ROLEX Underappreciated ? What Makes Rolex So Special ?

ROLEX Underappreciated ? What Makes Rolex So Special ?

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about Rolex watches. What makes Rolex watches so special? Is it their resale value? Their iconic status? Their marketing? No its none of that. It is actually I think something that makes Rolex watches so under appreciated. Let me know if you agree with me and if you have had any similar experiences.


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pblockification says:

Fed, please tell us about that art peace you have hanging on that wall behind you

weerobot says:

They deserve there status due to solid movements.

Mark Smolenski says:

Great watches, just not my style for the most part, a bit overpriced for what you really get.

Amit from Israel says:

The only luxury in Rolex is the price- who need a diver watch as his every day watch, who needs the ugly dial with the dots hour markers like a six yo child made, who need a steel case back….I never understood Rolex pricing and brand name

Charles Smith says:

I feel so unworthy whenever I wear any other watch brand. All hail Rolex!

Roberto Sánchez says:

Agree completely

Yoav Nir says:

I guess I’ve been lucky. I have an 11-year-old Fossil that’s yet to miss a beat except for battery changes (but no fair, it’s a quartz), an 18-year-old G-Shock that is working the same as the day I bought it (but of course, digital watches have no moving parts), and my father’s 1970s automatic Seiko which still worked last time I saw it.

Wouter Stassen says:

You are really starting to sound very one dimentional like a one song band… You have so nearly no variety. I love watches so I subscribe as wide as possible. I will continue watching and hoping…

Mark Playford says:

Yeah, I’m pretty much like you as I respect their history and the toughness too but I just don’t like any of them. Compared to other brands costing a third or a quarter of the price I just don’t like them that much. Plus I hate the snob value thing too. When somebody says look at my Rolex I think have you no vision, do you realise what you could of had instead of that watch!
I had an issue with Raymond Weil back in the day and mentioned it to a friend who went to buy one from an AD and he could not get it to work Whoops.

Kurt Nunn says:

They’ve done a great job over a long period of time tending and cultivating their brand. Probably one of the best brands in the world. They also made a great move in the early 1980s by targeting their advertising towards an economic strata for whom the price of a Rolex was just out of reach, creating an “aspirational” aura to the product

jonathanclarkewater says:

Yeah we know all that, they re also water proof too!

Jon Peters says:

Looking to buy my first new luxury watch and would be curious what watches or on the frequent return for warranty work list.

Thomas says:

Rolex watches keep their value and that’s the main positive – and they have a “mass appeal’ due to their easy recognition (boring, no…always the same).An ideal status symbol, still accessible compared to better Swiss brands. The movement is not “tough as nails” in my personal experience, and the oyster case isn’t either – Especially if one really “never bothers about it”…and the service costs are high if you want a proper job with a warranty. I have Seiko automatic watches that keep better time after 30 years without any service. A well regulated ETA does not cost the earth to maintain and keeps good time. My datejust (just serviced) is 3 secs/day too fast – I have some sellita and eta watches at +2 secs, some of them well under 500$. You pay for the brand…so a good thing Rolex works hard to maintain their prestige and protect our resale value. I also feel like their latest watch releases are abominable (ie Skydweller). Rolex over-appreciated and thats not a bad thing.

J.R. Regenold says:

I’ve got a 70’s Sub, serviced 3 time by Rolex AD. I don’t think that the older ones come close to the quality of the new ones. I don’t wear mine much because it just doesn’t look that good. I like the style and design of more modern watches. I don’t need a watch that I can drive nails with, just a dependable time and water-resistant takes care of my needs. Style and uniqueness are more why I wear a watch …as an accessory.

Edward Ledin says:

The reason why Rolex is seen as blingy and hyped is because most people don’t know what these things were when they first came out – they were tools that were meant to be used not a statement thing!

