Rolex will go out of business, watches are dinosaurs

Rolex, Breitling, Omega and all the major watch brands are heading for extinction.


Whitey says:

Disagree! For so many reasons, most of which have already been explained.

Vince Watches says:

Watches are not about technologies but about emotions and history !

tom magnum says:

This is retarded. I think you are an idiot, and I think you will be extinct yourself because you are a brain fart waiting to happen.

Dennis Brletich says:

Appreciate your opinion. I see your point on the age group not wearing watches as I’ve seen it in my kids. However, that is a temporary faze. My son (23) still won’t own a watch, but my daughter who is two years younger didn’t have a watch until about a year ago and now has two and is currently in the market for two more. A smaller dress watch and a GearFit2 fitness watch. You forgot about the huge market in those fitness watches haven’t you? All my kids friends wear ’em. If you’re in the military, or a government field agent, a watch is standard kit. Phones get damaged, lost, stolen or forgotten. You need a backup. I can’t and don’t take my cell phone swimming, boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding or certain types of hunting. I don’t have a phone when playing sports. You can’t scuba dive without one. If you are a prepper, you want a time piece that will always work that doesn’t need a battery. I have some kinetic perpetuals, for example, that I wear for different situations that you can walk away from them, one for six months and the other for five years. After a couple hours of non-movement by the wearer, the watch powers down and stops working. I can literally pick them up months, or years later and they will self adjust to the exact time and date and resume working as if I never stopped wearing them. The perpetuals even keep track of leap year and let you know when it happens ahead of time. If your phone is dead, lost, stolen or broke, you have backup. Just because you haven’t a need, doesn’t mean the active population around you doesn’t.

Punkin Drublic says:

Listed on Youtube as “Comedy” Category. So take as it is, a complete Joke.

My Opinion says:

You aren’t comparing like for like! A watch is one of the few practical items a man can wear and enjoy almost anywhere he goes. There is something special about a good mechanical timepiece and in an odd way, the cost makes it just that little bit more special (even though it doesn’t significantly increase it’s time keeping accuracy or functionality!).
I too own a Rolex and console myself that at the time I bought it, I instantly became a premium sporting event philanthropist!!

Christopher Szkutnik says:

Marc, your stupid, stop making dumbass videos.

WatchArtSci says:

Marc, there’s an explanation for why they probably won’t go out of business. (The other explanation is that as long as they have suckers like we who are willing to pay outrageous prices for outdated technology; there will be a High Horology watch business.)

name changes says:

not even one category you mentioned is jewerlly and luxury…when you compare luxury watches to gold,diamonds,bags and stuff like that it will have more sense…non of that disapeared yet

Nobby K says:

Well Marc, I have to disagree with you too. When the watch market was swamped in the mid to late 70’s with Quartz watches lots of people got scared even closed business or sold their business like Breitling but look at them now. I bought my first Breitling in 1972 it was Navitimer Chrono-Matic #1806 for $625 Dollars new. I have this watch now for 45 years and wearing it almost every day and looks and works like the day I bought it but will never sell it even been offered more than ten fold what I payed for. I also have a few Rolex watches and and a Patek Philippe and IWC. I strongly believe those high end watches will be around when we long gone maybe even stronger than ever. About the Travel Agent you mention, its so much cheaper and hassle free online without them.

Mars Dweller says:

You’re definitely right. People are just in denial and want to protect their emotional investments. Those talking about vinyl resurgence need to understand it’s a very small group. Most people do not care. The same will happen with mechanical watches. There will be a small residual of hardcore fans still advocating them. But the majority of younger generations who never got exposed to watches in their childhood simply would not care. Another example is the fountain pens. I love fountain pens only because that’s what I used when I was little. Otherwise I wouldn’t care about them either.

At the moment the bigger threat to Swiss watches are the fitness focused smart watches like Garmin. Once those take up people’s wrist space, there’s even less reason to wear a Swiss watch.

IamDriver8 says:

Absolute nonsense. All the examples of things that have died out that are cited in this video are technological methods of delivering an end result. Using the music example, most people just want the music, not the method of delivery. The same with photos and travel agents : people want the end result in the easiest way possible. If people just wanted to know the time in the simplest way possible then the 70’s quartz revolution would’ve killed off all mechanical watches overnight…..but it didn’t. The quartz revolution was almost 50 years ago now, and yet mechanical watch technology that’s hundreds of years old continues to flourish because, rather uniquely, a luxury watch goes far beyond simply telling the time : it’s a status symbol, it’s art, it’s a piece of high-end jewellery that all men can comfortably wear. Since the 70’s (and once again that’s 50 years ago now!) people haven’t had to spend £5k or £10k on something to just tell the time. And yet people have, and continue to do so. Rolls Royce and Ferrari didn’t die out as soon as Ford brought out more affordable cars. This video is like saying that fine art oil paintings will die out because Photoshop was invented! Total garbage I’m afraid. But thanks for the effort.

