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With Paul Newman’s Daytona recently selling for $17.8 million, it’s hard to believe that anything with the words ‘Rolex’, ‘Daytona’ and ‘vintage’ in it could possibly be anything other than a sought-after collector’s item. It may surprise you, however, to learn that the vintage Rolex Daytona was actually one of the most unpopular ranges Rolex has ever made.

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Peter Vansa says:

thank you for very brief, but yet very informative Daytona history.

JO A says:

Thank you very much for a very informative review on the Ref 6263, in immaculate condition. Very beautiful time-piece. Is it for sale?

Bogs Abje says:

How about a review of the Vulcain brand. Thanks.

frieswithmayo says:

Racing ? Space ? Jewellery ? I still don’t get what Rolex really wants with the Daytona. Is it a Paul Newman watch or a Paris Hilton watch ? The Speedy classic from the 60s and the Heuer Autavia 2446C have much more character. This is why the Daytona is not on my dreamwatch list.

Alexander Vic says:

Review SKKKWAAAAAAALEEEEEE Lion Shark. I hear it’s the most unpopular SKKKWAAAAAALEEEEE of all time.

bigpops74 says:

I love the 6263, but not the exotic dial one.

Super Dude says:

I don’t think the first couple of minutes of this video make for comfortable viewing for any Rolex fanboy. Not only did Rolex copy Omega with regards to chronograph innovations, they also failed miserably, lol.

Quentinho King says:

These videos are great. Can’t produce them any better than these.

Balonishell says:


stardust4711 says:

I love your history lessons

Hakim Ayaita says:

In Germany we had dealers who gave you a manually wound daytona for free, if you had bought a golden Rolex in the first place. That was the only efficient way to get rid of those watches…

Jake Heller says:

I wish he would have talked about the little know “Space-Dweller”. An amazing watch and interesting story.

jonrowley1 says:

Beautiful watch and a great informative narrative, thanks.

fwf246 says:

Please review the A Lange & Soehne Datograph Up/Down and Lange 1 Time zone.
Thanks in advance.

gmshadowtraders says:

Very informative!

Max Levine says:

Fantastic review as always.

Jordi Feliu says:

With a white dial, my grailwatch. Nice video as usual 🙂

Andrei Bunea says:

You are unique on YouTube, Thanks!

ryvr madduck says:

Story I heard president U.S. Rolex told NASA they could not get enough chronographs for NASA to test. I imagine NASA requested a dozen. Omega responded to NASA and eventually got the contract. Rolex Geneva responded too late, and later promoted the president U.S. Rolex to president Rolex Antarctica. I’ve sold, traded, or gifted all my watches except a 2010, steel bezel, black dial Daytona. My only watch.

Halfmoon67 says:

Fantastic video ! thanks for sharing !

Komor Uddin says:

Do a piece on Hublot and why it gets a bad rap

Rory Broomfield says:

Congratulations! Another wonderful review, matching a commanding knowledge of the model’s history with an impressive understanding of both its technical spec and involvement in popular culture. In terms of future reviews, I’d love to see one about the evolution of the Rolex Datejust. Worn by Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan, and Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, the model has changed as time has gone by with the introduction of the Datejust 41, Datejust II and other sub series. I’m particularly a fan of the Datejust II (116300) with its blue dial, white gold roman numerals and smooth bezel (not to mention its caliber 3136 movement); however, I recognise that there are a huge variety of variations that Rolex have come up with and would like to know more about the history, evolution of technical spec and involvement in popular culture – if any – of this popular Rolex model. Thank you.

SPX says:

Only once in a while you will come across a true jewel of a channel in this highly polluted pool called YouTube which consist mostly of Garbage (yes, with a capital “G”), this is such a channel. Everything, from the setting of how these video’s are being recorded to how the stories are being told is just phenomenal! If this channel is not worth subscribing to, nothing is. Period.

Alex Tudorache says:

best wristwatches reviewer, great job! you should do at least 3 videos per week!!

Brenda princesa Lindaa says:

17 seconds before you start the video?

Pablo A.G. says:

By far, the best wristwatches reviewer, great job!

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