Rolex Unboxing!

This is a Rolex Unboxing of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner 116613LB

Purchased from

Instagram: BMWA5H
FaceBook: Bmwash Vlogger



Can I get a shoutout

Ryan New Anderson says:

Instead of whining, people should lift their asses and go work for it. Great review though, just contributed to my motivation.

Mswirdol lux says:

no lo regalas

this shit is bananasss says:

the amount of butthurt poor ass people in this comment section is amazing. so funny

Millaed Fawaz says:

I gotta be honest, the country he comes from has the worst cost of living rate in the world, I get he wants to do what he wishes with his money but this is crazy, he could genuinely build houses for ppl or even get a major role in an Arab countries government, but instead he just unboxes watches that have the same purpose as a $50 gshock

Amir Nurhussen says:

i just want a roley roley roley with a dab of ranch

Celso Queiroz says:

buy a vostok

Luis Ramon says:

that looks terrible!

Cubbies24 says:

Nobody cares about your outfit. They clicked on this video for the watch.



Elva Garcia says:

i have a rolex

Valentin león says:

very nice, i got the submarine steel with black dial, probably mi next one will be a steel one with green dial.
awesome watch.

Asha Rozier says:

rich family

William Dickens says:

Love this !!! I actually used this video before I bought my Rolex Submariner. My middle name is Ashley too lol.



Aryan Waly says:

this copy

chewbacca says:

give me a dollar mother fucker

Juan Esteban Aguilar says:

yo lo compre a 500 pesos en todo a 1000

Oliver Hobson says:

You fat spilled kid you fat show off

Muhammad Taylor says:

I’ve got a casio watch for £20 I’ve had it for 10 year I can wear it in water as long as I want and it still work rolex waste of money I rather give a deposit 2 buy a house than buying rolex

CaptianBacon 343 says:

Omg I got one of them on my birthday

Ethe Rike says:

It looks so nice! 🙂

unboxing things says:

:plz watch my watch review

Mr.StarofTruth says:

look at that huge nose he must be rich…

Muhammad Taylor says:

What is the 10p for

drillzbillz 56 says:

R u brown?

Damian Olewnik says:

Testoviron świetny jutuber Testoviron

Mestrian says:

People who call KSA a country for terrorists are dumb I’m a Bengali and I live in KSA and I’m living a dream.

Brian Smith says:

This Big Nose Sand Faggot placed the camera in front of the 2 cars to show off …

Diep Tran says:

you are so spoiled

STAY tune!!! says:

wooww u r awesome


I love the Royal look man ! nothing like precious jewelry like a king wears !!

Port City Gold & Silver says:

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nili nili says:

very helpful

ゆう ポンのぐーたら日記www says:


Tatsuya Itami says:

I just came in my pants

J Doe says:

Dont listen to the hate man. That is a beautiful watch. I am saving up for a submariner, it likely wont be the gold one though. Until then Ill be rocking my Hamilton and Mathey Tissot. Have a wonderful day!

Sameer Ali says:

arre bhai delhi me nhi h koi esi market

Jacosz says:

Ive heard its waterproof?

calla0070 says:

Is it solar powered and radio controlled timekeeping??

Mattia Lazar says:

How much did it cost

Brian Smith says:

See this is what i dont understand with arabs…there cousins are dying in other countries but have the decency to waste money on useless things which they probably already have!

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