Shopping for Rolex at Costco

We check out Costco’s luxury watch inventory and learn how Costco sources their watches as unauthorized retailers; Rolex included. Plus, we debunk some rumors regarding Costco’s luxury products.



ivan kerr says:

I wonder if the distributor is still distributing lol.

Steven Corwin says:

Rolex watches at Costco.This should be checked out officially.Something seems fishy.

Ray Coe says:

Was all that fake?

Kevin Sam says:

Is this in California? I haven’t seen any Costco store selling high-end brands in Canada.

Pedro Saenz says:

Macys sells preowned Rolex in Waikiki.

BackspaceRubin says:

My dad bought his Explorer II from Costco. He wasn’t sure if it was a genuine one for 10 years lol

Lance Hatch says:

They are grey market watches. A watch distributor will sometimes end up with more watches than they can sell to AD’s. That’s when they go sell them to non-AD retailers and Rolex doesn’t honor the factory warranty. In the case of Costco you can just return the watch or exchange it if possible if there is a problem and you meet the criteria of Costco’s return policy.

hector4072 says:

Im a Costco employee and you can return anything. If you really wanted to return a expensive watch like rolex that you got 5 years ago you could with a full refund. It’s pretty crazy

David Frison says:

Oswald reincarnated… He’s no longer a Marxist lennanist he’s into Costco black market watches an evil just as corrupt LMAO

shuarma0 says:

who is dumb enough to buy a rolex at the same store they can buy bacon, socks, and a basketball hoop?

Optidorf says:

I don’t know Costco, but from what I see and hear it’s basically a B&M Jomashop.

Jason Willis says:

Rolex or any “” high end watch never has battery dumb fuck

Jason Buhagiar says:

I seriously wouldn’t trust the store gimp to tell me about rolex at Costco

Chris Ferreira says:

this guy looks like his breathe stinks

open eye's says:

Did he say jober’s? People that buy and resale to a cosco buyer. Nice a jober could make big money

Bugsy Malone says:

That’s a great informative video

David Frison says:

If Lee Harvey Oswald was obsessed with Costco and Rolex watches this is what he would look like

David Frison says:

Probably watches they stole ..or got from mobsters hijacking 18 wheelers full of goods

unclemonkey808 says:

My local costco has a rose gold w/chocolate dial sky dweller well under retail? It’s amazing!

smr144 says:

they are gray market dealer

Dr Exe says:

are you asian?

Moye Jones says:

How much Costco pay you to make this Video?

Romeo W says:

Any retailer selling luxury watches at 20 – 30% off MSRP are usually sourced from the gray market. It is really a good deal if you happen to pick up a problem free watch. However, if you encounter any issues, the repair costs may easily eat up whatever savings you’ve made at purchase. Non authorize repair center may not necessarily have the experience and the original parts to replace fix a faulty unit. Bottom line, you buy at your own risk.

Cory Kessler says:

After watching this video, I’m convinced you’re actually a robot. That can’t be your real voice.

Rick Grimes says:

I remember watching a documentary on Costco and they explained that Rolex doesn’t want Costco selling their watches, so Costco actually goes out to different stores and buys them individually and sells them just to be able to say that they sell Rolexes.


I spit out my soda all over my keyboard at that pen blooper at the end. Thanks a lot.

Brian Walker says:

How classy

Tomasina Covell says:

Do they carry any Tissot, or SEIKO automatics, how was the price?

Shtdafckup says:

The picture shown is a sea dweller but you said you saw a submariner.

Steve B says:

why didnt you try to buy a rolex pen ? the battery in my rolex died yeahhh ok were all over it

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