford says:

PLEASE keep up the watch content. It’s driven my appetite for watches and I’m considering a Tudor Black Bay for my wedding next year and a GMT-MASTER II 116710BLNR BATMAN for my 30th. All off the back of this type of content. YEPYEPYEPYEPYEP #Thatnameagain

edkingofnarnia says:

Opinions on Bell and Ross and other watches that are a bit more obscure

Motorcycle Mumbling says:

The Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller still exists. It has not been discontinued. You can find it on It has just been refreshed with the new 3235 movement. You can get it in both black dial or blue-to-black graduated (aka James Cameron version) dial.

Automotive Addictions says:

Oh yeah tom while your clapping yeping and flapping do a full review of the SV like you did with the 911T

RSD AMG says:

Hi Tom, do you have Snapchat?

Asghar Khan says:

Normal people: It’s freezing outside so we will sit inside.
TGE: We are not in the room cos it’s freezing outside.

Nkb1991 says:

Really gutted I sold my one with the green bezel and face last year. Still regret it…

shaun colwill says:

whats your view on the Gmt Batman and Pepsi?

Creees says:

bicep burnout burger

Barry Britcher says:

Bought a Seiko skx and new strap because I’m poor lol

Jose Paulo King says:

There never was a 50th anniversary sub.
It came out on the 50th anniversary, but it was never sold as a 50th anniversary watch.
It is, however, the original “kermit”.

Majestic Tiger says:

What’s your opinion on the Breitling Navitimer 8 b01 mate? I’m thinking about getting one

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