The Perfect Rolex Trio Collection – Top 10 Favourite Rolex Watches & A Bargain Casio Unboxing

In today’s video I help a viewer and supporter of the channel try to find a third Rolex to complete his already super cool collection. With a Rolex Submariner and a GMT Master II already in the line up, I recommend 3 vintage and 3 contemporary options to try and make the perfect trio. In doing so I share the results of a recent poll of what the UGWC’s top 10 favourite Rolex watches. I end the video with an unboxing a very cool Casio Edifice.It is a re-buy in fact and a bargain at a mere $100 considering all the amazing technology packed into it.

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mt89 says:

Get the president!

Dejan Spuk says:

I’m very surprised you didn’t recommend Rolex yachtmaster, it’s sporty, robust and has dressy appeal (Blue and rhodium dial).. especially because he likes bezel/diver style of watches. Anyway, keep up the good work, always looking forward to your videos 😉

Zeebra says:

Holy shit !! Excuse my language, but that casio is amazing. 100 dollars??

Duke Wheeler says:

For the next watches in movies you mentioned, check out the vintage omega in La La Land that Ryan Gosling wears!

tunokies says:

Great video. Thanks. Tunokies

Myrslokstok says:

I can understand a minimal level of sellout for youtubers, but your chanel are very refreshing it has nothing of that kind.

Bought a Colareb strap, I like it moore and moore. Delivery ($2) did not take to long (1 week) to Sweeden.

Daniel Zimmermann says:

Another great episode TGV! I’m glad to see another Rolex packed video (as well as the very cool Casio). Keep up the great work!

Best regards from Germany,

Mohammad Khalifa Hassan says:

My favourite YouTube channel… Awesome intro

rgd1977 says:

I can highly recommend the latest Explorer 1 with the lumed numerals and improved hands. My wife bought me one last week for my birthday and it’s pretty much perfect!

zerotonine807 says:

i just wanted to say THANK YOU. its not this video but thanks to your videos and unboxings, especially the Marc and Sons, Sinn, Stowa….im new into watches but i already fallen in love with them. The brands quoted before i first saw in your videos, although im from Germany :-)) keep up the good work and best wishes from Germany. Thomas

Verner J says:

Love the intro!

Ka Bh says:

I’m a simple man. Tristano posts, I watch, thumbs up, then bug my girlfriend by describing the new episode in detail 😉

John Price says:

I agree – Two Tone on a strap (but not on the bracelet – too far with the gold that way).  Or, go something different – a Tudor Glamour with the big date.  No, not a Rolex and not vintage but a close relative and quite nice.   I also think the blue dialed Datejust is a good choice.    Ciao,   John

clickred says:

explorer 1 (latest version): hands down extremely versatile, understated and classy.

Steve Bowden says:

My favourite ‘Glenngary GlennRoss’ line is ‘Put down that coffee! That coffee’s for closers!”

Lee McDonald says:

Ah man, would have to agree with you on the explorer, just scored a date sub and cant stop wearing it, next up will be a GMT….just don’t tell the wife! 😉

xyphon123 says:

Are you going for the Basel2016 explorer version? or the earlier model? If i understand correctly you are going for a 39mm? I got the basel2016 version, i recommend it alot. It’s kind of perfect.

Ben Almond says:

great video i like the new intro btw 🙂

He w says:

I am a female and LOVE watches but i hate most of the watches labeled as ‘women’s watches’. To me they just are a bit vulgar, whereas ‘men’s watches’ are timeless and elegant. I really like the Rolex Cellini, AP Royal Oak and Omega Speedmaster for example. Maybe you could do a video on the best elegant and timeless watches for women? – and maybe, just maybe, you could ask your wife for some wrist shots. Anyway- keep up the great work! Kind regards from the Netherlands! 🙂

JF schnell says:

mater of taste. Sorry no Rolex for me. not even a fan… I admit they have great watches and here and then seen they have great movements… but that’s only it for me.

TheRealSpicke says:

great intro!

VodooZ says:

I absolutely adore the new intro. I watched it a hundred times. Best regards

valebliz says:

That Casio on a nice rubber strap is actually not bad at all.

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