The 3 new Rolex sports watches that had everyone talking at Baselworld 2019

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In the weeks and days leading up to Basel, the tension, speculation and near-hysteria around Rolex’s impending releases is palpable, and this year was no different. And while the popular predictions in the lead-up to Baselworld 2019 were the usual mix of near misses and safe guesses, that didn’t stop the Rolex watches — especially the sports watches — from being the most talked-about pieces of the fair.

The Yacht-Master on Oysterflex has, since its debut in 2015, been one of the most distinctively modern models, with its matt cerachrom bezel and understated bracelet. This year saw two significant changes to the model. Firstly, it was offered in white gold, which only adds to the under-the-radar appearance; secondly, it’s bigger than ever, with a 42mm case — both these elements have been generally well received in the Halls.

And then there’s the new version of the GMT-Master BLNR. It’s packing the new 3285 calibre, which means a new case. It’s also got a new Jubilee strap, giving the Batman a whole new look. But the real story here is the news that all steel GMT-Masters are only available on Jubilee, and that all GMT-Masters with a single colour bezel (i.e. Black) are now discontinued.

Finally, the Sea-Dweller is available for the first time in Rolesor — yellow gold and Oystersteel. This bright combination only adds to the already substantial wrist presence of the big watch, and purists are raising their eyebrows at the presence of precious metal on what has always been billed as a purposeful diver.


Burkhalter Media says:


Thrustin Von Helmut says:

Rolex makes great watches, but the Rolex fanboys are basically culturally and intellectually the equivalent to Maroon 5 fans.

krbcrwlr says:


Eugene Rivera says:

Great job on the information

Tim Mosso's Sunglasses says:

00:10 no, not really.

Lil_Uzi_Jacuzzi says:

Rolex @ Baselworld 2019 summed up in one word: disappointing

tlotrtbome says:

Great resale value thing
just buy and sell it.
if not you money will gone
And the watch will gone too when you have sold it.

Gianpa Kasa says:

Who cares about Steel sport Rolex? You can’t buy them! But I like the SD two tone. Is a massive Rolex that reminds me the ’80…
Batman is beautiful with jubilee, but was better with oyster.
Pepsi jubilee make sense, Batman, no.
Yatchmaster? Donno why but I like the 37mm

杰克杰耐Jienai77 says:

Rolex new release is making a statement to all that they will be focusing on precious metals high end luxury watches and those who are looking for tough tool watches can go next door to Seiko

jason starek says:

I thought it was a fail. GMT jubilee? No. Gold Deep Sea? Why? Finally a black bezel Yacht Master for all? No, it’s white gold not SS…never mind.

911 GT3 LIFE says:

Eh not impressed as an owner of 3

katalysis says:

You’re right. Everyone is talking about those Rolex’s Baselworld announcements. In disappointment. (Also, there are no new watches. Only the 42mm Yacht Master can even be argued to be a new watch, but they’re all line extensions.)

MrJKL Foams says:

The new YM42 looks like a sub on rubber B strap. Gmt batman on jubilee why? SD 2tone why? In reality those are still unobtainable to normal person.

MaltLiquor45 says:

Can do without the yachtmaster or the sea dweller 2 tone. The Batman looks handsome albeit it looks the same just a new bracelet

SoCal Watch Reviews says:

Great videos guys!

George Taylor says:

Well, since no one is actually allowed to buy a new Rolex anyway, I guess it really doesn’t matter that they all suck.

Artur Garncarz says:

Overhyped watches. There are better ones for better money and you don’t have to sign up on a stupid waiting list.

Raymond Redington says:

Nobody is bussing .. ! Nothing new

batranosul says:

is any ROLEX employee reading this comments?………LOADS

Axel Foley says:

Screw Rolex, give me Omega any day. More accurate, better looking, as-good build-quality, half the price!

Galaga says:

Quintessential Rolex owners wear Explorer’s and DateJusts.

JogBird says:

they phoned it in this year

Steban Lewansky says:

Rolex didn’t pull it off this year. Basel World was won by Grand Seiko, specially the platinum one. The most beautiful creature atm.

David says:

These weren’t “three of the best” of Rolex’s new watches; they were the “only” ones. Rolex seems to be engaging in a tug-of-war with parts of its customer base. Rolex wants us to only “want” certain kinds of watches and only “those kinds” of watches. Consumers are a more diverse group of people and Rolex may simply end-up driving certain segments of its customer base away and into the arms of its natural rivals. This is Rolex’s right, I guess, because it is a privately-held company and it can do as it pleases. But I respect the Rolex name and what the brand had accomplished; and I feel it will be sad if the company’s reputation suffers as a result its evident strategy.

Tru Lai says:

The Batman returns will be the biggest seller of the 3. I was at my AD before opening hours and 7 people were ahead of me with full cash deposits ready. Rolex seems to be on fire no matter what they release.

Not a fan of the two tone SD. But I can see the appeal to the non watch enthusiast who just wants a lot of wrist presence.

The YM update to the normal 40mm RG version is what I’m interested in. New movement added and maybe even glidelock update to the oyster flex?

David Elliott says:

Nothing noteworthy.

batranosul says:

the second hand is not even moving….is a dummy…..LOL

Rocket Queen says:

Where the fuck is rolex submariner

hiraiwan 911 says:


Nuhan Hidayat says:

Yeah everybody’s talking about those Rolex collections, but… Can we take a moment to look at the H. Moser & Cie Endeavour Concept Tourbillion Minute Repeater???
I repeat,
One of my favorite so far from this year Baselworld

shane Mason says:


Stephan Kamminga says:

What kind of camera and lenses do you use? That video is perfect

Browsing Channel says:

Sea dweller in gold? But why? If they made one in bronze…

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