Sylvester Stallone Watch Collection – Rated from 1 to 10!

Sylvester Stallone is a serious watch collector that has been going at it for quite some time. However, his watch collection doesn’t get a perfect score though, at least not in my book!

As a celebrity collector of fine pieces, Sly Stallone has A LOT of experience. That is something I actually value when reviewing a celebrity’s taste in watches. One thing I can tell you is that he likes BIG watches! He also likes diamonds and skulls. You heard right, skulls, as is evident by the addition of the very sick Richard Mille RM 52 Skull Tourbillon.

From the more traditional high end watch brands, he is definitely a big fan of Panerai (and has quite a few of them, including the bulky Bronzo). In fact, as a celebrity Stallone has brought a lot of attention to the Panerai brand. He actually got the main cast of the first “Expendables” movie to wear Panerai watches. Stallone even wore a Panerai in one of the Rambo movies!

As far as Rolex watches are concerned, Sylvester Stallone owns practically every one under the sun, including the original stainless steel Submariner that he got when he made it big into Hollywood. He also has a nice yellow gold Sub reference 1608 with a Tiffany dial, as well a beautiful white gold GMT II with sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. Some other Rolex models in his watch collection are the Milgauss, Daytonas, and Deepseas (one of his favorites).

The Rocky star is also no stranger to the Patek Philippe brand. His collection includes both gold and stainless Nautilus 5980’s, a 5167, and the larger 40th Anniversary 5976, a true heavy-hitting timepiece!

Stallone likes the IWC watch brand a well and has at least a Big Pilot in his arsenal.

One thing that I don’t understand is why he is not a big fan of Audemars Piguet, a brand that I really love. With the exception of an AP All-Star in rose gold, which was actually a gift from his good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger, I haven’t seen the Stallone sport any other watches from AP.

Despite this fact, I give the Hollywood movie star a solid 8 rating due to his extensive collection and the length of time that he’s been avidly collecting watches.

What do you think? Do you agree with my rating of Sylvester Stallone’s watches?

What other celebrity watch collection would you like me to review? Add your comments to the video below and sty tuned for more celebrity reviews.

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Phyrexian GHXST says:

feel the same way with him i like big watches

mietatu says:

wach producer michaels watch collections

Credence Clementine says:


frieswithmayo says:

Challenge to Eric : make a supervid about the 5 vintage watches you consider the most iconic since 1900. Caution : only 2 precious metal or diamonds can participate. Watches 25 yrs young or less cannot participate. ☺☺

master sifu says:

RICH Piana Watch Collection

Keith Mitchell says:

If I ever win the lottery I am gonna make sure I absolutely DON’T buy Rolex!

Bill Ford says:

Cant beat the retro 70s style leather wide cuffstrap style

Reno2324 says:

You keep talking about high end watches all the time. If you’re going to make videos don’t you think its best to talk about tags or hamiltons ect once in a while?


Who gives a shit.

Uther Doul says:

I have a casio.


Stalone is an U-BOAT guy.

Mxria says:

Stalone is an U-BOAT guy,this video is a scam,they try to sell their inventory.

Radeon_ V2 says:

What a really great video! I really like and respect Sly’s watch collection. Nothing wrong with PM and diamonds if you can pull it off and obviously he can. Rolex, Patek and RM is all you need. 8-9 is fair.

Rob DeMark says:

“My name is Eric and I’m in a foreclosed house in LA, Watch your style”

RyzFragz34 says:

What a collection!!

Nick N says:

Grand Seiko kills all these watches lol But i like Stallones first Rolex that is sick. Patec overrated for what you are paying.


funny i was thinking why he’s not into AP watches ?. and a few seconds later you mentioned it.
surprised he has some RM which i’m not too crazy about . for that kinds of money?. i’d rather buy A.Lange&Sohne.. i guess to each his own.

nice video. LOVE your place. so Beautiful.

Alan Nateras says:

Do a Scott Disick!

Doug M says:

Nice crib Eric, business looks good ;0)…..I don’t think Sky’s collection warrants an eight….it leans too heavily towards bling and not heavily enough towards serious horology. For a guy with the kind of disposable income he has, I would have thought his intellect would draw him towards more serious watches by the likes of Vacheron Constantin, Girard Perregaux, Bovet etc…really intense complications with awesome craftsmanship. Personally I’m not a fan of diamonds all over a man’s watch, fine if you’re Elton John….for Sly Stallone….not so much!

Donald Douglas says:

Why are you listing all these watches but not showing pics of them

lecorsaire says:

The iced out platinum Daytona looks amazing under show lights. Caroline Wozniacki rocked one for the trophy ceremony at the Australian Open. I prefer the regular $75k one, but it’s fire!

JG says:

Respect to the Stone Man! No matter which watch adorns his wrist he makes it F$%#g work! I would just give him a 10 period!

Luke Fellows says:

Jerry Seinfeld Breitling collection could be fun… something different and a genuine collector. He’s obviously a watch geek with huge funds so why Breitling?

RogueLeader81 says:

What up man… thoughts on doing an AROD collection video?

Arnisho says:

hes also got hes also got hes also got hes also got hes also got hes also got hes also got

Credence Clementine says:

Big boy collection

cool stuff says:

When you doing mayweathers watch collection??????????????? 🙂

Erick Picard says:

Nice rental

Carlos Bs says:

Do a Karim Benzema’s colecction, he has AP Royal OAK Perpetual, like 2 Richard Milles, Rolexes, i think a Roger Dubuis, Patek Philippe, Hublots, and more good time pieces

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