Talking Least Favorite Rolex Watches Over Volnay Burgundy | LIQUOR RUN

Christian and Rolly talk about their least favorite Rolex watches and share a glass of Volnay Burgundy!

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** Talking Least Favorite Rolex Watches Over Volnay Burgundy | LIQUOR RUN **

In this episode, Christian and Rolly open up a bottle from @UPPERCRUSTLIFE (Instagram), Volnay Red Burgundy. It’s a delicious, strong wine, with a powerful flavor. What a terrific gift.

Christian talks about the Rolex Sky Dweller, and the recent release of the watch in stainless steel. They talk about the affect this could have on consumers. Rolly talks about his own least favorite, the green, flower dial – an ugly and uninspiring watch.

Enjoy a glass and share our moment!

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DanfriedAce says:

I too would have gone for the Yacht-Master II — putting the name of the watch in giant caps on the bezel? Come on, Rolex! But to be honest, I actually dislike almost every attempt by Rolex in the last few years to “update” or revive their designs, in particular the YM II, the Air King, and the Milgauss (lime green and orange?)… Even when the new versions still look good (like the Sub and the Explorer I), I think the vintage versions — even though they may have inferior construction and tech — look better.

freddy freddy says:

new version of Air King is ugly..

The Young Watchery says:

This video just makes me want to go out and drink some fine wine… but I’m 17.

Knobexploit music electronics says:

The ugly flower Rolex looks like a model designed for China.

Thetugis myDrug says:

Pops looks exhausted!!

Gerold At Large says:

I don’t believe that Rolex ever made promises. In fact , Rolex says very little . They are a private firm with no public stockholders. “Influencers” created that perception and people who wanted to believe and perpetuate the perception kept the notion going. I suppose the influencers are now disappointed because they are now not that influential.

fully mechanical says:

In vino veritas
Saving up for a second hand datejust, how predictable, but it will stop me buying every tom, dick and arch shittah I see.

ryvr madduck says:

I do not drink, have no interest in wine, screw this.

Tree Corleone says:

The Sky Dweller was only 3 or 4 years old when they added a steel model, so it’s not exactly like if they were to change the Day Date after over 60 years. That said I’m sure some people assumed they would only make it in precious metals but all a salesman could’ve said was that they were not aware plans of any plans to make a steel version; which would’ve been true. You can’t expect a salesman to know future plans for a company this size, if you rely on that it’s your own mistake. To me the SD is more like the Yacht Master or Daytona than the DD so a steel model makes sense in the lineup. Like the Daytona, the steel model sells over retail-about 20k right now, so I don’t see it as devaluing the precious metal models at all, and might ultimately increase the popularity of the watch. I’d expect them to keep production of steel models low just like the Daytona. You can always get a big discount on a precious metal model.

Even though the Sky Dweller competes with the Royal Oak in terms of retail price, technically it should be compared with the AP Perpetual Calendar which sells for significantly more. (The Royal Oak with the blue dial also costs about 3k more than the other dial colors). With the fluted bezel most it’s actually dressy enough to be considered an alternative to Patek’s calendars. At the retail price or even the inflated price of the steel Sky Dweller you can’t get anything close from AP and Patek in terms of complications. Rolex also did it without copying anyone, they innovated the calendar function into the traditional Rolex design. I don’t hate it at all.

complicatedtime says:

Ugh. CZ. You’re absolutely right about the steel Sky Dweller. I had the same issue when IWC introduced a STEEL DaVinci Perpetual Edition Kurt Klaus. I was beside myself…and then, they couldn’t sell them anyway…

Christopher Wood -MDH- says:

These duochbags don’t know shit. Pompous assholes that think they are smarter and better than everyone else.

DEXVD says:

Seems strange to blame Rolex for the SS Skydweller when it was more likely the impression of the Skydweller only being available forever in gold just came from sales people and not Rolex themselves. From my time on Rolex forums I would say the SS Skydweller is probably one of the hottest Rolex watches this year as it is making the complicated Rolex more accessible. I think that is a partial response to the slumping demand for swiss watches that we’ve seen finally start to turn around after the last couple of years.

christopher chalcraft says:

*checks phone, *yawns … “so we are stoked right?” long week?

Ahmad Al Shammari says:

Honorable mention, 2016 Air King

DEXVD says:

Nice to see you guys drinking a wine that didn’t cost $12 at the gas station for this bit. Have always loved the crossover between my interests of watches and wine in these videos but its always seemed strange to me to see you drinking wines equivalent to a Fossil watch. Don’t expect you to be opening 66 Richebourg on a weekly basis but it would be cool to see more wines like this or work your way up the scale over time as the business grows.

Wing Yip says:

I agree. pre-non-precious metal Skydweller owners got wrongfully duped into the exclusive selling point of the Skydweller was only going to be in precious metal.. Probably wasn’t Rolex’s plan back then, but they should have stuck to their word. But, I can understand the pressures of a segment of the Rolex market that may have been demanding a non-precious metal in steel version of the Skydweller.

But, if I was new to the market and always wanted a Skydweller, I think both the much lower price point of getting it in steel and the new dial colors is a very welcomed addition to the line.

As far as least favorite Rolex, I have to say I am not a fan of the Skydweller and Yacht Master II. I’m sure they are fine semi-complicated watches and there are fans of both out there, obviously. BUT, aesthetically, for me, I find them way too busy on the dial. Too much info and circles.

I prefer a simpler cleaner looking design for a Rolex.

No One says:

Man.. I love, love, love this series with your father. I’m not even a wine drinker, but he just comes across so real and approachable. I love my father, but most of our interests are very different. I just think it’s so awesome you two are be able to sit down, talk, and genuinely have a great time in each other’s company.

amit chauhan says:

Pearlmaster and yacht master II. Both a little ugly for me.

DEXVD says:

In an attempt to be objective, least favourite Rolex in my view would be the 34mm OP or DJ. The proportions are terrible, I have a smaller wrist that the 36mm size looks great on but the 34mm seem to have cases that are too thick for their case diameter, making for a hockey puck on the wrist effect. I personally dislike the general case inflation as seen with the Explorer models and the Supercase/Maxi Case but objectively speaking the majority probably prefers this, whereas I don’t think anyone would be hoping for the disproportionate case of the current 34mm models. It makes them look cheap and reminds me of the thicker proportions often seen in many of the modern Tudor models.

complicatedtime says:

“I am your Father”

ThaiprawnCurry says:


Joseph Jordan says:

I’ve never liked the Explorer 2. Just not my thing. The new 41mm DJ2 doesn’t do much for me. I think the size is a turnoff. Rolex, as a brand, isn’t really my favorite, anyway, but I wish they’d just stick with the classics and stop all the gimmicky new things.

Lewis says:

Good video Christian, I think the deception with the sky-dweller is wrong, however It can only be positive to make a complicated Rolex accessible to those who aren’t as fortunate. Let’s face it there are plenty of watches that can’t be obtained by the average joe. I think maybe to choose this as your worst Rolex is perhaps quite an elitist view on things. Which is odd in that you are the antithesis of that side of luxury watches, as you try to find value for those that will never be in the one percent but enjoy horology.

Scoe88 says:

I personally hate the Day-Date 2. It looks too fat and they’re all worn by rappers with no taste and so they will inevitably have diamonds on them, but even without them the watch looks too fat. Don’t mess with the brilliant proportions of the 36mm Day-Date.

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