Noah A says:

Your argument is that new ways replaces old ways. Good. What new methods of timekeeping are replacing the existing methods. We still display Hours, Minutes and Seconds, right? If your answer is there are no new methods, then watches are here to stay. People are eternally in love with shiny metals, precious stones and genuine leather, slap that on horological instrument and people are welling to pay hefty price tags. Unless you show me a NEW way of timekeeping, watches are ALWAYS going to be around. Unless there is a global ban on luxury goods, there will ALWAYS be a market for luxury watches (Rolexes, Omegas etc). Luxury Watches are not dying anytime soon my friend.

z says:

Don’t agree with you and wonder why you say this other than to sensationalise because no one buys a Rolex to tell the time. There are hundreds of watches that tell the time better than a Rolex. The Rolex has already endured a devastating period of completion with cheap electronic watches and survived well. Now look at the Apple watch – what a disaster and what a horrible watch. The other comparisons you have given were not high-end elitist objects which is what a Rolex has been since its inception. Anyway, at least your comments makes us think. Keep it straight and honest if want a long term ‘thinking’ type audience of rational thinkers.

Ken Ngo says:

Rolex won’t go out of business but their model does have to change. We see this happening across many other brands and spaces. Another similarity is Kodak or even Nikon (per their last earnings call). the consumer point-n-shoot camera is dead and replaced by cell phones. Similar can be said about mechanical watches vs smart watches. Many of the small watch brands will die off since they don’t innovate but depend on their lower price point to capture buyers. Rolex will either innovate or buy growth (acquisitions). Even Tag has a smart watch now as Tag is seeing buyers moving away from traditional watches. Rolex won’t go out of business, but we said the same thing about Sears and JC Penny 10-20 years ago.

HextyVision says:

….and yet – watches still use balance wheels mainsprings crowns escapements and so on – just like they did in the beginning of the last century. Your prediction of the industry’s demise is at best premature. Books still exist because the kindle just doesn’t appeal to everyone. Men especially will always want a bit of jewellery on their wrist. Women – well that’s a different argument – I can see women’s watches going to the kerb but mens – nah!

mario siaven says:

What about the typewriter followed by the word processor and then computer programs that spew out letters and documents!

ffffest says:

Watches disappeared once and then reappeared 🙂 I think this cycle will continue.

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

Look at music, vinyl is booming.

All pressing plants have waiting lists. New machines are built.

We’ve never had so many high end audio manufacturers as for now.

The choice of tube amps is probably bigger than it was in the 70s and 80s.

Last week there was another pressing plant opened by Jack White at Third Man Detroit.

People will buy a smartwatch to find out they want a mechanical watch or an 80s Casio in the end.

Things will change but the mechanical watch will stay.

Last year I wanted to buy a Clearaudio turntable, it was back ordered and had to wait about seven weeks before I got one, there weren’t even any demo models.

Music store? In my small town last year there opened up a store that just sells records!!!!

As for cameras you can now get a €999 camera with kit lens (Sony A7) and shoot iso6400 no film ever did in terms of IQ.

Plenty of cameras out there and the cameras are still getting better. Film has a certain look but not always for the better.

For TV/visual digital is the way, for anything else I prefer analog.

athropos says:

If you hate watches so bad why are all your fucking videos about watches?

Frank Duncan says:

disagree a million times over my friend. there will never be a time, that we don’t need to know what time it is.

Mikael Johnston says:

Have to disagree with your thesis. Watches haven’t been technologically practical since the micro chip was invented. However luxury wristwatches are jewelry and jewelry is a status symbol and work of art. More importantly a luxury wristwatch is one of the few accessories a man has to wear other than a wedding ring. I don’t think you can compare luxury jewelry (albeit watches are functional jewelry) with consumer devices that have disappeared due to technological advances. Luxury watches aren’t for everyone but as Jack said neither is a Ferrari.

lawrence tendler says:

WATCH ….This space .

Garry Perkins says:

I am pretty sure necklaces, rings and bracelets will face extinction before watches. Either jewelry will exist, or it will not. Watches are not in existence to tell time. They are jewelry. Watches are the only jewelry men can really wear.

UXXV says:

Click bait video. Shame.

wallytuber says:

Watches are jewelry for grownups. Its not about the utility anymore which is pretty much what you based your premise on. Ties have even less of a purpose. Tell me about how those are going away too.

Mike Galanos says:

Marc to your credit good video you forget to mention watch prices. Rolex and other Swiss watch makers keep raising the price of their watches and you are basically buying a submariner for over 10 grand that all and all keeps time and you have to admit that is an expensive way to keep time. I don’t think the present of future generations will pay the price premium for a wrist watch. The dinasours are basically adding more fuel to there dimise.

Nii Annoon says:

I was waiting for your point my friend. It never came through because you decided to go down memory lane.

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