Rolex watches can help you when life turns bad – LIFE STORY ABOUT ROLEX

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Dis Count says:

archie ………..Rolex have never made enough watches to help your liphe

GizmoTNL says:

Good video. Just the right amount of your enthusiasm and solid advise.

Uno Bassman says:

So true… twice in the wee hours of the night I needed money in a bad way to help out some relatives in a jam… both times I was easily able to get at least USD3000 as a loan from a Pawn Shop that held my Rolex Exp 2 the 42mm one. Than I returned within 3 months, returned the money plus the interest agreed upon.. and went on my merry way… try doing that with a Grand Seiko.

Charles Brown says:

Stop for the day and enjoy your Birthday. Phuck me dead… I’ve lost count but it’s to many now.

Rich Buddy says:

I agree Paul, watches are very expensive. A modest collection is no less better than a super collection in many aspects. But it still has to hurt a little.

SleepEatDrive says:

I just bought my first Rolex. It’s a Daytona 16523 and I am in love with it! I had to sell my Speedmaster and I slightly regret it lol

Tony Hill says:

That was actually interesting. Wot the phuck???

ChipZilla69 says:

Nice video Archiebald.

eco8gator says:

Archie have you considered using Coco Scope…they monitize and don’t censor… Make an acct and upload.

Bart Meep says:

I think it’s key to understand owning even one Rolex is fortunate… most people may not understand this. Archie has said this many times before. And it’s why I follow him on YouTube, he’s genuine and earnest. He’s also empathetic in this video, which isn’t at all surprising.

Artie Fufkin says:

My Rolex gave me some comfort when me and girlfriend broke up.

Kwenz Landah says:

Plute Dogg!!

LLD says:

Good Vid Archie

Chanslor VALORUM says:

Pheeling a little phlat…. re-phinance and get yourselph another rolex..that should help.

Hungry Jacks says:

Phall season phist.

Simon Hui says:

My Patek comforted me when I lost million in stock trading.

Mouise Hay says:

Rolex watches only help you if you sell them and hire a carpet beetle exterminator

akula1055 says:

Archieballs, you sounded like your good friend TGV when you said Ciao.

Blu Brad says:

enjoyed this one paul! i love the new style no swearing and not drunk, your still very watchable without all the ####

Frank Rocco says:

Floggin the dead horse ey?

Dis Count says:


Wiggle Yourchins says:

Your life is shit. Use your Brolex magical powers to get out of it.

Lycosa says:

Yup. Just to have one Rolie, Rolex…. LUCKY AS FUCK. THESE ARE EXPENSIVE THINGS. You don’t just ”aahh… oh… get this and that and this and that, that rolie…”

Eldar Top says:

I’m perplexed. No mention of MAN ON THE MOOOON ????

Frank Rocco says:

Get a Seiko, and keep yourself phrom going down this path..

My Opinion says:

nice video Archie

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