Rolex vs Omega ? The Most Impressive Watch Of The Year ? Q and A

Rolex vs Omega ? The Most Impressive Watch Of The Year ? Q and A

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches it is once again time for this months Q and A. I answer questions such as Rolex vs Omega, what was the most impressive watch of the year and what is my favorite micro brand. Other general watch related questions as well. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Eddie O says:

You forgot to wind your wall watch.

Bill Cosgrave says:

I like Sinn GMTs, I have several. What do you think about the Breitling Navitimer with the B04 (GMT) movement?

Andreas Larsson says:

Raymond weil nabucco gmt!

Phil in Oz says:

Gmt watch under 3 k take a look at Ball watches

Derek Mitchell says:

You should broaden your rum experience. Try Eldorado, Appleton or Mount Gay. All Caribbean rums and rated well above the Cubans.

Tony Hill says:

Fed- please tell me you don’t drink Laphroaig with ice.

Simon Maskell says:

What about Steinhart? Very affordable and good quality.

Michael Chadder says:

Federico: “We’re gonna talk about Breitling later in the video.”
*Does not talk about Breitling later in the video.

Phil O says:

What are your thoughts on H. Moser & Cie? Good looking watches but don’t hear too much on them…

Howard Meyers says:

Dear Federico: You are one of my favorites and I am always impressed by Del Rey’s inventory. One of my if you snooze you loose collecting episodes was when Del Rey had just gotten in an RGM (Roland G. Murphy) watch. I saw it online on a Saturday night and thought that I would sleep on it and probably buy it in the morning. The next morning I went online to purchase it and it was sold (in large part no doubt because of Del Rey’s consistent fair pricing). I was wearing my new orange dial Doxa Sub 1200T dive watch when you opined that Doxa dive watches left you cold, felt tinny to you and that you didn’t understand the cult like devotion to Doxa dive watches. I have in the last six months added the following new watches to my collection: two Parmagianis, a Habring2, a Tudor Fastrider and a Calamai aviation watch. I did not have a dive watch and saw this as a gap in my collection. I wanted the dive watch for use when kayaking and engaging in other water sports. I looked at everything under the sun and really wasn’t looking to “cheap out” on my dive watch purchase. I looked at the old Seamasters, the new Seamaster 300M, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, the Omega Proflo and the Rolex Deepsea. And then I happened upon the humble Doxa Sub 1200T which was available new for $1890 from Doxa. I reassessed the situation not because of price but because of function. I wanted a tool watch that could live in water and not a sport watch that would look good in a cocktail lounge. Whatever dive watch I was going to buy was not going to get a lot of wrist time because I wear a French cuffed shirts, a tie and a jacket every day to work and a dive watch on my wrist would look silly. I came to the conclusion that the Doxa was the best purchase decision for my specified use and limited wrist time. I find that the Doxa is solidly made, keeps good time, has a metal beads of rice bracelet with a secure clasp, the iconic orange dial and a great clicking bezel not to mention great hands and readability. It fits well on my wrist and is extremely comfortable. I would regard it as an honest tool watch lacking in pretension for people who do not care about the image or status signals given off by their dive watch. Doxa was sold out and I happened upon a new unworn piece on eBay for $1600. We don’t have to agree on Doxa but I just wanted you to know that there is a good reason for the cultish devotion to Doxa. I would submit to you that Hans Wildorf, the patriarch of Rolex and Tudor, would be an appreciator the spirit of Doxa which is rooted in providing honest tool watches at a fair price without undue concern about image and marketing. I do own a Rolex but I am prouder of owning the Doxa because it is truer in fulfilling its utilitarian mission than Rolex which has morphed into a lifestyle accessory, notwithstanding the quality of its manufacture. When I want luxury on my wrist, I will wear my Parmagianis. When I want a watch that can spend the afternoon in water, I will wear my Doxa. Doxa is in fact quite a worthy line of relatively affordable dive watches whose provenance goes back to the 300T from the 1960s. Notwithstanding our differences of opinion about Doxa, I always enjoy the honesty with which you express your opinions. Keep up the great work and much continued success at Del Rey. Howard

Roamy360 says:

You have one of the best GMT’s for under $3,000 on your website. The Omega Seamaster GMT and you have it for $2,000! I owned this watch and it looks great. They also come in a White version (Great White).

