The Rolex Day-Date President: Hands On With The Watches US Presidents Made Famous (Overview 2019)

In the world of watchmaking, there is a relatively short list of watches that embody a level of undeniable status. And of that short list, there is perhaps no other that stands out like the Rolex President.

In this video, we take a closer look at two iconic references that make up the Day-Date line.

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Jonah Shetterly says:

I would not typically buy a precious metal watch but the rolex president would be the only exception

Vince Goodrum says:

Timeless classic

crni_tekac says:

I believe this is the greatest all rounder you can buy. Everything about it screams icon, the company, model, history, heritage,variability. But it is definitely not for everyone. I myself cant afford one yet, so im rocking the orient silver homage and i love it. Will save for the silver(perhaps platinum+ black dial) variant one day, gold is to tacky for my personal taste.

PartiZAn18 says:

A year ago I hated Rolex and swore I’d never fall for what I perceived to be their garish designs at the time. Nowadays I trawl instagram and YouTube in an attempt to satiate the way I covet a DD36mm. Truly truly truly a grail piece.

Pedro Nunes says:

I respect the history, but i really don’t like it.

JamesBardolphCS says:

Audio needs a level up. Lapel mic with a ZOOM or on-cam Shure VP83 etc

khalil Nehrou says:

tom holland really know alot about watches

Espresso_train says:

Hey! Great channel! Love your content but i got one question, what’s your thoughts on Ingersoll 1892 watches?

KaibaCorp HQ says:

If it weren’t connected to US presidents, then it would just be another gold Rolex.

sweetwater718 says:

Very well done, like always!!

Issa C says:

i love this watch. its one of the rare all yellow gold watches (not just watch case + leather strap) that i love on men.

river1duck says:

I got a sneaky feeling that Nicklaus watch will fetch a higher price than the a Paul Newman on auction someday. You are combining golf with an American icon who only worn that watch in his entire life.

Christian Rodriguez says:

Personally I don’t really like yellow gold watches, they are just too flashy for me.

Rami Sueiro says:

Thanks Freddy for making this video.
Personally this is my absolute favourite watch from all times. I’m counting the days to be able to own one.

The Gorn says:

Old man’s watch, or for some nouveau riche pain in the ass wannabe baller – usually with black pigmented skin

Alaska Steve J says:

Good to know.
Thanks for showing that LBJ was the main reason that this model is called the President.
I have always loved the watch, but as a USN Vietnam vet I DESPISED, and still do DESPISE LBJ.
So it is without any regret at all that it now falls out of consideration for me forever.
Please, don’t tell me that Hanoi Jane Fonda has any relationship to Seiko dive watches.
Just kidding. Sort of. Maybe.

Thomas Tuinstra says:

I’d like to see a review on the SEIKO SGG715P1 !

Soham Parab says:

Great video! More of these up-close reviews please!!

HaSTe_oNe says:

Loved this video, more rolex vids pls

richard alvarado says:

Beautiful watches

SD says:

Anyone else feel that yellow gold is hideous?

thelongslowgoodbye says:

I’ve never liked LBJ as a president but when you look at his watch collection, you’ve gotta admit that he had nice taste in watches.

Dawance Chea says:

Dude congrats! You’re more popular than Theo and Harris. Understandably so because your content is much better. He branched off too far, his channel is more about selling used watches now.

Rafael Montanez says:

Great looking watch, love it! Nice video.

Bien Mesana says:

One of my favorite Rolex lineup, but for now Im getting myself an Orient Day date.

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