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If you’re into your watches, chances are there’s a Rolex itch you’ve just got to scratch. Ten years ago, that would’ve been fine, with a Submariner setting you back around £2,500. But with today’s prices, that same Submariner now starts at over double that, and Rolex ownership is becoming more and more of a pipe dream—or so it seems, because all is not lost, not yet. Here are three ways to get into Rolex ownership without breaking the bank.

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Rolex Oysterquartz DateJust 17014
Rolex Explorer II 16570
Rolex Air-King 14000M

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Dag Sabot says:

All rolex look like “fake” rolex to me now.

tolga1cool says:

Ist ridiculous.. My dad has a side buisnes as a second hand Rolex salesman. We regularly go to watchfairs and every other fair (~2 months later) you can find the watches there for the price the customer ultimately payed at the end of the last fair.

Especially submariners and gmts. You have to pay 1-2k more for a Rolex now, then you had to not even two years ago.

Mohammed Sufiyan says:

“Rolex prices may seem to be rising faster than a SpaceX falcon 9”.. that statement just got you a new subscriber..

agon336 says:

Milgause is a nice affordable Rolex watch. The green sapphire bezel is the perfect touch to the stainless steel.

Tony Soprano says:


Dan says:

I wear a 34mm op blue 369 dial i love It dearly

TSA says:

Who hates Quartz?

Chase Vineland says:

The AirKing is beautiful and perfectly sized. I really hate the large watch trend. As mentioned… large watches catch a lot. For example putting on a sports jacket. Hitting the wall or going around a corner. Viva 36-38 mm watches.


These videos are dope!

Nikolay Dimitrov says:

Why buy any Rolex!? Just buy a watch you really like, it doesn’t have to be Rolex

Chris Rawle says:


Great channel, really enjoy the content.

Is there any chance you could do a review of the Omega Seamaster Chrono Diver Titanium 2298.80.00

Rolando Bernal says:

I found a Rolex in a home I bought but idk how much it could be worth and to tell if it’s actually a real one

John Doe says:

Why the obsession with Rolex? What is so special about it? Omega is arguably better quality and they have better movements.

Geoff Longford says:

Or just steal one?

thedogefogx420 thedogefox420 says:

I Want a gold and Steel datejust:/

Unruhstifter says:

The Oysterquartz is just awesome ! I Love the hard shape of the egdes! Definitly a collectable watch for me !

Tisch Kika says:

Rolex Oysterquartz is just a nightmare…

TC Henderson says:

I own several Rolex watches from Pres’s to stainless and by far my favorite Rollie is my 1959 stainless Air King with dagger hands.

Del Trotter says:

I love my 11610LN, i know they’re common but god i love it.

David says:

It’s actually kind of sad how badly people want a name like Rolex, to the point of buying a watch that they don’t really like that much, just to get the name. I mean, shit, for the cost of these watches there are hundreds if not thousands of alternatives that would give you everything you want and more save for one thing: The name. Just that. Rolex. Bam, $5000 please. No thanks.

Marktuyet says:

just picked up a Air King with blue dial in great condition for 1800.00 USD .. love this watch …

Bogdan Bogdan says:

The cheapest way is to inherit it. :))

Faro.Milano says:

Great and informativ Video! Thanks for that. I put my view into Datejust 16014 from the mid 80s. With the 3035 movement, which is better than the movements before. They seem to be pretty affordable pre owned at ADs. Bought mine with black dial and really superb condition for less than 2500 Euro. That’s a steal imho

Zack lb says:

Cheap and Rolex doesn’t go well in the same sentence

John Smith says:

Only if you have a vagina you should wear a watch below 40mm.

Enrique Barba says:

i rather get an IWC

Saad Hassan Rafiq says:

I’d love to have this OYSTERQUARTZ Rolex! Such a stunning bracelet!

Burton Yan says:

small watches are definitely getting more popular! Haven’t bought a new watch in a few years, will be interesting think about what to get next.

Ian Woollard says:

I’m going to buy an Omega Planet Ocean instead of a Submariner. The manufactured scarcity,outrageous prices for both new and used and the waiting lists turn me off. The Planet Ocean is a great watch and really good value for money

Mohammed Sufiyan says:

“Rolex prices may seem to be rising faster than a SpaceX falcon 9”.. that statement just got you a new subscriber..

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