Talking Bond Watches Live II – The Roger Moore & Dalton Years – Rolex, Seiko, Hamilton & Tag Heuer

In this live show we talk about James Bond and his watches – Today we discuss the Roger Moore & Timothy Dalton Years. Included are the watches from Rolex, Hamitlon, Seiko and Tag Heuer. During this live broadcast I am joined by special guest Duncan Casey. Duncan is a professional actor and co-host of one of my favourite Youtube channels (link below). He is also a big James Bond fan. To check out more from Ducan, check out the outstanding Oliver Harper channel here:

If you missed the previous episode where we discusses Sean Connery & Lazenby, click here:

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William Easton says:

Got to love the Tag Night dive PVD on the black jubilee bracelet. Dalton was an excellent Bond! Great that he brought the character back to Flemings version, he should of wore a Rolex explorer in License to kill instead of the sub. Great video TGV!

Phil Rodriguez says:

Really love your show !

astrogen1960 says:

I believe you’re thinking of Die Hard 2, where Franco Nero plays a general. Jeroen Krabbé was in The Living Daylights and The Fugitive, I believe he was Dutch, but usually played Germans.

이재현 says:

I live in Korea, and I watch your many videos. However, my English listening ability is not good. So, if you have handwriting or subtitles in English, I can understand better. That’s not to say that images aren’t helping. I’ve got a lot of interest in watch. However, I did not receive any reliable information or recommendation. But your YouTube helped me. And I watched the video and bought the Orient Bambino.

John Ferrante says:

Always good to finish the day watching a new show- always look forward to it !

Rodrigo Mussak says:

Best Singer of the world is a british italian: Brian Johnson for ACDC

Peter Shallis says:

In all seriousness, I’m watching Thunderball! Will catch up tomorrow. Hope you mention Breitling Top Time, Gruen, Brosnan era Seamaster, Moore era Seikos, Original Submariners and current Omegas. Tasty!

Jeremy Corrao says:

Missed it again!

disastrix47 says:

One day, I will catch a live show when it’s live…

vincent mcmanus says:

Absolutely love your show, my son is watching it now he just turned 17 and is becomeing a watch enthusiast.

Luca Signorello says:


Brian Mason says:

Bigs ups to The Urban Gentry…I agree with your guest; Roger Moore’s believability was pretty spot on in being more of a bond character. my mom loved Roger Moore…I guess because my parents grew up in that era, which may be the reason Some of my first Bond movies were “Moore” ones…nicely done!

Daniel Katz says:

When Roger was in the BBC show, the Saint….60’s, I’m dating myself, I was a kid, you guys were a speck in the universe,…..huge was a private eye, more serious, like Connery, with some humour

Wolfowitch says:

Didn’t see any talking watch again. 😀

TheToadSage94 says:

when i get the money to buy my first Rolex will you help me get the best for the money? i’m 23, saving up for my 25th

Jo hannes says:

Haha hey guy 😉

Daniel Katz says:

I’m canadian , its not francs, its dollars, but i frrrrrgive you

Joan Amat says:


xtreme psy says:

I got a Seiko SKX009J on the way – just because of you TGV! 😀
It was exactly as many mentioned: first, I did not like the look at all and was looking a bit down to Seiko but now after all people talking about the watch and your deep insights, I am really excited about getting it in the next days! Thanks TGV!

James T says:

Love the live ones , adds the frisson of unpredictability to the usual fun – great stuff!

Jose castro neto says:

I am from Brazil

Rory Herbert says:

Greetings from England!

silentshadow762 says:

I missed the live feed 🙁

Steve Barczy says:

Love the video and your channel.

EvairsoftProductions says:

Dang.. just missed..

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