ROLEX – Top 5 Rolex models from Baselworld 2018

Rolex managed to surprise all at Basel 2018 with a brace of new releases from the GMT-Master II, Daytona and Sea-Dweller range, including the first ever Everose (rose gold) GMT-Master II models, in both two-tone and solid gold.


Miguel G says:

Quality video!

Tod Schuck says:

No matter the alloy, they are all made of unobtainium.

Jose Garrido says:

Rolex !! .. what did you do? .. from a macho Daytona to a Rainbow Gay-tona?..

winrx says:

The only one worth considering is the everose two-tone GMT master…….

Mathias J says:

innovations is minimal af

Watch Aficionado says:

Daytona sux..prefer the Grand Seiko novelties..

Liam says:

Lose the music please, its distracting, unnecessary and awful…

Alvin Jai says:

Rappers gonna buy all those ugly cosmographs anyway.



rk702 says:

Rolex made a lot of customers happy with the GMT Pepsi in Steele but probably infuriated the customers that purchased the fist version of the D Blue. By revising the bracelet and lugs they are admitting they screwed up the original design and are now punishing the customers who own version 1 by depreciating the watch they own and likely making that watch worth nothing on the secondary market. After all who wants the watch after Rolex basically said it’s poorly designed and introduces the upgrade.

brian damerell says:

Pepsi is pink and purple, not red and blue. Hate it!

Benjamin E. Breitenbauch says:

The Root Beer looks delicious!

Eddie Dantès says:

Still love my 1998 datejust.

golfbuddy1969 says:

If I only had an extra 30k laying around, I’d get the new white gold GMT with the blue dial. Wow!

Sb Sb says:

Rolex is getting quite ugly these days.

malthus101 says:

Nicely filmed – the all-rose gold GMT ain’t bad actually! They are all quite handsome in their own way.. good lighting lol

Robert Halasz says:

That everose GMT is to die for… Wondering where I can sell my kidney for it haha… 😉

Louis Ravelli says:

ur video is entertaining, as usual… well, talking abt rolex, i’ve heard that there is a long waiting list for the pepsi, is that true?

Jean-Marc Brechbühler says:

i see no new stuff here…just more of the same. its Rolex must overpriced massmarket watches. The Albanian houswife next door has one, the Italian Mafiosi has one, the Northcorean Dictator has one… even the rear seat politician had one… and not to forget Skippy

linhlh says:

I already imagine 50 cent wearing that Daytona.

Disinf3ctant says:

Yeah I’d cop that daytona lol. Its such a middle finger to every watch snob. Like something from invicta, except you can’t ignore it.

Ryan W says:

Craig Willis! Shit

Alfredo Rivera says:

You mean the CosmoGraff Daytona?

Fredrik says:

So utterly, utterly dull and outdated

CRosario says:


Marcus Yakira says:

omg omg omg

nibot kram says:

Good to see rolexes 2018 Daytona “Gay Pride” commemorative edition make its way onto the world stage.

Rick wallace says:

Rich gay folk are now gonna wearing Gaytona while carrying their poodles next year at gay will be a Rolex top this space…

RedlineS2K says:

Holy smoke! That Daytona is hideous

Greg Mieg says:

the rootbeer is a failed coke.they still cant do black and red

Torque of the Devil says:

Lovely, apart from the hideous Jubilee bracelet, why just why would they do that!

Gavin Cheng says:

Top 5 model!!?? The total number of models that Rolex release at Baselworld 2018 is 5. When you say Top 5 models give us the impression there are much more than 5 models being release and you select the best 5. This is misleading.

Avery Huejwang says:

That dssd was my favourite. folowed by the gmt with the jubilee and upgraded movement .

Steven Twoclouds says:

no thanks, more of the same crap. they need a new line with a new look. Rolex is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reza h says:

boring designs

Tom Roman says:

I have the current (until now) DSSD D-BLUE and I’ve gone cross-eyed trying to see all pics and videos of this new 2018 DSSD in order to get how they came up with the 22mm bracelet versus my 20mm. To me and my magnifying glass, the lugs look the same, the case size and shape look the same, etc. i realize 1mm per side is hard to notice. This gives me a good reason to keep visiting my AD, I’d assume they’ll have a black dial version on hand from time to time since they usually had the black on display in times past. I’m just curious about the new bracelet but I’m not looking to swap or upgrade. I really like mine and plan to keep it for some time.

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