Some Rare Vintage Rolex & Tudor Watches In Hong Kong

Just because its in China or Hong Kong doesn’t mean everything is fake. I do wish people would understand that. I always say to people if you can’t spot a fake then you should be buying watches.


CG AWC Channel says:

Enjoyed this video! I would love to try on a bunch of them.

Mark Forman says:

Blind freddy would know they are fake…been there seen them all.

Sir John Hall says:

What was the price range for the Tudors?

free hey says:

The Shanghai at the end was 200 us dollars or hk? If it was usd, that thing better come with a lap dance.

Great video btw

goodwinmok says:

where exactly are these shops?
do you know what street/ name of the shop etc?

Andrew Villanueva says:

how can you tell if it is fake?

Leggo My Ego says:

Nav San, when you say “ALL THE WATCHES IN THIS VIDEO ARE REAL”, you mean they exist, not that they’re authentic right, because ROLEX NEVER MADE A WATCH WITH MICKEY MOUSE ON THE FACE! The rest of the watch may be genuine, but at least the dial on that one is definitely fake.

nigel kibble says:

did you buy anything. those tudars looked pretty good tbh

Andrew Villanueva says:

l have the rolex submarine 5513 in this video with gilt dial. 1965.

gmshadowtraders says:

Very nice but you should have zoomed in and for goodness sake slow the fuck down when looking at certain pieces you act like a kid in the candy store man up lol good video otherwise but i am pissed off still

M She says:

is it the price is resonable?

itsKibble Talks Watches says:

VERY very nice! Not many places in the UK that have beautiful vintage pieces, not in Leicester anyway

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Is there they significantly less pricey than their european counterparts?

stockegsix says:

9:31 – Rolex 6098 big bubble back? I used to have one and traded it in for a datejust.


Nice. More videos like this please!!!

Aron Dunlap says:

wow!! Awesome stuff. The patina on that GMT was superb. Love the Navitimer too. Great share. Thanks Nav

Sir Alfred Powell says:

How much was the Omega RAF watch?

Charles Wong says:

Which part of Hong Kong are those shops

jmaeng says:

Nice video, great to see some nice vintage finds.

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