ROLEX, TUDOR and GRAND SEIKO Predictions – BaselWorld 2019

Hi Guys,

I know this is late and loads of people have given their 2 pence, I thought I may as well get on board and give my predictions on what Rolex, Tudor and Grand Seiko will be launch at BaselWorld 2019. Especially as I’m going!

I really don’t think the Rolex Batman will be discontinued, and I doubt much will happen with the Roled Coke. But let’s see.

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Matt Steemson says:

I will bet my money on Rolex releasing a Submariner. 2018 saw Rolex and Tudor both release Pepsi GMT’s at the same time. We already know Tudor is going to pretty much release a Tudor Submariner so surely Rolex will do the same. I think there will be more “joint” releases from Rolex and Tudor from now on.

Tim Yo says:

You worked at apple and got the clear canteen with apple logo?

L says:

I’m not on the hype train,I hate GS

Adam Hardaker says:

I predict a black bay 58 in bronze.

Galaga says:

Adrian, I agree with you completely about the Rolex Baselworld predictions. I’m hoping however that the recent teaser video is an update on the Explorer 2 but sadly my head says, no.

Ben Sona says:

Sometimes I feel we are all suckers for buying into this watch craze. Just look at Rolex marketing the hell out of Tudor. The BB 58 and GMT’s have waitlists. Ridiculous! We must be stupid.

brian morrison says:

Im so sick of hearing about Grand Seiko. Granted, they’re great watches, but they are all huge and goofy looking…except the snowflake, that is a beautiful watch.

NikkenMagboyGAMING says:

A lot of the hype we are hearing is based on what people want to see. Like that beautiful coke gmt.

Bill Hayward says:

Hi Bark, could you do a show on hi end Quartz watches. Not trying to be critical but why would someone buy a GS quartz for thousands when you can buy many fun cheap ones that would keep just as good time as the GS. Is there something I’m missing. I love not having to wind my quartz watches. Thanks.

infinati says:

Good luck on the Baselworld networking Adrian 🙂 Bought three of your NATO straps and I must say that they are great quality straps. Hand written tag and the wax seal was pure class. Cheers from Thailand.

Valen Greymoon says:

A Grand Seiko spring drive movement in a Turtle case would be an interesting concept.

Patrick Tutek says:

Who knows if there will be a next year for Baselworld?

Adrian Drummond-Hill says:

I predict a Waiting List Dweller from Rolex.

Marc Yaptinchay says:

Check instagrams new tudor tease ….. it has the submariner knurled bezel. They also said , to the effect, that a surprise with their own twist

gmshadowtraders says:

I’ll try and catch you at Baselworld Adrian! Seiko on the 21st baby!

Peter Shallis says:

A Milgauss that doesn’t look like a Fisher-Price toy would be a result..

Βρεττος Παναγιωτης says:

I’d love to see a Black Bay 58 with a date

golfbuddy1969 says:

The white gold Pepsi was just changed last year…went to a blue dial from the older black. There’s no way that they’re changing that already. I don’t think that we’ll see a coke either. I think that we’ll see the new movement in the Sub, introduced along side the Tudor Submariner.

Pete James says:

I would LOVE to see a vintage throwback Milgauss. Like the 1958….

Paul Silesius says:

Nobody wears GS besides few at HODINKEE

Xavier Lai says:

Ceramic Bezel Explorer 2

heriberto Merced says:

I’m excited! Agree 100 with GS…need to go smaller…

Max Powers says:

Who cares what Rolex brings out, they’re just going to have a waitlist.

VARUN U says:

I really love the design and thought behind the Tudor North Flag. With that said, I think Tudor needs to make a new Ranger with one of their updated movement.
Coming to the Grand Seiko, I don’t see them bringing slimmer movements anytime soon but it’d be nice to see that happening.

jfettner says:

Hopefully the Root Beer will stick around, and there won’t be too many changes to the Batman. Have fun in Basel! Love the city!

Jeff says:

This guy says that Grand Seiko doesn’t have a timeless design, then shows two of their divers, completely ignoring the rest of their lineup. Seems cherry picked to force his argument. Is the Snowflake not a timeless design? Or the SBGR309? Or the SBGX261? Or any of the 20th anniversary spring drive watches? A little bit of research would lend greatly to the commentary.

Philip A Winged says:

“The white gold pepsi, the BLNR”? Umm, the BLNR is the one on your wrist, not the white gold pepsi!

Richie Chou says:

Rolex – Updated movements for GMT’s and Subs, New Milgauss, New GMT (Coke) and/or New Sub (Smurf Steel)
Tudor – Tudor Submariner, more BB58’s like a GMT BB58, BB 36 and 41 range get inhouse movements.
Grand Seiko – New slimmer, smaller sized (i.e. 39mm) watches

A3 Marketing says:

I love Tudor’s North Flag and have to disagree with your opinion. I would really like to see an updated North Flag with maybe some other color options.

Kyle Mo says:

Rolex prediction: they announce they ran out of steel

Cull Obsidian says:

One thing to note: Hodinkee have tested the milgauss to 4,000 gauss along with a railmaster and it worked fine! So it can go much higher than the stated 1,000 gauss.

The issue Rolex have is their 39-40mm non-bezel steel watches are congested. Between the DJ/OP/Air King and Milgauss, there’s too much choice. Changing the Milgauss and maybe even dropping the Air King would make sense. Why get an AK when you can get an EX1? I’d also like to see the new escapement on the explorer 2, which to me is the last true tool watch Rolex make

If you search for “Tudor Baselworld 2019” in the preview text Baselworld themselves on their site had text for a 36mm diver watch. I think it’s going to revive the Sub Prince line

nekeke says:

Black Bay 58 with date, please. No cyclops.

M Tbone says:

GMT upgrade also gets a red hand and text instead of green

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