Roger Dillon says:

I received my brand new Rolex Air-King on May 06, 1989 as a college graduation gift from my parents.  I have proudly worn it every day since then (literally 365 days a year) for coming up on 29 years and it still keeps great time.  I hate to confess that it was last serviced by an AD 11 years ago, but it works like a champ.  One thing I have noticed over the years is that the cost of servicing by the AD in my area has sky rocketed.  The cost is now 3X what it was when I had my first service completed.  The cost of servicing/repairs is the one downside of Rolex ownership in my opinion.

evaninnewport says:

“rolex just works”………..hmmmm not sure about that. I’ve bought my wife 2 and both have needed repair within 2 years. I have 10+ seikos….none have needed repair. just sayin’

Kenneth Pouliot says:

Hey Fed, if you’re ever in Vegas, I’d totally like to meet ya and take ya to dinner (in a bro way)

Olumin says:

The problem with Rolex is the UGLY stigma associated with its customers.

Senkol Z says:

Do a video about breitling

Andromahlius says:

Rolexes are very good watches but so many posers and “nouveaux riches” wear them that It’s a turnoff.

John L says:

Completely agree. They are the toughest watches out there. Most people can care less about a decorated movement. Boring? Ten years ago I would agree with that but the release of the hulk and Batman I think was sufficient to keep consumers on their toes. They do just enough to keep people anticipating what they will do next while maintaining the look of their sports models. After years of watch collecting. I am still amazed at their resale value. In many ways, even according to Forbes, this is the most perfectly run company or in the case of Rolex a charity. Lol. The fact that most people hear Rolex and they think of the type of luxury akin to Ferrari or Maserati, while those who know the brand well, know it’s more along the lines of a Honda as they are tough as nails and as you said run a very long time.

Hey Fed. I purchased a red Sea Dweller from my local AD on Long Island. Any thoughts on this piece? I passed up a Stainless Sky Dweller for the Red Sea. I wanted to see if you thought the Red Sea Dweller will be anything of significance in the future. Thanks for bringing us the best content on the internet!

Mahmoud Ghoneim says:

Rolex offers a default choice for much bigger audience providing image , resale , reliability that makes an overall good value for many, downsides for some lack of strong innovation , not sophisticated enough for some and the highest copied brand in the world.

Dennis Kwok says:

Great video. I personally think that among the many watch channels on YouTube, you must be one of the most genuinely knowledgeable people on there. You’ve been and done it at the front line of retail and your insight from that side of the desk is is very illuminating.

So, thanks for the vids and hope to see many more from you.

Runs Great AS IS says:

Good morning Fed…..I;m very impressed that you took the time to reply to my messages. I hope you do not think I”m trying to shake you down for fees. THAT IS NOT WHY I;M WRITING. I believe in your show. I”m semi retired and like to stay busy. I would love to give you my two cents on your “studio” and I would want nothing in return. As a reference, we may share a common friend. You used to be at Wempe and Rudy Albers is a friend of mine. I used to work for Glenn Beck who is a watch guy of means and I used to help him with his collection and went to Wempe on many occasions to pick up watches for Glenn. Rudy will (hopefully) speak highly of Glenn and I. Listen, if you just want to go it alone, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. I just really like what your’e doing and as a fellow NY’er in Florida we’ve got to stick together. Rich Bonn

Tal 3 says:

Rolex hater…

evan h says:

My daily wear Rolex, a 2000 Sub date bought slightly used in 2001. I don’t abuse my watches but I also don’t baby them. Work and play for nearly 17yrs and it still keeps 2-3+ seconds a day. I don’t recommend going this long without a service but this is indicative of Rolex’s durability and reliability. I typically service my Rolex 5-6 Years and they probably could go longer intervals. Never. had a warranty claim or one crap out unexpectedly. Probably over 150 Rolex in 26 of collecting. Yes I finally sent the Sub in for a service. Rolex baby!

amyloidse fibrose says:


Timber land says:

Tough as nails…. but when my GMT-master 2 had to go back for warrenty there was a serious waiting list before they could fix it…. maybe the old series were reliable, but accoording my AD they have a lot of current problems at Rolex with quality. He even advised me to not wear it as a daily watch….

Shadowman84FS says:

Rolex is so yesterday.

Redha Harfouch says:

I used to be a Rolex hater until I bought my date just 14 years ago,
I wear it everyday, it took so much abuse because I am working in a constaction sites, it has never been serviced and still looks and works perfectly fine!!!!
I was so impressed I have 6 rolexes in my collection now.

michael ellliot says:

I have had a 2008 pre ceramic submariner for four years and it’s running fine. No idea when it was last serviced.

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