Tom Ace says:

Saw the new stock. Great selection. I happen to have the Seamaster GMT 25th anniversary and you have 2 in stock. Great watch. I love mine!

Simon Holt says:

Hey Fed – that’s a Sinn U2 – it’s the GMT – I have the SDR version, black bezel. Excellent watch

Basit Shah says:

What’s the opinion on a Bovet Sportstar Triple calendar?

kongmw says:

keeping it real Fed!

Bill Barfett says:

Do people get robbed over there a lot??

Andrew Nisbett says:

Try the Pre Owned, Breitling Superocean GMT great value at the moment and nothing near it on the price and value.

elitemathlete says:

Why are luxury watches so cheap in mexico?

Aftab Husan says:

OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 42M BLUE DAIL WAS THE BEST WATCH 2018. In Scotland the new Seamaster blue is sold out am on the waiting list. Going add this watch to my Rolex Submariner, panerai pam 005, Tudor hertage chronograph blue 42m.

Ben Sona says:

REALLY? You don’t see the benefits of Co-Axial??? How about extending the time between service intervals to save money or reducing the chance of wear since the friction is significantly reduced. It’s also a significant piece of horology.

Roberto Viacava says:

Rolex Vs Omega. Uhm…I’m into the wine business and this comparison makes me think of Petrus Vs Chateau Margaux.

Lorenzo D says:

What about Monta? The Triumph is an excellent field style watch.

Amaru says:

Fed! a lot of thanks for your answer!!

Sergio Hernandez says:

Bell & Ross V2 93 GMT!!!!!!!!

PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

You can get a beautiful Grand Seiko GMT used for 3K.

Marky Mark says:

hey Fed, can you tell me what you think of the SHAFFEN S65? thanks man

Luciole Dizerot says:

You said you were gonna talk about Breitling later in the video but ended up not talking about them; editing mistake? 🙂

Ostravia says:

Are you losing weight?

Jeffrey Wood says:

Thanks Federico. I always love hearing your perspective on watches 🙂

elitemathlete says:

It’s like lexus vs. lamborghini.

Michael Rankins says:

Best gmt right now is the Tudor gmt even with the date problems.

Robert Zirk says:

For the gmt check out the squale. Its sweet!

substrate001 says:

Hi, I’m Feddy[rico]. Here’s my Breitling Chronomat; you know, one of my cheap bangers. I was travelling extensively, fondling watches and ‘Schwarzkopfing’ the really good ones! My life is so difficult; my partner smacked me with an F.P. Journe Tourbillion, right upside the wrist, and it was humiliating. Weep for me, watch patrons, subscribers and notification accepters. My life is awful, so it took awhile for this video. JK, JK, JK!!! Love these vids man, I’ve seen a lot of watches that would’ve never passed my vision if it weren’t for you. Thanks again!!!

Jorge Acevedo says:

Stop saying you are not being rude! Read the questions from your phone or computer. If anyone watching you thinks it’s rude they need to butch the fuck up! Oh yeah great videos.

allabasterkt says:

Laphroaig 10! Finest single malt you can find everywhere!

SpringInFialta says:

Shout out for Oban! Great scotch choice.

BTW, I was talking with a Scotsman and although I prefer to pronounce Oban the way you do, he claimed that the correct pronunciation rhymes with “no win” with the emphasis on the first syllable.

James Wong says:

Ming is from Hong Kong

Joan Veliz says:

Thanks for the advice, the Montblanc has had my eye for quite some time. I travel quite a lot for business and I think the watch punches way above its price point. I’m not a huge fan of Sinn, I know they are solid in quality and look kinda of cool I just have a hard time paying the price they ask.

Big E says:

Enjoying the Merc Fed? Cheers, Eric

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